Must Go On

I remember a friend of mine telling me a long time ago, “It is not the trip that counts, it’s getting there.” That has been for ever in my mind. Truly, it does makes lot of sense, and I use that as an example in every thing that I do every day.

Let us take such as, the task of moving from one place to another. We know that moving is one of the hardest tasks to do, and I do not like it at all. In fact, I only moved a couple of times in my entire life, while most of my family and friends tends to do this every couple of years! I strongly believe that if one is not happy in one place, chances are one is not going to be happy anywhere else. I see this happening all the time among people.

I stayed in a neighborhood for twenty-five years, believe it or not. The entire business community knew me very well. We all had this sense of “togetherness.” in fact when I used to go to my favorite restaurant, before I was even seated, the food was already on the table! and it didn’t matter if I paid now or next time around, like  many instances when I forgot my credit card, or something. The same scenario happened many times with the gas station I put gas in my car, and my hair dresser, just to name a few! They all knew me, and there it was no need to create an issue whether I had money or not.

Now, I do understand that there are circumstances where one must move, other wise it’s nothing but an unnecessary headache.

Applying the above principle, at least to me, has been highly rewarding because it helps me to focus in what I am doing now, not in what I will need be doing next. Let us reflect here. The word NEXT is simply an illusion. We have to think that to get there, the NOW has to BE!  BE and NOW are both the same. NOW we are moving, meaning, let’s take a ride and do the best we can without getting upset, curse anyone, break the furniture, etc. Doing the task is the trip itself, and here is where the fun is, not the idea of getting from here to there.

With this in mind, we learn to slow down ourselves. We learn to “reflect” around our surroundings and the people around us. Deeper than that, we begin to see ourselves differently. For example, suddenly you realize that your spouse is the most wonderful person in the world, and sadly it’s been a long time since you haven’t said that to him, or her. You wonder how much of an idiot you have been! You wonder why complicate life so much.

We must go on with our lives vividly and from instant to instant, realizing that we are the trip and the task altogether, or better said as I read someone say, the dance and the dancer are all one.

Today, and from this very minute, let us change our attitude. Our way of thinking so we can grow ourselves within. Within the mountains of ignorance that for hundreds and hundreds of years are still within ourselves blocking all the beautiful qualities that we posses, so we can all make a difference to one another, and ultimately to our most precious jewel, our family.

Peace for all humanity.

~LFabre this posting

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