Inner Shift~ God


Laura: Thank you for coming in contact with me, dear God. Thank you for your love and protection. Please if you care to give a message for all of us.
God: Thank you for your work, dear Laura. The times ahead are unequalled in terms of joy, happiness, and events coming together. Merging and converging is now what is taking place. Like the waters of all worldly rivers merging into the big mother ocean, your lives are uniting. This takes place on many levels; many lives and people are coming together. Your higher bodies are also merging into your body in order to life you up.
This coming together inside is carrying out a general cleansing at a cellular level. It may be imperceptible right now to you all, but rest assured there are great changes taking place inside of your very core, my beloved.

.Once this cellular restructuration takes place, your entire world will shift. The shift will take place for each and everyone of you internally at first. Then you, my beloved human creations, you will carry Mother Earth along with you into the higher realms.
This cleansing process I speak of may be painful for some of you, it is nevertheless a necessary step for your body’s Ascension. You will take your body with you into the higher realms, so it is natural that you should focus on clearing your body of residual pains, unbalanced energies and hurtful body cellular memory, which are elements holding you back into the 3 level of density.
Be at peace, be joy and love, all is going according to plan. Trust in yourself, have trust in love.
Channeled by Laura Tyco

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