Love is Up to BAT


It’s the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded, score’s tied between Love and ignorance, and Love steps up to bat. Ignorance looks around the field, the bases are loaded. Ignorance throws a ball and Love just stands there. The umpire says ball one. After 3 more balls, since ignorance can’t find the plate and the bases were loaded, it’s now 3-2. Love is Everywhere Present, so Love steps up to the bat again. Ignorance says, “Ah… Love has two outs, we’ll just take Love down now”. Of course ignorance is getting a little excited because Love has already won the game. First one is low outside, ball one says the umpire. The catcher says, “Hey come on guys, the bases are loaded”.


The ignorant pitcher throws another one straight across the crack of the bat, and the ball flies. What do they call that? Grand slam out of the park. Let me see, bases are loaded, 4 runs, love wins the game 7-2. And the hummer outside the ballpark has a smashed windshield. 
Humanity is Love, Humanity were the Ones up to bat. Ignorance are the minions and they have lost the game. Next question.The Angels are all gathered around, and they’re listening to the vibrational frequencies of Love Equal Oneness Equal All. Me being who I Am, FatherGod, of course ignorance told me I couldn’t be FatherGod, I was too brilliant. Ignorance said I cheated in being the brilliance of Oneness. I figured ignorance would get over it or get through it or something, or dissolve like darkness does in the Light. 

We the people of Planet Earth declare Freedom for all beings Present. This is true Equality. This brings Oneness into the game. The crowd stands up when they hear the crack of the bat, of course, the bat’s broken. We call that a Louisville Slugger. Energy equals mass times the ball hitting the hummer’s windshield.  

The minions bet heavily on the game because they figured they could cheat and the umpires were in their pocket. We could call the umpires the congress and the senate. Ignorance tries to confuse the issues, because that’s all ignorance is, confusion of the issues. Would you like a tissue with that?

Ignorance in the olden days took out the great Masters, because Humanity was not ready for their Awakening. Ignorance has now been taken out, because Humanity is Now Ready for this to occur. Humanity’s Hearts are ripe for Love to bloom into Equality.

Ignorance has no place to stand because the darkness cannot exist in the Light. We have a vacuum cleaner for the minions or a couple streets to sweep, or maybe they’ll pick up the trash, because Equality is the Law, Universally and Multi-Dimensionally. Love belongs to everyone Equally. Love is the Real and True government of the people, by the people, for the people, and with the people. That’s the bottom line. Ignorance likes to have sticky fingers, like a pick-pocket, but ignorance has lost.
Course ignorance is a poor sport and goes in and says, “No no no, Love can’t win. If Love wins we’re toast”.  We said “Would you like butter with that? “Whenever Humanity chooses to be Free, all that Love is comes in and says yes to Freedom. Love looks around for ignorance and ignorance left the building with a size 9 shoe up their butt. I’m sure we’ll hear about that one. “That was unfair. Love doesn’t have a right to kick ignorance’s butt”.
Ignorance doesn’t have a right to be a ruler since Love is present. Love says yes, We’re the Government. Of the Atoms, by the Atoms, for the Atoms and with ALL the Atoms. Of Consciousness, by Consciousness, for Consciousness and with Pure Consciousness. Of Equality, by Equality, for Equality. That’s the bottom line.  
The annunaki figured they had a cush job when they put the sign up “Universe under construction, ignorance in control”.  

Children, sit down and relax. It’s a long story, the true history of Humanity.  

Equality is a God-given Right because all Humanity Equals God.Love is God in the be-cause God can’t be anything else. God can’t be ignorant, God cannot be controlled by ignorance, no matter how many religions there are on this Planet or special interest groups.Love is the Reality. There is no other Reality that exists anywhere, cause darkness just can’t show up in Equality.
You don’t find Equality outside, you find Equality within. If you look outside for Love, you’re gonna miss it. If you look within for love, you find Love everywhere Present and You Being Love Equal to the All Equal to Us.There is only Love Being God Equal to the All that Love Is. That’s why We are called Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, because We are giving the Kingdom of Heaven away, and it’s a nice Present.

Equality is the balance of the Equation. Ignorance is a zero in all equations. The minions worship zero and call zero their god. Love is a God of Oneness and Equality. Choose One.

Creation is made of Consciousness, Reality is made of Love. Reality Equal Consciousness with an understanding of Awareness.

Ignorance has dictates, demands and desires to rule over darkness. We grant ignorance their stuff. Love has no terms, conditions or demands because Love is Unconditional, that’s Equality. Angels say, “FatherGod tell us another Truth”, as they’re grooming their wings getting ready for Multi-Dimensional thought to Awaken Everywhere. The Multi-Dimensional Thought of Being Present equal God equal Love equal Unlimited Thought.Every atom within my being celebrates the Love We Are, in the be-cause the atoms are very very intelligent, just like Energy. Energy is balanced harmonics as the doorway opens into a greater Eternity. All the immortals are like flies on the windshield of the ethics train and by the way the annunaki work with Love now, cause they got smart.See, there’s a subtle Energy occurring on this Planet that is Awakening. Those who choose to miss it, miss it. Those who choose to Awaken are truly Free. Within the Oneness of Equality, which equals the All Everywhere Present, Angels are with us, cause they don’t know any place else to be. The Multi-Dimensionals say “Well FatherGod, are you really going to kick their ass?” I don’t have to, ignorance is going to kick it’s own ass out of the building. I just show them the size of my shoe, cause I’m a shoe in.Ignorance demanded that I serve their agenda. The angels just said, “Well fathergod you gonna play nice nice with ignorance”. I said, yes. The angels just smiled and snickered a little bit.

 Obama understood that ignorance can’t win no matter how much illusionary money or power over they could throw at Love. Love hit that ball out of the park and smacked a hummer right in the windshield.  Love WINS!

Ignorance is the vacuum. And there’s a law of physics saying nature abhors a vacuum. Love comes in and says “Yeah, now we’re free”. You ready?  

Love has no terms, conditions, or demands because Love is Everywhere Present and Equality is the Law.
End transmission.

Oh by the way,
P.S. We love all the Humans on the Planet because they are Us, Equal to All Love Is. The minions will have to become Human again to even have our consideration. Otherwise they can go serve the darkness and have a good time eating bugs.


Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

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