Play to the Beat of your Own Drum: New Moon

This New Moon on February 9-10, 2024 is signaling us a very potent message for us take note of. However, before we continue let us send a message for those that are oppose spreading the knowledge of astrology. And more so speaking about the New and Full moon in general on a monthly basis, and according Vedic Astrology.

First of all, the luminaries, as are the Sun and the Moon, not only gives us life but as well and continuously are giving and or are signaling us, and or are warning us the best or worse path for us take note of. This as well goes in connection with the planets positions,+ and the stars. This is so, due the fact that as we all know, all is energy. And the energies from the planets; from the luminaries,+ and from the stars affect our reality whether you believe this or not. And furthermore, astrology, that comes from Astronomy is the real science. Is the real religion.

But why is the real religion? Because astrology is the body composition for the Holy Heavenly Man. Of the astrological Man that connects us to our material world and as well to our physical body. This would be a subject for more in depth for another day. However, in the old days when a child was born, the first thing parents did was taking the child to an astrologer so it could look at his or her astrological birth chart according the minute, hour, day, date, month, and country, that child was born. An astrologer in the old days was a respected spiritual master that knew universal laws- that knew all about the flow of good and dangerous energy accordingly and thus when the astrologer read the birth chart of a child, it was for the parents secure this in a safe place so later on this was giving to the child when he was old enough for his own guidance whether he or she paid attention to it or not.

I call this a birth certificate. And in case you are not aware of, we are in space living within a huge Dome or Home where we cannot escape. This dome is call Earth and or Shekinah and or Gaia. This is our home. This is our astrological home.

Also, and I know many are going Be shock. But if there was a fine astrologer in history, that person and or man and or celestial Being, was Jesus, or whatever other names we know him as. Jesus taught the science of the Sun= astrology. Further, all holy scriptures are based solemnly on astrology,+ and physiology+ and spiritual initiation(s).+ and guidance. Personal guidance. And the Bible is spot on. In fact, when we are in depth knowing astrology, and if we were to read a passage from the Bible, we immediately know the meaning of it without prejudice.

All spiritual texts includes those from ancient India, Hebrew; Aramaic, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, etc. It never has been about certain class of people and or family lineage but it has been about certain civilization according the astrological age and time. And within these texts there are many gods, not just one, although there has always been a Prime Creator. And or a Primordial master human race where all other races comes from.

And moving on, this New Moon is indeed a potent New Moon due the fact that Pluto is in Leo at 28 degree, opposite to the Moon, Sun, and Mars that are in Capricorn at 26 degree, 29 minutes. And we all know that Pluto stands for change; transformation. And Leo that is a fire sign stands for kingdom; leadership, royalty, King; Queen. And we all know that Mars exalt in Capricorn which means that the feisty Martian energy along with Pluto energy; this New Moon would be intense! Further, Capricorn that is an earth sign stands for structures, authority; government, practicality, discipline, focus, strict responsibility, and progress at a slow manner. It stands for career; career change, and as well it stands for karmic kickbacks.

Further, and really important is the fact that this New Moon sits within the Star Dhanishtha. This star is rule by Mars, and it is a star that is intense. And the theme for this star is change; new beginning. It stands for life. It stands for joy. So potent is this star that it creates something out of nothing. We wholeheartedly can say, that this New Moon is a Fortunate New Moon. Fortunate because the deity or deities for star Dhanishtha are the Eight Vasus. And do you know who are the Eight Vasus? They are the four elements,= Fire, Earth, Air, Water,+ Sun, Moon, Space, and the Stars! The Eight Vasus constitute Nature Itself. And do you know what sign is across from Capricorn? Cancer, that is ruled by the Moon herself. Enough said.

Dhanishtha say, “Play to the Beat of your Own Drum.” Meaning that no matter the situation we find ourselves in- sad or joyful. And or how much wealth and or how much material possessions we may have. And or how much excellent relationships we may have. At the end of the day we find ourselves only with our very own SELF. Which by the way, the symbol for this star is a drum! This means that within ourselves- within that hollow territory within ourselves, is where we can play the beat of our own drum. Is where we can feel our heart and our spirit feels safe and free. It is where that female, and or male energy can flow freely without fear.

We have to play the beat of our own drum. Not be play by other people. We have to play our own music. We have to play our own tune. We have to play the sound of our own freedom.

We have to embody our own uniqueness. We have to embody our own virtue. We have to embody our own passion. We have to embody our own greatness.

The sky is the limit. You are so powerful!

Brace yourselves, as greatness is upon us. Make sure you help those that need assistance during these changing times, if you can. And remember, Discernment. Courage. Protection. Prosperity. Health. Family. Unity. Prayers. Bliss. Joy. Wisdom.

Our intentions are for the energies from this New Moon Be transformative.+ and transparent. Transformation,+ and transparency for the greatest good.

So be it

Heart. Heart. Heart.

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