Moving Forward: Another Symbolic Act from Our Queen Romana

9439B4A4-5819-4A26-B73E-4131F1718816On Friday, March 4th  of 2022, our benevolent Queen Romana from the Kingdom of Canada, performed a ceremony at one of the most remote places on earth. In order getting to this place, the Queen and awesome team had to take a ferry.

The name of this place where the Queen held the sacred ceremony, is at St. John’s Beach, in Newfoundland. Newfoundland and Labrador is the name of a province in Canada, which capital is St. John. St. John is beautiful due most for the colorful houses and building throughout the City. And further, this province is smack right in the North Atlantic Ocean. And far away across this province is nothing more than Europe. And it is very Cold!

The Queen, as some already are aware of, has been traveling all throughout Canada by a convoy of RVs since the month of February. She has been meeting people at different cities all throughout her traveling+ and delivering the good news that she is the Commander in- Chief of the Kingdom of Canada. And the Canadians people are going crazy about her! Some are still in shock thinking that the New Queen has been the one that liberated them from the corporal+ and tyrannical government that all these years has been disguising as The People Government.

The Queen is very allergic to politics, therefore she fired all the minions via Gitmo for their actions; crimes against the people. She actually dissolved all political parties.= GONE forever. We have written about this subject extensively.


And the Queen performed her sacred ceremony during a below zero temperature,+ and snowing, and bare foot! During the ceremony, she entered the waters far as she could, and then collected water from the feisty Atlantic in a jar. Further, and with the help from some people, they planted/ lifted the New Kingdom of Canada Purple Flag.= The freedom flag; the people’s flag.

The ceremony served as a symbol in uniting the North Atlantic with the East, and or the North Pacific Ocean; and or uniting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean for a better clarity symbolically.

This is very symbolic, as the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are the biggest oceans that covers almost the entire planet. Critical thinking anyone?

And in the future, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will read about this historic day.


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And the timing for this symbolic act is just perfect according to numerology, astrology, and energetically. March is the month of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign that ends an astrological year; and it is the first sign that starts another astrological year. Pisces is the beginning and the end.= the Alpha and the Omega. Pisces is actually life itself. It is no coincidence that the word March means, moving forward. For Pisces, moving forward means moving forward with the New; a new astrological year; renewal of the creation. It also means, regeneration, evolution after devolution.

Does anyone know who well-known figure is associated with Pisces? More about this subject later.

Queen Romana is aware of when the universal energies are at her favor and for our humanity. And this is for everyone be aware of as well. Anyways, this is the time for everyone envisioned what kind of New Year we wish to have; what kind of life we wish for everyone, for the creation, for our planet!

Our intentions leads to manifestation within the physical realm. With all being said, let us all make our intentions be for the betterment for all during these divine times that are upon us, and especially the month of March.

And be prepared, the Queen does have tons of surprises for everyone, not just in Canada. And guess what? The Queen is traveling the United States starting this month! We are so excited, we can hardly wait!

When she starts traveling throughout the United States, we are going to have much too much to talk about and to celebrate!

blissing for our Queen and her awesome team. We. Love. You. The United States is waiting for you full of joy!

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