Part of Disclosure

Part of Disclosure

Take time to listen to these videos from our very own journalist, Kerry Cassidy interviewing a very important person that is/has been in connection working with the Space Program almost all of his life. Mister William Tompkins is right on facts, and according to all our own research. Thank you Kerry, and thank you Mister Tompkins for your incredible assistant to inform humanity of the truth/facts that have been hidden from us. We also want to inform everyone, and this is NOT to bring any fear, that the child trafficking is very real, and very deceiving, and when we say deceiving we can, for example point to Disneyland/world that it is/are in mayor countries like the United States, japan, and India, where thousands of children vanish each year. This we do not hear on the news since the news system, and Disneyland/world are all connected, and working committing these crimes to our children. However, fear NOT, as far as we are concerned much has been done to destroy these entities. For now we advice to you to hold on to your children; do not vaccinate them, and if possible consider home schooling. And as far as adults, do not take any vaccinations if possible, including Flu shots!

It is all of us together that can once since for all finish this insanity. United we stand, and in the frequency of love defeating these entities that have kept us all under their slavery of control, and genocide. We must wake up from the illusion and take control of our destiny as a humanity, and the destiny of our planet and its resources that are vital for us to survive, and this can only be achieved by us all consciously BE united as one to meet the goals of peace, harmony, and abundance for everyone equally, and for all living systems of our planet earth.

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