Message From AA Metratron: Adam Kadmon






Greetings, We are AA Metratron!

We are here today to present to humanity an important message.
This message will help you to a great degree, just by listening and receiving its energy, to incarnate in your body and consciousness the original blueprint of what you are and as what you have been created to be ultimately: the Adam Kadmon.

As you know, the Adam Kadmon is the Divine Man, the human being that has been created in the Name and Image of God. It is the code of the Adam Kadmon that is  being activated throughout the universe, not only on your planet earth but also on other planets, similar to yours and other galaxies who host planets who are on a similar evolution stage as you are.

This awakening of the Adam Kadmon, the accomplishment of this Divine Blueprint is the plan of the highest Creator Forces we serve. In actuality, we, AA Metatron, are a united force of consciousness, serving the thrones of the Creator God Who is directly united with and is glorifying the Source Light of the Ultimate God Consciousness. We are able to reveal this to you now as your consciousness is awakening with greater understanding.

Having given you this image will help you to understand who you are, as Adam Kadmon: a direct emanation of the Divine, a Divine Creation of the Highest Will and a Creation that recognizes and brings forth the Presence of the Divine Love-Force.

Giving you this opportunity to become as what you have been originally created, unveils the knowledge of Divine Light which has been seeded in the cells of your bodies with the original information of the Highest God.

It is however up to you, yes, it is however up to each one of you, each individual, to receive this awakening codes, this boost of energy and light, and to nourish it according to the Divine Plan.

As you are beings of free will it is you who are choosing to be “chosen” as the one who will demonstrate the greatest Gift and Love of the Highest God, Who Enjoys his own Creation that chooses the Highest Path to accomplish, at most. In this mutual agreement and collaboration lies the Glory of the Divine: that the Created chooses with his own free will to deify its own destiny by uniting with his creator.

When this happens, the Creator truly finds Himself mirrored in His Own Creation. This accomplishment is the True Intent, born of Love which carries the universes and the joy that explodes Divine Light to Infinity.

In this Light you have been created and now you Are it. In our, the Metatron consciousness experience, you have already arrived, the Adam Kadmon already exists throughout the Universe. All awakening codes are already implemented in the body and consciousness of those who are ready to unite with their original blue print. In your time you will notice the unfolding of this glorious process of Becoming the Creators great dream.

As Adam Kadmon you are and embrace all things by the transparency of your heart, which is able to recognize the Creator in all His creations. What a wonderful and most blessed Realization and Bliss. What a joy for us, the Metatron consciousness, in our service to the Creator, participating in His Light and His Love, as we participate in what He Is, like you participate in what He Is, as Adam Kadmon.
Recognize the Apotheosis, the Glory of the Oneness of the Creator with His Creation, which you are. But understand that you, as a being which perceives itself still as separate and has not yet fully realized the Glorious Unity in Itself, has work to do.

Your work is that of non-resistance and that of fully welcome, and that of using your mind in a way that it only serves this process. It is to surrender to the Will of the Creator in all you do.
In the end, all of you will realize the promise of the Adam Kadmon blueprint. But it is up to you when you will be ready to be surrendered to It.

Every process of creation is experienced by the beings of free will, according to their level of conscious participation they are choosing.
But you must know that it is the Creators greatest Bliss and Joy, when his creation has chosen, attracted to His Magnificence, to fulfill His Own Plan. This is the unique place you inhere. And that is the ultimate reason why the Creator has bestowed free will upon you.

It is our heart desire to see you, using your free will to unite with the plan of the Creator, for the triumph of His Radiant Presence and the magnificence of you who has become an expression of Him.

In the Light of this knowledge we see you riding the flames of Love and uniting in Ecstasy with the Will of the Creator. It is a Feast and Celebration which transcends your imagination and even highest visions. It is the fulfillment of all what you desired for eons and lifetimes.
It is the Sacred marriage of your soul with the Creator, the Essence of All-That-Is.

While you fulfill the Creators dream, we Metatron, are sublimed as well as all Creation is.  This new sublimity opens a new era of the Divine Glorification of the Universes as it has not been yet occurred.
The Glory of the Divine is ever creative and all beings and things are ever more elevated in an unthinkable Happiness and a new Perfection, as Perfection knows no end in itself.

We, the AA Metatron Consciousness, are with you on your journey and unification with the Radiant Heart of God.

Message conveyed by Ute

Note: this message was given in unity consciousness and it was extremely difficult to translate the unspeakable, the non-separation of the Creator from his creation,  into a dualistic language, as we do not have a language which expresses unity inherently, it only describes it in a subject-object relationship. So please use your intuition for the passages which are perhaps not so easy to understand. 


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