Message From Archangel Metraton

And so we caution on those who would seek to interfere in your reality, and we caution you to examine your own beliefs in regard to your own power, for you, inside you, contain all that you wish to be and more, and, all the power and more of those whom you serve, for I tell you this, there is no being in the cosmos that is greater than you…

Channeler: El Anora

I am Archangel Metatron, and there are many of you who will not believe that this is so, and I respect, and honor that your choice is to deny this influence at this time, and it is right that you should regard each communication with discretion, for discretion is paramount in any communication with a being outside your scope of awareness, and your scope of awareness, being that practice which you have created boundaries around to limit the potential of your own enlightenment, understand that I speak out of the scope of your awareness.

And it is with great regard that I appreciate and thank this vessel for allowing myself and all the other angels to communicate to you now, for I have pushed her to do so, and it is with this pushing, urging, and light-work healing that I have begun the process of her own transformation.

It is my asking that you disregard her in this communication, and regard only the Archangel Metatron is speaking to you, and it is but through this channel that I am speaking, and through this process that I am communicating.

And I understand that many of you doubt the emergence of an angel who sits beneath the Throne of the Divine, who in his highest and most ineffable state, is the pure energy of the Throne of Kether, the Aleph that is breath, the eternal One, undivided unity of the Crown, but these are teachings that you have been taught and they have been taught in error.

For there is no angel greater than another, and no person greater than another, there is only that mission which each angelic presence is in charge of and takes hold, and so it is my mission, along side all of the other angels of light, to push you onward and to promote and develop, the purpose and mission, of your Higher Self, and it is with that knowledge of your Higher Self, that pure life mission from which you incarnated in this world to achieve that I come to you now.

There are no dates, plans, or expectations, only that you have achieved a realm of consciousness in which the Angelic beings of Light are able to descend upon you now and be present in your current reality, and you have known, and expressed, this desire, and an understanding that this moment would come to pass for you from times that have gone before.

And I come now with only an acknowledgment, an awareness of a path that is outside your scope of understanding, and to display to you know the Truth of your own understandings. For there are many alien species that exist around your planet now who have not your best interest at heart, they would claim this earth as their own, believing that you are subordinate to them, they call themselves The Creators, and by calling themselves this, and by claiming this power, they have believed that you should be indentured servants to you for all times, but if you have an understanding of history, and if you have an examination of the Angelic Realm, you would come, and know, that having been created on earth in a higher plane of a dimension that you were previous inhabits of, and so be brethren unto you, and so being part of your reality, we have as much vestment in this world as you do, only that we see it from a point, and a perspective that you do not.

For in our understanding we see quite clearly these agendas pushed toward you, and these agendas try to create, and re-create a reality in which you are bound to those beings whom you bring forth, and you serve them by the claim that they give you and help you to receive extraordinary power, this is not so. This power being given is given only in exchange for your allowance of them to make holes in the protections that you yourselves creation, and through allowing them to enter, you bring them in to excavate and amass their empire upon your world, through their own domination and control.

We ask you, but never demand, that you take responsibility, and sincere caution, in understanding who you are, and why this would be detrimental to your being. For if another comes in and saves you from who you are, and changes your reality for you, then you have no capability of claiming the power for yourself, and developing that power within yourself. Angelic beings have never forced anything upon you, and they have never given you power, and so in that regard, many have turned to the demonic forces for their power, for the Angels will never, can never, interfere in that which is your reality and choice.

And so we caution on those who would seek to interfere in your reality, and we caution you to examine your own beliefs in regard to your own power, for you, inside you, contain all that you wish to be and more, and, all the power and more of those whom you serve, for I tell you this, there is no being in the cosmos that is greater than you, higher than you, or more evolved than you, it is only your own ideas about evolution, and authority, that have guided you to view them as such.

In reality, they are as much “evolving” as you are, and in some ways, and in some manners, they lack the experience from which you have gained insight, and through their own lack, they have turned to you, my dear souls, for their own education. My suggestion to you is this: They do not need you for their education, and all your sacrifices do not have to be in servitude to their agenda.

This is not to say there are not those whom do care for you, and that is not to say that there are not alien beings who are concerned about your welfare, but any Truly loving society or any Truly loving being, is not going to interfere in your reality, if, in a galactic sense, you came to a point in your growth when, the two of you were able to commune in an equality of state of being, then, and only then, would such a society participate on equal grounds through a shared experience.

But examine your own romantic relationships, has any relationship, in which you have entered it with need of something from the other, been successful? Eventually you come to rely on that other for all your sustenance, even in some cases, viewing that human as a God/Goddess, and so you lose complete sight of your ability to claim and understand your own power. And only through the “loss” of such a person do you come to go within and truly gain insight into your own Truth and being.

And so it is with what you call Higher, a being within which exists a separate state of vibratory rate will not enter into a relationship with a group of beings that does not contain nor equate with that vibratory rate, for to do so would mean the destruction of both, and so, any being which does seek to enter into such a relationship with you, would therefore be a being in which it is equal or like you in vibratory nature. For the aliens that walk amongst you, are not those whom are “evolved” but are beings who have a capacity equal or equivalent to your own.

Now, through the ages and throughout the span of your growth, all the world of light, through the presence of the Angelic Realms that exist on your planet, have watched over, guarded, and guided you, in the sense of allowing you the freedom to develop in a way that would not hinder your growth, for in the times before this was enacted, you were in slavery to those who existed on your planet, and have now returned, for in understanding that it was you who let them in, and it was you who closed the portal, thereby causing your own loss of awareness, you come to the knowledge of understanding what you could possibly be about to re-create.

For once you have a achieved a state of awareness that is loving and enlightened, you will not let in beings that are anything but that which is the same nature as the state of growth in which you are now living, but believing you are less, you have mis-understood certain energies and alien systems, as being superior to your own.

I advise you, in question my statements on this regard, to look but into the word superior, for if you believe, at any level, that another group of beings is higher or more powerful, or more capable than you, than Truly you have named them superior.

We the Archangels and Angels are not superior to you, but Divine co-creators with you, existing in a vibration just outside your own frequency, on an earth not ravaged by the 4d dimensional war, and we, being in that state, and you being our brothers and sisters, have always guided you towards awakening to this frequency, when you have requested.

But just as the cells within your own body often multiply beyond your control, so have you, the cells of our body, taken a path we would prefer you not take, but you are part of our body, and to deny you such an experience, would be to deny our very own existence, and to try to remove you, would be to remove ourselves as well, for we share the same experience.

Understand that some chose to stay in the Angelic Realms, and others came to incarnate upon your planet, in what you call incarnation, but it was simply a move to 3 dimensional consciousness, away from 5 dimensional understanding, and that in time, once the earth has truly healed, we will all join as One in the Angelic Presence that has always been ours, and I can assure you, that you will need no outside source to do this, and, that in time, should you come to understand your own 5d awareness, you will be able to commune with those who are at that stage of growth.

For now, I ask you to think deeply on these things, there are no agendas, your agenda is my agenda, I only wish for what you wish for, and to guide you back to a state of being where you have choice, and the ability to decide for yourselves, to acknowledge, and recommend, that you see yourselves as the angels see you, Angels Walking Unaware.

I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON. I am the Presence of the 10th Sphere, the Voice of the Tenth sphere, The Manifestation of Light consciousness, in the realms beyond the veil of illusion, and I am with you.

Great Lightworkers, you are not alone. Archangel Indriel comes to you now, to aid you should you seek her, and if you request, to guide you along this path, for this age in which the Rainbow Children have emerged, is not one you can understand with your mind, but through your hearts, know that she comes to you now, again, at this time, and wishes to be known and addressed.

I love you all dearly, my lights, my souls, my friends, may you be guided to the choice of your heart, now and all ways.

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