In Case you did not Know

Politics is OVER. Over worldwide. No more politics. Politics is Dead.

Politics was and always has been the cause for all miseries towards the people around the world. It was a system where only the few benefited. A system where all the wealth of the world was enjoyed only by the few. The system was corrupt to the core. Politics was a criminal organization that took over the entire world under theirs wings, and rule by the most ferocious criminals. Their aim has been destroying the human race. Politics was based on racketeering; doing harm to the people; doing harm to the vulnerable. Doing harm to nations by destroying all resources that are vital for all livings survival.

If someone, matters not which nation, thinks that he or she would be running for president to solve the issues from his or her nation – you are much too late, unless he or she would want to work voluntarily within a community or within their own community, within their own respective country.

The facts are that any elected politician would never ever would have solved any pressing issue within his or her country even if he or she had the best intentions. You were never elected to help the sheep, you were elected to help the criminals.

The New System does not tolerate politics, and as well religion. Which by the way, religion was par and par with politics. They always have been as brother and sister- all making sure the people get screwed over, and maintain in a state of ignorance.

However, do not despair, as religion would always exists but never ever as it has been till now. If you are confuse, imagine that when people be loaded with the hidden truth kept in secret from them, all churches, mosques, and synagogues would be empty. Also keep in mind that the church, etc., always has been a corporation owned by the same bunch that handle politics. Sad to disclose this indeed. However, think for a minute that you are on your own.. on your own path with the most powerful god within you. You are the power that be. Now, if you want forming your own group of people and praise together the Almighty Father Mother God, and or whomever your deity is, by all means do so. This would be powerful for you, and the world. But keep in mind that spiritual enlightenment is a personal journey. As we said, each one of us need to do their own inner work.

What we are saying is not for anyone get upset, and or put down to the core the system of religion as it has been because it served its purpose, regardless. Same as politics. What we are saying is that, changes are on our path at a rapid speed and nothing would be as it has been till now.

Right now focus on liberating ourselves from past karma/issues/emotions within so we can see clear ahead of us. Your strength is need it. Your courage is need it. Your love is need it. You are the power that be.

Pray to our Father Mother God for safety for you, and that of your family. Pray for Health. Prosperity. Wisdom. Courage. Bliss, safety, and Joy be upon all our children. All our young people. All our women. All our men. Bliss, safety, and joy be upon all the creation worldwide. Heart. Heart. Heart.

So be it

Be it so


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