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In Gnostic school we were taught the magic of the elements, and the magic of the sacred symbols. Sacred symbols include the Pentagram, the Cross-, and the Swastika to name a few. Now in case some people are not aware, the elements are water, fire, earth, air, and ether. The elements are sacred, and they are within our body as well as in the outside. Without the elements we cannot have Physical body nor would it there be a planet Earth!

Creator gave men dominion over the elements, which is why anyone that knows about Black and White Magic, knows exactly what I am talking about. Since the elements can create magic, or miracle if you will, they can as well be destructive. In another way they can do anything up, down, inside, outside, in darkness, and in light. It is written that anyone using the elements to do harm to others, that person or soul most likely will spend thousands of years in the under world, unless that person recognize the harm done, and then working his or her way out by doing good during that life time to humanity. A lifetime of human experiences goes round and around one hundred and twenty times.

The under world is the place where one is consciously in a body that is not human, these includes metals, and stones, etc, etc, and then working up your transgression until you come back again in time to a human body if that is your wish.

The elements are everywhere, which is why the savvy priests of the Dark Brotherhood for thousands of years have enslaved humanity by commanding, or should we say manipulating the creatures of the elements by rewarding them with rituals, human sacrifices, and despicable actions worldwide so they can do their dirty work. The elements have their own gods, divas, demigods, and fairies that they all work in unison to serve humanity, and or any other planet in the universe.

Take the Pentagram for example; the Pentagram symbol is very powerful, so powerful that one can use it for protection as well as to cause harm. One of the way to have the Pentagram cause harm is by invert the Pentagram, meaning bringing down the all seeing eye of the symbol which in truth is suppose to be above. With the Pentagram inverted the elements work on doing harm as commanded with rituals, the same would be if used the other way around.

It all comes down to co-create harm to other just the same way we are doing right now to co- create good for all humanity. In truth we are taking the power of the Dark Brotherhood away from them by doing the opposite of what they are doing. And this my friend can be very powerful if we all know this secret that for thousands of years has been hidden from us, not to mention the educational system that is all part of the same agenda of the Dark Brotherhood to keep us not knowing what is TRUTH, a subject that is growing rapidly as people are hungry to find TRUTH.

If you were to open up your eyes and look around, you’ll see that every powerful corporation have a sacred symbol as their Logo! Including the least, Starbuck coffee house! You might wonder but why? Well the reason is that these symbols are energy that would work on your behalf whether to do good, harm, or last but not least bring you fortune by whatever means that takes even if it is deceiving you to believe that a GMO bagel and cream cheese along with a cup of coffee from Starbuck is good for you, when in truth is bad for your health!

It is about time that we all know the truth of our sacred symbols, and start using them to protect us against the Dark Brotherhood that are scared to death of the Pentagram, for example when it is in front of them the correct way. I wear my pentagram at all time! Protect yourself with one, or you may want to use a cross like the ones Christians use, or a crystal stone like amethyst, red coral, rose quartz, and many precious stones available everywhere. Educate yourself before buying earth stones, as many are the ones that are microwave made! No real earth stones are real if bought in jewelry stores, just saying.

We are going to point out that the Dark Brotherhood are in truth, Mason, but not the REAL MASON of the White Brotherhood that work with the light to create good for all humanity, the planet earth, and the universe. They work with the Light. Light is another name for TRUTH, as light is a carrier of Truth. Truth can never be forgotten, or hidden, as soon or later it would make its Grand appearance for what it is. Truth is what it is. Truth is all that is.

In actuality there is only one True Mason School on this planet, and it is on an undisclosed territory somewhere in Europe. However there it is a main Masonry school within Inner Earth by the country of Tibet. In case anyone is not aware, our earth is hollow and other advanced civilizations with body just like us, as well as many others with body not the same as humans live through out Inner Earth, but this will be a topic for another day. Also let us not forget our brothers, the Templar Knights that went through so much persecution with the Catholic Church, only because they honor Truth. Meaning they respect nature, all living beings, and thrive to live in peace with everyone. The Templar Knights gave in to the Catholic Church only as a mean of survival, their lives was divided, or should we say they surrendered total obedience to the Catholic Roman Mafia while within they never lost their true identity. The Templar Knights are the ones that built all those Gothic Cathedrals throughout Europe and many parts of the world. If you do your own research you’ll discover that they built these cathedrals along the lay lines of the earth! Meaning that if people went to visit these temples they would heal from any disease, and get for sure enlighten with love because of the divine high energy they hold. Many of these cathedrals still exist today.

If you know all about Alchemy, which in truth is the same as masonry (the truth masonry I am talking about), and or esoteric Astrology, you’ll understand that the power can work either way, and that is the most important thing of being in the path of doing good for yourself, others, or doing the opposite. The Dark Brotherhood are very well aware of this, and they indeed knows well how to cover their ass among each other, which is why our system, or Matrix if you will is so protected. Lawyers, judges, the corporate world, politicians, police, and military are all part of the same Dark Brotherhood agenda that conned each other for survival, wealth and destruction, all on behalf of our ignorance. They are the ones that stole worldwide the cultures, or should we say native religions of people, as well as land resources, and eventually manipulated them all to suits them only. In another way we gave our power away to others. We forgot who we are, we forgot Nature and our inherent rights, and therefore we lost power to protect our own country, community, and our own family.

The time is now to regain our power by doing our own due diligence, and kick the ass of these thugs that for much too long are being in control of our wealth, resources, common law, and all means of our basic needs.

Please take time to watch Mario Passio lecture on his video so you can understand what we are talking about here. Just make yourself a warm cup of tea, bring a notebook and pen handy, and navigate to Truth.


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