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One other Lyran subgroup is also mammal and what you would consider to be humanoid – but whose physical appearance resembles what you call the feline kingdom on your world. They are not cat people, but humanoids who have catlike qualities. They are very agile and strong. The nose is not predominant but catlike, if you can imagine the nose of a cat. The ears are neither human nor catlike but somewhat of a cross, a little pointed, not very much, but a little.

The mouths are very gentle and small. (Many times when extraterrestrials look at the human face, to them the human face is overwhelmed by the mouth.) These catlike entities have very small, delicate and what you would call dainty mouths. The eyes are very pronounced, large and catlike, with a second lid. Again, these qualities developed from the specific environment they have placed themselves within over generations. They do not have fur. However, there is a protective layer of what you could consider peach fuzz over the skin because of the harsh ultraviolet radiation on their indigenous planet – it simply protected the skin.

Any primitive interaction with these entities on your world may report that they are cat people – they are not. They are humanoid.
So early on, the development of these two groups took a different direction than ours did. If they’re Lyran-based, then we’re talking millions of years ago that these developments started separately from our branch, right?

Oh, yes. They are not so much involved in your human drama. This has not been from a denial of the Lyran dysfunction and conflicts. It is simply that their excitement has gone in other directions, and they’ve evolved in those directions. They have had contact with you every once in awhile. They recognize that you are all part of a family, at least genetically. And there are individuals within their societies who often project to you on an astral level simply to keep the lines open for communication. But for now there has been no necessity for a lot of interaction between your cultures.

There’s a point we would like to make here about the Lyran, Vegan and other extraterrestrial civilizations as well who have communicated with you. It is about their eyes. Primarily the eyes are accentuated, whether it be through the tilt, the shape, the size, the color or their reflectivity. They are usually very pronounced. If you search through your mythologies, many civilizations have accented the eyes – most notably the Egyptian civilization. This did not start out as an adornment but as an imitation of the gods, as an attempt to make humans more godlike, as an attempt to revere the gods. Over time there has been a loss of the connection to why the eyes were accentuated; it was originally because of the gods.

So why do our eyes appear to be so small in comparison to the rest of the family?

If you remember the stories we’ve told about the genetic manipulation in the creation of Homo sapiens, the Lyrans did not want to create you as them. They had some definite issues about creating you equal with them. So one of the choices was in the creation of the eyes – to give you more a simian eye quality.

You understand what we mean by simian? To retain the simian quality?

To retain the simian eye quality, the ape, which to some degree is one of the most painful things they’ve done to you, because when you look in the mirror your cellular memory remembers simian. If you had the eyes of the gods when you look into your own eyes, you would see God.

Interesting. When we look in the mirror we see to the past, whereas they see to the future, at least symbolically, the genetic response.
Yes. That was the intent originally, so that you would always be looking behind you, never looking forward. When the Sirians took over the project from the Lyrans it was too late to change it. So to some degree the Sirians encouraged your practice of accentuating the eyes as a remembrance of God so you would not forget your forefathers. They have done a lot through the ages to stimulate memory in you so that you would never ever forget.

Are there other lines of Lyran evolution that have nothing to do with us historically, that literally branched off into other parts of the galaxy?

Oh, yes. But the majority of Lyran evolution is tied with you. For instance, the birdlike and catlike entities we have spoken of have their own affiliation with other groups. They are a part of the developmental evolution of other civilizations.

It is important that we stress here once again that the Lyran basic genetic structure is the mother of all in this case. However, we recognize Vega as being a significant enough emergence that it can take on its own genotype as well. Those entities who from the very, very early days of Lyra branched off in other directions, began through their own experiences, through their own evolution, to form their own unique genotypes.

Excerpt of “UFO Contact from the Pleiades” by Wendelle Stevens:

Lyrian History
According to the explanation offered, the Lyrians were the original (to us at least) ancestors of our branch of our lifestream of evolution.
Many thousands of years ago their civilization in Lyra reached a high technological level and they began to travel in space. They were free-will creatures and had control of their destiny. At a certain point in time they fell into disagreement and divided into factions with different ideologies and different goals and objectives. They eventually went to war and destroyed much of their society and ruined their home. Escapists seeking to avoid the anticipated outcome fled from their native system and found homes in star systems that we call the Pleiades and the Hyades. They also went to nearby Vega.

In a few thousands of years they had raised those societies to high technological levels and once again were able to travel in space. Some of the Pleiadians of Lyrian ancestry, on their travels, discovered our planet and its nascent life evolving in a very hospitable atmosphere. They stayed and settled briefly in later Lemuria and early Atlantis, some even mixing with Earth creatures and becoming Earth men.

Those who remained apart and did not mix soon produced highly evolved technologies here and they designed and built many wonderful machines and devices, and created comforts and conveniences of all kinds.

Again they came into conflict and the society became polarized into two camps, each possessing marvelous technologies. Eventually they went to war and terrible destruction resulted. Those who could, escaped to other regions of space and started all over again. Some of those beings are now also visiting us occasionally.

A long time later a new wave of Pleiadians arrived to check on the descendants of their ancestors who survived the terrible war. They found survivors and again they mixed with them and assisted Earth humanity in getting control of its assets and producing a new technology. This society became the later Atlanteans who raised their sciences to levels that produced air and undersea travel before that civilization was also destroyed by surface war on Earth.

The modern Pleiadians are descendants of the peaceful faction that settled in the star group which astronomy gives that name. The Vegans visiting us now are descendants of another peaceful group that settled a planet in the Vega System.

The descendants of the Lyrians, long evolved beyond the conflict stage, are now interested in our welfare and feel a special responsibility toward us since we reflect the earlier warlike tendencies of themselves. They lost much in their history of conflict and destroyed themselves several times, and lost their great technological advances each time. According to the story, they even settled another hospitable planet in our solar system, the 5th one from the sun, which was actually destroyed in a war of nuclear weapons that got out of hand there. This is part of their concern about how we will use our nuclear sciences now. These Lyrians are now being helped and assisted in certain ways by their human cousins in the Pleiades and Vega and others.

So we see that although the Lyrians are much older in evolution, they are only a little ahead of the others in some technologies and are behind in others, and are being assisted along the way by their cousins. Thus it is that so many human-like extraterrestrials are appearing in the same age in time. Some are actually linked in evolution and do apparently have a common source. Our re-emerging technology attracts their attention now and they are here to observe and assist according to our will choices.

The Lyrian races began evacuating their home planet over 22 million years ago, and they have peaked out and migrated from there more than once. They believe that Creation itself is the First Cause, not that a Creator created it. They see creation as Universal Knowledge, Universal Wisdom, Universal Spirit. They told Meier that there are milliards of creation forms known to them.

They also told him that our earliest society on Earth was copied from the early Lyrians visiting Earth. They were here and observed physical life on Hyperboria, a mythical first continent encompassing all of the land mass at that time. This was before Earth humans began physical evolution. Descendants of these Lyrians came again later and assisted the budding societies of the next epoch and gave Lemuria and Atlantis their names.

There were other beings from another system called Bawwi who also visited the Earth at that time. The Bawwi were a race of beings 2.5 to 3 meters tall. There were once beings visiting Earth who were 7 to 8 meters tall. They had feet 90 to 93 cm long and fossil tracks should still exist. On what we now call Easter Island there was a special race of very big people an unimaginable 10 to 11 meters tall. They were not entirely physical. Whole histories of Hyperboria, Agartha, Mukulia and Atlantis have been described by the Pleiadians. On an extended visit in space, Meier was shown another atmospheric planet with life in an earlier stage of evolution. He saw dinosaur-like creatures, a stocky primitive man wearing skins and steep pyramids in the distance in a very misty golden atmosphere.

He was told that this planet would be 770 light years from Earth.

According to the Pleiadian account, the Lyrians left their system as rebels and settled in the Pleiades and the Hyades. They later came to Earth and mixed with Earth man. Earth men then lived in the remnants of the earlier single continental land mass now known as Hyperboria. These beings produced and developed a civilization with advanced technology here on Earth. They became involved in a war among themselves here and a faction left and proceeded to Erra in the Pleiades, and others went to another planet in our solar system, an atmospheric planet the 5th from the sun, which they called Malona. They settled on this planet and mixed with the human life-form there.

The Lyrian descendants who settled Earth and Malona both were a war-like race and they carried their warlike tendencies with them. The Malonans ended up destroying their planet in a terrible atomic holocaust.

Will we do the same?

The surviving Lyrians left for many thousands of years. Subsequent generations came back in another age and again fell to fighting among themselves and again they left. This was repeated still once more, and now the descendants of those are again observing Earth and the surviving descendants of their ancestors.

The Lyrian rebels have now reached a higher spiritual level of being and no longer indulge in conflict and war. Their ancestors are responsible for the racial variety now found on Earth.

So we see that we and the Pleiadians, and the Vegans, and some other Adamic beings who come here from the Hyades, are all in a sense Lyrian descendants, and we are linked by a common heritage. The current Lyrian visitors, with their higher spirituality, are here trying to undo some of the effects left by their earlier less spiritual ancestors.

The older Lyrian ancestors due to their underdeveloped spirituality fell into stagnation and lost much of their technology. The Pleiadians are now helping them back on their way to the marvelous technologies they once had. The Vegans, also descendants of the old Lyrians, are too helping the Lyrians to recover some of their old advanced sciences and introducing them to some new ones. The Pleiadians have been helped much by the DALs and are passing some of this on to the Lyrians, and are in turn being helped by the Lyrians in other ways.

Part 2, read part 1 here:

~the Pleadians

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