Lets Kick Ass



60628549_10216971802221489_8166884771520053248_nLet not dilute ourselves people and come to the understanding that if the world is like it is now is because we allow it. We have to wake up to the power that we all are, that we all BE together or individually. Ask yourselves for a moment what went wrong here? Why we let ourselves get this far back into this mess! What the hell! Can we think, can we talk, can we get along, can we share, and can we stop the stupidity, blindness, blaming, and flaws among each other as if each continent is in another planet? Can we put a STOP to those that claim they have us under their control so they can abuse us without mercy and so they can continue doing it over and over again?

The time is up to clean house and kick ass! We need to raise up on a consciously energetic understanding world wide that change must take place, but most important this change start on a local scale like a contagious disease if you will until it spread every where. Haven’t we had enough?

It is time to get ourselves educated about our own giving rights, about our own divinity, and our own sovereignty in this planet we live in. We are the One people of earth, we are the power that BE together or individually.

And together we are saying that we want change, change that give us freedom from a system that for much too long has kept us enslave serving them with our hard working energy, change that bring us spiritual abundance as well as our daily needs being met, change from fear, change from illusion, and change from government corruption worldwide.

We are the change we want to see and the change is now! ~LFabre

Enjoy the video!

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