I Will not Tell Anyone

Mother, what were you doing last night? And thank you so much for visiting me! For teaching me something every time I have the honor of you coming to me. You are so wise, so powerful, so divine.

Do you know how much I adore you? I do not want to get ahead of myself here, but you are amazingly entertaining!

Mother, it was you last night, I know that it was You! You know that we both know that. Alright then, let just leave it at that.

Oh divine One, I understood the message and that is what’s really matter.

Please let my father know how much I adore him, too, of how much I appreciate his guidance and patience. Understand that I am just a “log in the mud” navigating learning the greatest knowledge for liberation.

Divine Ones, I have a dream, I have hope. Please allow me growing each day more, and more!

~L Fabre

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