Honor Your Children



Honor your children for they are your teachers. Besides that, they organize you. They set a rhythm to your life. They are a liaison to you and the world.

You already do see them as yourself, to their betterment and to their detriment. You see what you like in yourself and you see what you don’t like.

Children are clear mirrors as they are. If you must change what you see, change the one who looks into the mirror.

Do not put so much of yourself into your children. Do not try so hard to change them. They belong to Me and themselves, not you. You did not design them.

You give them yourself, and they emulate you. You give them love, and they return it. Remember it is My will that is to be followed, not thine.

Although each child is a reflection of you, each is himself as well. Let your children be. They are not your clothing to pick out and adjust all the time.







What does it take for you to be a happy parent? Changing your children will not make you happy. Stop judging, and you will be happier.

Let your children be. In your desire to improve, you may take away.

You are not responsible for everything. Desire that your children live in joy. Let them be children while childhood is theirs. Do not rewrite them. Let them have their own future. You are responsible only so far.

Give your children the ingredients. Give them the paint, and let them paint the picture they paint, not what you want it to be. Paint your own picture with the colors you choose. Allow your children the same.

Do not think you have to make over your children. Lead them in joy. Do not think so much of discipline.

Your children are a treasure from God. Treat them as the guests they are. Multiply joy with them.



Please watch this interesting video below for more awareness about our future generation, our children. Diana Cooper have as well all kinds of children books that will melt your heart for your children to learn.




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