Let It Be

What to do when all your dreams seems going down the drain, what to do when you feel so isolated you are even afraid to look at the sunshine outside your window. What to do when even making a cup of tea is like the biggest task in the world.

By now, if you are reading this you are probably thinking that I am going through a “depression mode.” Yes you are right, only though it is temporarily and it could be very dangerous. Everyone will go through this I see it happening all the time among friends and family members where they take this so seriously they end up destroying their relationship, home, and career. Even to the point of moving to another state or a place in the mountains where only peace reign, so they believe.

I am no exception to anyone else, however when this is happening to me I trained myself to “reflect” and just let it be. There is no way that if am feeling so bad I am going to have the courage to create biggest issues around me, no way, no how. Why? Because as it is I am already running low on energy let along strained myself any further. I trained myself to be realistic, to comprehend that if I am not able to fix my swinging moods every time that it comes in one place, chances are that I wouldn’t be able to fix it anywhere else!

I try being not a hypocrite with my self nor am I going to run to the nearest pharmacy and buy all kinds of over the counter drugs that at the end it would only make things worse. Nor am I going to call on my best friend or family members to make them nervous with my ups and down moods. Yes, I am going to take care of this issue wholeheartedly all the time that it comes no mater where I live or with whom I live with responsibly

Here are some steps that always work for me, and if you are going through the same issues as I do it will be good as well if you practice them.

1. Turn off the television, the phone, and the computer.

2. Ventilate your room as much as you can, and put on something comfortable, then just lay down on the floor or the couch, or your bed. Your eyes are now wide open looking at the ceiling, yes that ugly white ceiling that all of a sudden needs repainted? Never mind the ceiling, never mind anything else for the moment, just listen to the silence, the silence within you. If you are like me chances are that you are listening to a distance whistling, something like a symphony in the upper worlds. Great, that is exactly what it is, close your eyes and just listen. If unlike me, still close your eyes and listen to the silence around you.

3.  After three hours you wake up. Oh my God, it is 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you are thirsty for a hot cup of tea. You walk to the kitchen, make the tea, but suddenly you start going through a melt down where you cannot stop crying, it is all right, just cry, cry… Maybe you are crying because the person you loved the most just walked out on you or maybe your kids just left for college and now you are going through the “empty nest syndrome,” or is it because you lost your job and now you feel upset with the world, oh, I see, you are crying because you feel you are a total loser no matter what, and God, who or where is God!  Not to worry about God now, just cry until you stop.

4. Finish the cup of tea then look outside your window, if it is a sunny day put on some sandals and jump out of the house to your backyard or front yard if you live in a building. Walk on the grass barefoot. Yes, go around and around in the yard barefoot, just make sure that you do not step on some dog signature nor you stop to acknowledge the people who might think “you are crazy,” just walk, walk.. and if you can just look up above you, the sky, the sun. Yes, try to look at the sun as close as possible but not directly. Do this for a while then put on your sandals and go back inside the house. Do not wash your feet, just let it be, let the solar energy penetrate all over you.

5. Sit down somewhere comfortable. How do you feel? I see you are smiling, yes you are!  Now go and get a bite, maybe something light, how about some fruits and a cup of herbal tea, no caffeine.

You felt to sleep again and woke up two hours later, but something is happening, you are feeling good… What happened?

6. You recharged your body with the missing energy that your body so badly needed, that energy is Mother Nature’s energy, Mother Nature’s love. By walking barefoot and by the little sunshine that you just took was enough to recharge your body, your spirit. We are so detached from our Father (the sun) and Mother (earth) that no wonders our spirits are crying aloud for help, and it is a must for us all to connect with everyday for own empowerment.

The best time to walk barefoot is in the morning hours especially when the mist is still on the grass. Do this everyday, and after a few weeks or maybe sooner you will see that your body is so full of energy and your spirit full of wonders. It is magic, and remember do not wash your feet after your walk!

7. If we live in the city we must remember to get out from all those enclosed jail residence in high buildings and take walks in the parks or around the block. Get dirty, visit the beach and get wet, walk on the sand barefoot, better yet have a backyard where you can cultivate your own vegetables and at the same time wear no shoes when you are cultivating it, but most important we have to watch what we eat. Most of our emotional issues are caused by the food we eat, such as sugar, salty foods, additives, chloride in toothpaste, the water we drink, and the environment where we live.

Do not fool yourself either because you can live in the most wonderful environment with all the commodities of the world, yet you may feel worse than a poor beggar on the street, and I quote

8. Depression means disconnected from our spirit. Remember that in order for the spirit to manifest, the elements in our body needs to have all the energy that they need and that is only possible by eating a variety of the right food that are charged with live substance. We also eat with our eyes, like for example if we are watching too much television, or reading pornography, violence, etc., etc., all those impressions converts in our minds into effigies that later will repeat themselves, filling our minds with nothing but corruptible ideas that our egos will feed themselves with. Stay away from all electronics gadgets as much as possible, only use as needed, and then turn them off because even the radiation from them is eating away your vital light-energy for you to thrive.

9. Now that you are feeling better, get on your knees and pray, yes, pray to your Inner God. That Inner God is your Innermost, the God that is running your own body and your own life, the God that is all You whether you acknowledge Him or not. Ask him for guidance and help, ask him to watch over your action, thoughts and words. Humble yourself to your own Self, the only true God that it is.

For now on live a life from moment to moment, this means thanking and questioning your Inner God for everything that comes into your daily life whether good or bad. Remember that sometimes when bad things happened to us usually good thing comes out of it, but regardless always ask and converse with your inner God about what is happening in your life. He will understand and will guide you. Our Innermost is the God Jesus spoke off all the time throughout his teachings, our innermost is the God who is in heaven, or in secret, which means in our heart. When we practice and acknowledge this in our everyday living life is more full of awareness and plenitude. Ask to your God to keep your body in perfect harmony while you are in this earthly dimension. Do not be embarrassed, it is your right to ask from your own internal God.

10. Be good to yourself, do not do what you are not able to do for the moment. Learn to say no the same way you say yes. Do not let your egos control your life, if you are full of hatred, lust, pride, and old useless values recognize that immediately and ask your God for help with all your might, with all your heart, and do not take all your frustration on someone else because what is happening to you it is no one else fault but yours.

In the section Magic Prayers of this website, the invocation of Solomon, and the Our Father prayers are of tremendous power, learn these by memory and pray it wholeheartedly in the morning and evenings just before going to sleep or do it all the time. If you can buy yourself some fresh roses or any flowers and set it in a place where you can look at it all the time, smell it… This will calmed you down, or buy some rose, pine, or frankincense incense and everyday use one, then let the scent invade the house or bedroom. These kinds of incense will clean your spirit and most likely will chase away bad vibrations in the air. Also remember to keep your mind away from too much linear traffic, this mean the television, computer, the crowded city, and the phone… Give your mind a rest!

Go back to Nature go back to our mother.




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