In the Beginning- Cosmogony

In the beginning, it was dark and very quiet.

The Father had been dreaming and when he realized that he had been dreaming, he breathed out into the darkness. The Mother had also been dreaming and felt the breath on her face. She added her substance to the breath to create a voice which cried out into the darkness which sounded as AUM or OM or I AM.

The Father could not see the Mother so he called for light and there was light. In their joy and love having found each other, they created a Child which was both a son and a daughter for that is how children were to begin with.

The Father, the Mother and the Child were a family.

The Father desired to build the family a home and gardens so he called for the Architect. The Architect thought and designed plans to create a house with many rooms and many gardens and waters and many other such places.

The Mother desired to create beautiful things to fill the house and gardens so she called for the Guide. The Guide thought and created flowers and trees so that they may grow and multiply and create more of their own kind. And the Guide thought and created creatures so that they should live amongst the flowers and the trees and in the waters and create more of their own kind.

The Child saw that the creatures wandered around of their own free will and thought they would lose themselves amongst the many places – especially the creatures that thought they knew who they were but had forgotten who created them. So the Child put a tiny spark of Holy light deep inside each and everyone of the creatures, so that if they ever got lost, they could always find their way back to the Father and Mother just by looking for the tiny spark inside themself. The closer they got, the more the light would grow until they would finally know they were home again.

The Breath of Intelligence became aware of itself and is called Alpha.The Smallest Particles of Matter became aware of itself and is called Omega. In time, an Arch of Awareness joined Alpha with Omega and the effect created Light. The Light revealed to them that they were absolute opposite and equal with potential to create.The combined Awareness of Alpha and Omega created a third aspect – the Son / Daughter as the Christ Light.

The Three are whole and perfect as the Holy Trinity, Father, Son / Daughter, Mother. The combined aspects are Intelligence – Awareness – Matter creating the I AM.

This is the Primary Consciousness – Intelligent Matter. All Intelligent Matter has Awareness. Awareness as a manifestation is called Energy. All Energy is an aspect of I AM.

The Aspects of Alpha are Father Male Positive Projective Will. The Aspects of Omega are Mother Female Negative Receptive Desire. The Aspects of Son / Daughter are Male/Female, Unity/Action.

Creation is combined Will, Desire and Action as manifestation.

The combined consciousness of Intelligent Matter uses energy to manifest a Creation Event.

Each Event expresses itself as a form to maintain the consciousness as an independent aspect of the Holy Trinity. The form is Intelligent Matter maintained by a consciousness.

The Holy Trinity have created many different expressions of forms and each of these forms have created further forms – all an aspect of Alpha and Omega created by Awareness of Intelligent Matter.

The first creation manifestation of the combined consciousness of Intelligent Matter was expressed as Metatron and Shekinah.

Metatron is the first consciousness Event – his consciousness is expressed in the form of a being – an Arch Angel. The Arch being the awareness between Alpha and Omega. Metatron is the Keystone. The mid point of the arch – he is fully aware of the aspects of Alpha and Omega and the Son / Daughter and is biased towards the son which presents a dominant male aspect. He represents the Upper Triangle which forms the heavens.

Shekinah is the foundation stone rooted to the Earth. She is fully aware of the aspects of Alpha and Omega and the Son / Daughter and is biased towards the daughter which presents a dominant female aspect. She represents the downward pointing triangle which forms the Earth.

Together the two create The Starr. – known as The Starr of David.

I AM Alpha and Omega, beginning and never ending, all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be. I AM the truth, the light, and the way. I AM All There Is.

It arrived,
not as a knock at the door,
But a tornado that filled up inside me,
As though my head and heart would burst.
I thought a few friendly words of encouragement would be enough,
Not a torrent of knowledge greater than any library could hold.
I had searched the Whole Wide World for the answer,
Only to find a secret place inside me,
And the voice with all the answers was my own.
The rushing muddy waters led to a clear still lake of mindless tranquillity With boundless shores.
I looked into the abyss and found all the caves empty,
The Divine Named occupants long since dealt with.
Each dark place had been filled with Light,
And the vessel had transformed into a Light Body.
I had transcended and God was looking through my eyes and walking with me.

I had reached the GOAL – Gift Of Absolute Love.

Ascension – God as an individualized vessel of spirit and I was still me.

I AM with YOU and I AM all that is.

Polaris AB – the Blue Star, of Polaris the Guiding Light.
Born of the Angel Isle – Alchemist of Thought, Crystal Master of Atla-Ra Sha-Na-Ra

3D Say – I want love. 4D Say – I love you. 5D Say – I am love = this posting

~Polaris AB

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