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“This message comes from Susannah today to bring you love and peace and joy. Events are changing rapidly; new energies are coming into your Earth plane as old energies begin to fade away. Rejoice dear earth beings for amongst what you perceive as the chaos will come something new, something wonderful and something to cherish. 

The new ordained, planned energies are of the most special light imaginable and are creating higher vibrations around the planet, they are lifting and clearing the old stale redundant energies as the morning sun lifts the early morning mist. When this happens, the sun bursts through and you know you are going to experience a fantastic day of sunshine, warmth, blissfulness, light and joy. So too my friends, when these energies integrate into the earth energies the sun will burst forth on a wonderful new era.

An era where the light is so bright it chases away the negative, the darkness, the greed, the unkindness, the selfishness. It brings forth light, love, happiness and a desire to link into the energies of your wonderful planet. Your race will wake up to the fact and acknowledge and appreciate that Mother Earth is your home it is the house you have chosen to move to for this experience.

Imagine looking at the details of a house to buy, what would you choose, shelter, warmth, beauty, space, provision all these things Mother Earth provides in abundance. Water, air, beauty, changing scenery, the stored history of your mankind human race, the wonderful sparkly waters, the animals, the food, crops trees the underground heating system, the crystals, all of these provided free of charge; this home, this creation, that you have chosen to experience in this spiritual lifetime. So can you see how when you link into the new energies, the energies of Mother Earth, you are taking in all of this, all of this beauty, abundance, creation and wonder? You are breathing it in and absorbing the richness, the plenitude, the magnificence, for when it comes down to it, we are all energy, we are all the earth, we are all One.

Enjoy the beauty, the explosion of joy and magnificence of Mother Earth and you will feel fulfilled, topped up, energized and amazed.

These new energies are coming in and will help all Lightworkers to move and blend and grow in themselves even though the adjustments may be uncomfortable initially. Your lights will shine brighter and lead the way forward.

As peak oil issues begin to manifest, there will be no choice but to look at alternatives and people will be looking for new ways. Seed thoughts scattered now will begin to grow and develop so they will be strong enough and rooted enough for people to take hold of and turn to. The light spreading out is amazing already and it will get stronger and brighter.

It will be more important to link into our crystalline grid structures to make adjustments and to shift your energies forward. The inner knowing of the crystals that carries the knowledge and wisdom of the history and formation of this planet and by association, of this Universe, is stored in the crystal structure and thereby is stored in your crystalline grid in your cellular structure. See the link dear ones between you and the planet, the link on so many levels.

The cellular structure holds the key, the secret to the link of energies between us all, the combination, the union, the association with the Great Presence but that is sufficient for now we just wish to give you this thought to show you the connections and the concept of Oneness.

So dear earth beings, remember your crystalline structure, your links to the crystalline grid of the earth and the Universe and know that in this essence, in this state of perfection, that we are all one and that all is well.

Link in to my immense, powerful, beautiful sparkly energy, breathe it in, take it in to your crystalline grid to energize, clear, cleanse, regenerate and empower you. Recharge that powerful structure, re-link to my essence and feel the clarity of the energy, the purity of the love, the light and the Oneness. Feel cleansed, recharged, reunited with the all knowing, all seeing, all being, innate wisdom of the crystal form, my essence and your crystalline structure, and go out glowing and shining and bright and happy and know that this reverberates around yourself, your community, your country and out, out, out and beyond into the Universe in all its magnitude and glory. We bless you and thank you, our love as always.”

Channelled from Susannah and The Crystal Team through Lindsay
Atlantean Crystal Master

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