I Forgot my Phone


If you were to note when ever you go anywhere like the park, the beach, or the city you will see that nine out of ten people are talking on the phone. This I had proven a million times. It is Pathetic! Giving my own interpretation I think people forgot to think, to look around them, look to the sky, the trees, the sunshine, and other people, etc, etc. Even at the groceries stores people are picking up their vegetables with their radiated hands talking on the phone, and if this was not enough go yourself to a public bathroom and see for yourself that the people sitting on the toilets are talking on the phone while they are meeting nature’s call! Go, do the test yourself.

I had it with the cell phone, first is that I never was an aficionado for it, and second I do not like talking on the phone unless is needed and this includes even a line-land phone! Can people chat one on one anymore? What happens to the time when we got together and just talk and talk looking at each other’s eyes, smiles? Truly I do have a cell phone but it is off most of the time, period! And I just hope that everyone is informed of the dangerous of having the cell phone on all the time whether you are talking or not or whether you are using ear phone, what matter is that the radiation is still around you! Do your own research to be informed of the dangerous of cells phones radiation, Wi-Fi, and even the television, microwave, and of course radio music that is 440hz, and this includes commercials!

Keep your children away from these devices, and do not get deceive by sitting babies to watch cartoons that is doing nothing more than debilitating cells functions of the not develop child brain by radiation and improper sound. Improper sound means discordant sounds that are unwelcome to your own native sounds. This is the only aim for television until now. The only entertainment for children should be outside in the dirt everyday for at least an hour, and please do not put any shoes on them if possible. Children and every adult need to absorb nature’s energy through their feet! Our feet are a portal of energy absorption to keep our body’s organs alive, so if you think that having your feet all day in your heavy plastic sneakers along with thick socks is healthy; you are for a big surprise! Use them only if you are walking long distance, and of course walking in the snow, otherwise expose your feet to the earth as much as possible!

All electronics devices do nothing more than to absorb your precious energy with their radiation! Use wisely, in fact I was reading that the safe time to expend talking on the cell phone is actually twenty minutes a month! On either ways turn your cell phone off before going to bed as well as all your electronics devices like the internet, and computer. The time has come for us all to rise to changes that will empower us, not the opposite and now is the time.



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