Like the Tides of the Ocean



Welcome change in life. You do not have to resist change. Changes could be old hat for you by now, for life on Earth is filled with change.

Sometimes in your life, it is as if you get on a horse, and then you rein in the horse so he stands still. You don’t get very far that way, so I say again, welcome change in life. Welcome the changes you want, and welcome the changes you don’t want. Be neutral to change. Sometimes change comes in disguise. Remember this: despite your opinion about change, despite your appraisal that some changes are good and others are not, all change furthers your growth. Every change brings you closer to Vastness.

In any case, whatever the change, favored or unfavored, you might as well go along with it. If your car broke down, it broke down. What is the point in bewailing it? If the stock market goes down, what is your kicking and screaming going to do about it? You don’t want change, and yet you are determined to change what has changed back to what it was, and, so, you would like to change change.

If you lose your house, there is something good in that for you. Then you are free to move along without possessions. If you lose your job, you are freed from it. If a love leaves, you have a great opportunity to grow. Whatever changes life holds for you, you find yourself on a new plateau. You simply can’t stay on the old one.

Believe it, the best is yet to come. Growth is on its way. Welcome it.

If, in human terms, you have lost your youth, you may say what is good about that? You lost your looks, and you no longer hold the importance you once did, or seemed to. The key word here is “seemed to.” You thought you were on top of the world in your youth, yet were you? And if you think you have sunk into oblivion, have you? Have you really? And if you have really, there is a great opportunity here too. Every change in life affords its own blessings. Every change provides you with an opportunity to expand your thinking. And expand your thinking, you must.

Why? Because to further your life, your thoughts need to move along. Your thoughts have to find a grander horizon. Your thoughts cannot stay the same. You have to keep up with life. You are a human being who grows through twists and turns whether you want to or not.

Doors are opening for you, beloveds. Do you really want to close them and close life out?

You are not to wait to love life. Love life now. Love life as it is. Love life rain or shine. Life is a splendid opportunity. There is none like it. Divest yourself of attachment to how things used to be. Welcome life as it finds its way to you. Partner with life. Do not obstruct it.

Life is not about fighting it. Life is not meant to be a discussion of pros and cons. Life is meant to be lived. You cannot learn your lines ahead of time.

Tides of the ocean rush to the shore, and they leave the shore. There is always another wave, and another, and another.

It is not for you to discipline the Universe. Every change, no matter how alien to you, serves you. No matter how hard a change is for you to accept, no matter how much a change seems like a loss to you, it is a gain. The tide of change has lapped you closer to shore. It may not be the shore you had in mind, and yet it brings you closer to your desires. With or without your consent, room has been made for you. And now you go forward like a fish in the sea weaving through the water.



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