Memorial Day

If I were to have had my young son or daughter killed in a place like the Middle East or anywhere else outside the United States in a war, I would be heart broken, and most certainly to blame as well for his, or her death. But regardless, we are all guilty of our young people death in the “line of duty” as they commonly say, which is one of the heaviest lie in the entire universe. Heaviest because it is carried out on wars, crimes, and corruptions on human, as well as all living creatures, and the environment.

If one thing our young people should be doing outside of this country would be helping undeveloped countries across the glove with education, building better living conditions, and respecting everyone cultures and believes. Not the opposite with wars, and trying to teach everyone “freedom” which is by the way propaganda slogan not only used by us American, but also by all civilized countries that want to intimidate the other. Wars in the name of Freedom have not stopped us from being slaves of ourselves and others.

I do understand that there are circumstances in which we must fire the gun against “paranoids” that are destroying their entire community, or country, as well as spreading violence like a virus with a killer decease across the world. Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden are example of these kinds of dangerous people who unfortunately are across the glove, and right in front of our own nose as well.  Many of them are abundantly in the scientific field, these includes, medical doctors, scientists (or intellectuals thinkers) that unlike others like to play God to their family and the community they serve.  Not to mention them in religion, government, and just as well in the house next door in our neighborhood.

According to our very own, Master Samuel, paranoid appears normal but these people are delirious one with false ideas. They walk with the Holy book in their hands; have this sense of grandeur. Some even think to be descendants from a great God, like Buddha or Christ. Indeed some of them are believed  to be the very incarnation of the truth. Some of them are great inventors, business person, reformers, pronounced prophets… etc., etc. These people are very intelligent and dangerous, and among them exist the psychopaths which are just as worse.

The innocent ones, vulnerable people like you and I falls by what these dangerous individuals have to say and do. We have to be aware of these people; in fact these people should be registered by their community just as sex offenders are.

I am not going to get into depth about these people, but I must say that public figure should watch out for these people, as they are in danger of them. Paranoid are sly, malicious and distrustful.

Keep in mind that a person that is trying to follow the unity of life, do not harm anyone, nor will he try to sell you his books written with articulated paragraphs that leads you to nowhere.

We all like to play victims or ignore our own wrong doings and mistakes.  Such as, we Americans and other nations as well are to blame for the risen violence in undeveloped countries. We go, and like gold diggers that we are sells them all kinds of weapon so they can defend themselves from danger, sure that is a sell pitch! The Lords of the Stock Exchange invented that one. Long as the money is coming, who cares to whom they kill!  Is better if they buy dangerous arms, than to take that money and feed their own hungry citizens. This has been going on for decades, and still is!

Then after we get afraid that the same country we sold the weapons might cause us harm! Let me ask you people, what do you call this? What do you call when we try to manipulate the vulnerability of others to our own wish, pride, greed, and gluttony? We, the civilized countries are nothing more but “the bad weed of bad example.  We reap what we sow, is that simple.

If a country for example have to harvest these kinds of paranoid, we should solve the problem diplomatically with the country to bring the person to justice, that’s all. Not for us  to behave like little mice full of fear, which we created by providing all kinds of harmful tools, money, and ideas to others that leads only to degeneration of human and the environment.

There are many ways to solve issues no matter how much complicated they may seem among countries, without ever, ever having to create a war where million of innocents people may die. Where millions of people already died because of wars.

What would I do, or what we all should do on Memorial Day to make up, or to bring to balance our Karma Scale of Cosmic Law and Justice that  apply to every country and its citizens that send others to die all across the earth in cowardly wars?  Or the ones that die defending justice against paranoid government in theirs own countries?

On this day, worldwide, we should light up candles, and at the same time crossed our arms and rest it against our heart, and bow supplicating our own internal God to bring peace and understanding among us all. We should also meditate and pray all day, asking to our Holy Spirit to help us destroyed all the legions that run our lives. These legions are the egos, the ones that bring misery to us all including to the paranoid ones.

On this day we should take off to the county side, or by the coast somewhere away from the crowded cities and the fast lane. There we should fast and be quiet listening to the sound of “Nothingness.” If you stay home, then turn your home for that day into a sanctuary doing what I just described.

On this day, all television channels should show movies or programs that only have to do with nature, like animals, beautiful views of the universe, the blue sky… And shows no commercial at all. That day, our journalists, whether from the newspapers or any kind of media should “not prostitute” any bad news at all, instead they should write short essays of love stories, or spiritual poems, etc., etc. Radio stations should do the same by playing Beethoven or similar music, and again, they also should not play any commercials.

Busses, trains, and even airplanes should run free of charge,  as well as any store , restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, cars dealers, phone companies, and free Internet for three-month!

Overall, we should simultaneously with each other come together in harmony, this will send energy vibration to the ether, the elements, and Mother Earth. This will help us all to erased or balance the negative debts that we all have to pay soon or later with the same effect that we caused others. Every day we must think of this, everyday we must practice this to some extend, regardless of Memorial Day or not.

Bear in mind that what we are doing is negotiating with the Law of Cosmic Justice. This negotiation has to be done with all our heart and from our heart. Keep in mind that we are doing these  not for anybody else but for ourselves. Keep in mind that what we do for others is the only jewel that we take with us when we died,  the only thing that counts in the Law of Cosmic justice. In the Law of Cosmic Justice nothing is giving free, nothing. So the way that we treat the rest of the world, even our own enemies, counts.

Lets get along, lets try to clean ourselves from the ignorance of Self importance, greed, and lust. Lets not send our children to dumb wars, instead of wars lets talk about AWAKENING. Think: less means more. Or “less” of the headache that we do not need to have upon ourselves so we can have “more” time to work in our internal “freedom” of peace, happiness and abundance from our own internal God. This is awakening! This will solve all the issues our poor, suffering humanity is in.

These are prayers for everyone that have a family member or friend in a war. Send it to them for protection, you must tell him or her to learn it by memory, and with all their heart pray it. It will protect them from bullets, knives, secrets enemies, ambush…

In times of danger:

1-  Fons Alpha Et Omega, Figa, Figalis Sabbaoth, Emmanuel, Adonay, O, Neray, Ela, Ihe, Reutone, Neger, Sahe, Pangeton, Commen, Agla, Matheus, Marcus, Lucas, Johannes, Titulus Triunphalis, Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, Ecce Dominicae Crucis Signum Fugite Partes Adversae, Vicit Leo De Tribu Judae, Radix David Alelluyah, Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Et Ne Vos, Et Venia Super Nos Salutare Tuum, Oremus.

2-  Klim Krishnaya, Govindaya, Gopijana, Vallabbaya, Swaha!

3-  Most Holy Mary, pious Mother, cover me with your mantle. Divine Cross, I ask Thee for protection by these three names of Jesus, Joachin and John.


Be bless and go, begin to wake up now.

L Fabbre







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