Meditation to Allow the Release of the Old

Dear ones I am Archangel Metatron and I come to guide and support ALL as the human race moves towards the gateway that will see the new unfold across the planet earth. I wish to communicate a meditation to help those who are having difficulty allowing the old to dissolve in order for the new to be shown to them. There is no reason for guilt dear ones, there is not reason for berating that part of yourself that knew no better at the time. Hindsight is a tool of illusion and bears no resemblance to TRUTH. For how could you have reacted any other way at the time you did?

For those who are holding on, for those who are finding the old is trying to dissolve but the fear of the new is too vast I invite you to join me in the meditation that I will communicate. Simply find a space where you will be uninterrupted and open your heart, for I will be there right next to you.

Close your eyes and breathe dear ones, for breathing is not the tool it is seen as across the planet, the breath controls the body and for too long illusion has controlled the breath. Let it all go, breathe in the pink light of love and allow it circulate around your body, breathe deeply dear ones and allow all to flow around you, within you and through you, become the pink light that you breathe. On the out breath allow all that no longer serves to flow out of you, allow it to flow out in a steady stream, the angelic realms will transmute this back in the LOVE that IS.

Each breath that you take softens you so that you are more and more relaxed with each inhalation. I now want you to imagine that you are surrounded by hearts, lovely soft pink hearts are all over you, you may imagine them as fluffy pillows or as chocolates the choice is yours, allow yourself to be surrounded by pink hearts. Then listen as the hearts begin to beat in rhythm to your own, allow this sound to become louder and louder and listen to the heart beat. The heartbeat you listen to is all of creation dear one and you are part of this creation. Allow it all to melt into one heartbeart. Imagine that heartbeat getting stronger and stronger all the while breathing in the pink light so that you are cushioned and protected. For the angelic realms stand alongside of you.

This exercise may bring up feelings dear ones and we guide you to allow the emotion to flow, the flow is important, no matter what the feeling allow it to pour out of you, for it has been trapped and now flows freely. We are here to transmute all back into the LOVE that IS. Breathe the pink light, listen to the heartbeat of creation and KNOW you are safe and loved. Continue this until the emotions begin to steady once more and you feel a calm descend over and within your entire BEing.

That is all that is needed to let go dear ones, no fancy complicated actions, just breathing and allowing it all to release. For those who had images that manifested remember to bless them, they stopped by to allow you to see them before they dissolve. Nothing is needed for the step into the new beloved ones other than an open heart. We are here to support you at this time and we will support you through the doorway into the new. Have FAITH and TRUST in YOU for it is you that allows this change to occur within your BEing.

I am Archangel Metatron and you will find me walking next to you for humans never walk alone, humans have never walked alone. We are ALL ONE dear ones and that will be revealed as you step into the new, for the new is the brilliance that is at the core of your very BEing, allow all to dissolve so that you may sparkle like the stardust that you are. Welcome home beloved ones.

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