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Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of the omniverse, Mother of One, and Mother, sweet angels, of each of you. My beloved children, I welcome you, I welcome you. I welcome you home, home to my heart, but also home to Earth to this beloved planet that I have birthed, home to the place as it was intended, as the restoration continues.

And do not underestimate sweet ones how much has been accomplished and how much has been done. There is far more that has been completed than remaining. No, that does not mean that the creation will stop or that there will not be further expansion, for that would be ridiculous, and each of you, including us, would be extremely bored for we are always in creation; it is infinite and it is constant. And this is something I wish you to truly incorporate and understand into the very core of your being. Sometimes you turn to me and you say “Mother why has this or that not transpired?” And of course I am always anxious and eager and happy to respond to you. But I also want you to look at what your place and your part in the daily creation is as well. You are mature souls; in fact you are some of the oldest souls throughout the universe. It is not that you do not have the wisdom to understand because you do, you always have.

But I did not come this day to talk about self-fulfilling prophesies. I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.

What you need, dear heart, is patience and prudence, passion and action. Yes it runs the full gambit and I am eager to explain. Many of you are frustrated at times because what you see in front of you does not appear to be moving quickly enough for your liking. And certainly we understand that because very often it does not move quickly enough for our liking either. But never do we interfere to such an extent as to override human action or human will because that is part of the entire plan and the transition. It is the partnership that we are in that we do this together, angels above and angels below. So what you are doing is practicing patience and prudence. And when I say prudence I don’t mean just sitting around and waiting patiently, I mean to put yourself prudently where you belong. You say to me “Well Mother, what do you mean? This is a time of chaos and unfoldment; yes it is a time of miracles and new realities and new beginnings. But there are also those who are kicking and screaming as the old falls away and the new is reborn.” And so you do not wish to put yourself in a position unless that is your role and that is very few of you have this role; and if you have, you are with Michael constantly.

So be prudent in your choices of what you choose to do and where you choose to place your energy, who you choose to be with, how you choose to spend your time, your energy. Prudence has always been thought of as rather boring but it is really not, for it is the ultimate discernment. It is knowing the ramifications and the inner workings, the outcomes of any choice and decision. So I ask you during this time of change, during this time of Ascension, to be very prudent. Most of you are already on your way to the 5th and then through to the 7th dimension. And of course you are reaching back and you are acting as guides, as friends, as helpers for those remaining in the 3rd reality and you are helping them through the doorway. But be prudent in where you position yourself as you reach back into the 3rd and make sure my beloved children that you are not being pulled back into the 3rd. It is not where you belong and it is not where you work most effectively from. It is not your place of joy any longer. Now also let me be very clear at the same time, you can not do this Ascension work until you have made peace with the 3rd.

This is not an escape plan child. This is making peace with the beauty of the 3rd dimension, with everything it has to offer, of embracing it, of thanking it, of patiently letting go and then moving forward. And as you move forward we want you, we ask you, we encourage you, we beg you, be absolutely in your passion. Yes this incorporates Love, Light, Joy, enthusiasm. Do and be your passion.

We have talked a lot about taking action, meaningful action, prudent action, and you say to me “Well Mother, what do you mean by this and how do I know which action should I take? There are so many choices in this wonderful, diverse Gaia.” What I ask of thee is to take the actions that you are passionate about, that excite you, that turn your fire up, that makes you smile and laugh and excited to be alive because this is not about dying, this is not about leaving. This is about living as you were intended, angels in form, having the Joy of physicality, knowing Love in physicality. So if you are not passionate about what you are doing, then I would ask you “What are you doing and why are you wasting your time doing it?” Do not tell me because it is because I have to pay the rent Mother. That is an old excuse and it is of the old paradigm because you are mighty creators. You are in partnership not only with us, with the entire Council, with Sanat Kumara, with Yehweh; you have been given the keys to the Warehouse of Heaven. So it is time for you to be creating situations with us that you are passionate about, that make you feel like you want to live forever, that you could run forever, that put a smile on your face every morning just thinking about it. Now I’m not saying that there are not moments or days when you feel sad, when there are situations that you look at that make you unhappy. But by and large if you are living your passion, if you are taking actions according to the passion of your heart, then you are living your journey and your life.

And this is essential not only for your Ascension but for the Ascension of the collective. It is throwing away, erasing, eliminating, using Michael’s sword and shield, or whatever you wish, the Violet Flame is always handy, to eliminate what you think or believe or know does not work in your life because you are not bringing that forward. So you are being prudent about what you are packing and what you are taking along on this next adventure. And be reassured in the higher dimensions, there is no room for death or destruction or disease or lack or limitation. You can not apply what you have known as the jaundiced rules of the 3rd reality, of the 3rd dimension, to any other dimension because it has been sullied by the human construction of illusion and what we call delusion.

So these are the watch words for the coming year; patience, prudence, passion, action. If you do not know, if you are not sure which way to turn, turn directly to me, I will help you. That is my greatest Joy; that is my passion. Yes I am prudent not to interfere, but dear heart, the unfoldment of the plan is at hand. So when we say to be patient we do not mean to be inert. It is to be wise and observing of what is transpiring around you and not to move precipitously, to not go to anger or frustration precipitously. You are assisted like never before. So the action means just that; it does not mean staying in your cave, in your home, in your sacred space 24/7. You must mingle amongst the people and take the risk to express what you know to be true, to share the Light in your way, not in mine, but in your way and in ways that are prudent enough that people hear you.

We have enormous faith, confidence, trust, belief in you. That is why we are in partnership, that is why we have been in partnership forever. Let us proceed with great Joy, with passion. Continue the work you do with our beloved Archangel Michael, continue your Sunday night Peace Meditations, they are having profound effect. Continue to work with individuals in the financial or political arenas. Continue to send the messages of connection to your Star brothers and sisters; continue to visit them onboard ship. Continue bravely and courageously and know that we are with you, all of my legions; all of my realms are with you. Go in peace and go with my Love. Farewell.

~Channeled by Linda Dillon 01-07-2012 this posting

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