My Daily Invocation

My daily dialogue begins with this simple invocation. I feel connected, grounded and ready to start my day. It’s a work in progress, as I evolve my invocation evolves. I view it as a “good morning to the cosmos” statement, and it seems to signal my intentions and readiness to recieve and begin work on my path. Usually, before I’m even finished with this invocation, I begin to hear messages from my Angels and Guides. I Love these conversations and am truly grateful for all the Divine assistance I receive.

My wish is that you use this as a springboard to develop your own invocation, and that you also experience an exponential growth in understanding your own Divine powers~

All my Love, Boo Walker

I joyfully celebrate my life with Motherfather God, my dearest Gaia, all my beloved Star Family, Angels, and Guides, as well as my precious human family. There is no separation between us.

My consciousness is yours because there is but One Consciousness.
I am learning the role of a Master Being of Light -as a keeper of Light.  One shining being merging with others.  I gather that Light down from the heavens from Motherfather God into my crystalline body.
Adding all my Love, I assist in transmuting my pain and mis-creations which in turn has the potential to lift alll others to experiencing the Heart and Mind of Motherfather God.
Bathed in Divine Light, I will try my very best to remain in the highest frequency possible, leaving negative emotions and thoughts far below in the 3D.
Each and every moment of happiness, of smiling, of being peaceful and content, is one more layer of light that is flowing through me towards a goal of light for all.
As I ground myself deeply into the Love and heart of Gaia, I raise my sword of truth and shield of protection from the daily chaos.  With each step I take, I bless the earth, the air, the fire, and the water.
I remember that Gaia is much more than just a planet in the cosmos; She has a conscious mind and soul, just like mine -and we are One!
Firmly grounded to Her, my soul is free to explore the mysteries within the Divine Light.
Whom am I?
My true identity is one of light, love, service, cooperation, laughter, and radiance.
I AM a Twin Flame of Divine Love,
I AM compassion and insightfulness,
I AM healing and balance,
I AM everything and nothing,
This Divine embodiment is All That I AM

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