Love and its meaning~ Saint Germain

Dear Ones,
I Am Saint Germain and I want to clarify an issue that was discussed in a previous message before I begin with the current message. It was I, Saint Germain, who has effectively transmitted the “famous” message concerning Disclosure and the Landings of spaceships through my channeler Méline Lafont. Let it be known without a shadow of a doubt that this message is founded on the Truth. Because of my close connection to my channeler, I can feel what goes on inside her and I am well aware of what has been shared afterwards in the Light community as to this message. That’s why I take this opportunity to confirm once and for all the validity of that message.

My current message is totally different than the previous one. I will be discussing the recent Venus Transit. This beautiful passage of the planet Venus, “The Goddess of Love and representing the energies of the Feminine” accross your Sun was something quite wondrous to behold and to feel. Many Lightworkers have again devoted their focus on this event and have started with meditations and visualizations. Thanks a lot for your commitment. Your input yields enormous changes which will become more obvious during this month of June, rather than in previous months. Everything will swell until the climax has been reached and this climax approaches with each passing day. Can you still uphold the energetic changes and uploads that are now rampant? You will notice that the breathing space between energetic peaks becomes shorter and shorter ; nevertheless, you adjusted admirably. The drastic changes can no longer remain invisible for you and they will surface imminently. Your hard work will pay off and it will give you a great feeling when you will at last reap the fruits of your labor.


Be aware that the Venus Transit has uplifted your consicousness by a degree causing an upliftment of your Mother Earth and her population. The unawakened Ones however will experience more chaos in their world as the paradigm of the old will be replaced by the paradigm of the new. They will not be able to handle this changeover and that’s where you, the Lightworkers, come in. You incarnated to assist them with this changeover and show them the way. You are in charge and we see to it that it all proceeds harmoniously. You do the work and we assist you. It has always been this way! It all begins from within you ; you are the co-creator.


We, the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters returned to Earth to assist you with this process. Some of us have actually incarnated physically whereas others remain in the Higher Dimensional Realities but remain at your disposal at all times. So reach out to us whenever you need guidance in your search, whenever you doubt, whenever you have questions or whenever you are in need of moral support ; no matter what, we are at your service and are well intended towards you! I, Saint Germain, want to add that I too have had many incarnations on Earth and I know all too well how difficult it is for you to remain in this 3rd Dimensional Density while your consciousness is expanding into a much higher phase that the one your are physically residing in. In this regard I would advise the following : remain centered and purify yourself on a regular daily basis, take walks in nature and drink only pure water if possible. Meditate, remain balanced and also balance your chakra’s, do healings on yourself or through a healer.


You are evolving more and more towards your Original Source, causing your light to shine more brightly and to expand systematically. This in itself can cause some attracting of other, lower energies. Don’t worry, you are stronger. Often you can be seen as something different than you really are. That is to say : your bright Light can be seen as a portal of Light attracting deceased ones or lost souls as they try to use this portal of Light to go home. On the other hand, your light is often also seen as a safe haven; who does not want to stay in a warm, love-filled Light? That’s why it is a good thing to purify yourself on a daily basis ; use my powerful Violet Flame in this matter. Use it, it is yours. You are me, I am you and we are One! I also wish to say that I love each and everyone of you, no exceptions!


That being said I will now continue with the Venus Transit. You have been bombarded with lots of Love in amounts and at a speed that is nearly unimaginable for you. Receive this Love with open arms and absorb it in each cell of your organism. Open yourself for this frequency and pass it on to your fellow human beings. Share the Love, Be the Ove as Love will release a lot not only in the unawakened ones but even in the most bitter souls. The bitterness they carry is no match for the most powerful force in the Omniverse : LOVE. Don’t you just love the word Love? The purity splashes off of it. Feel the warmth in your heart, in your soul and in every cell of your crystalline body. You are now a living source of Love and wherever you go you will unlatch a lot. That’s why it might be possible you will experience chaos in others who don’t know how to deal with these Love energies. They will get the feeling that they have to fight against something, but have no clue as to what that is. It is the Love that is taking the lead to stir old ingrained patterns on their way out. The problem lies in the fact that these ingrained old patterns have remained in your cells and your DNA for countless lives, so much so that your brain recognizes them as an integral part of yourself ; something that belongs there because it has always been there.
Now, with all the recent energetic uploads, codes and energies of Love, your physical body is in the process of getting used to those energies up to the point, in some cases, of transmuting the physical body into a crystalline body. That is the reason why you also experience the opposite of the afore-mentioned process namely the readjusting to the illusions of the 3rd dimensional reality after having uplifted your consciousness to the higher realities. This latter process is called descending and it is heavier compared to the process of adjusting to the Light. Light is filled with Love, illusions are disturbing. I hope this message clarifies your understanding in the matter and I also included the remedy to cope with it. You are of the Light, never forget that!

I am Saint Germain.


Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont

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