How Close Are We to a World Without Money?







Money is not required for living. In fact, the distraction of doing things simply to acquire money may be all that hinders abundant life for all. So just how close are we to a world without money?

Think about it. What would you be doing today if money were totally out of the equation for everyone on Earth? Would you still be rooting for your favorite politician to make life better for you? Would your community accept corporate administrators blocking you from natural resources freely provided by Mother Earth?

These are questions people across the world are asking themselves. If your imagination needs a little nudge as for how a moneyless world may be possible, check out these inventions:







Warka Water Tower harvests drinkable water from the air: Click here





Two seater drone vehicle. Click here.

Bicycle Electricity Generator: Click Here.

With a tweak here and a tweak there, it is easy to see how close some of these inventions come to providing a world without money.

Cindy K Currier: 6/26/2017 = Are you ready?

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