Pride Month Fuckery


This is a great day to remind the degenerated, slime parasitic society call 2LGBTQIA Be CEASE and DESIST.

The American people, and or the entire world is fed up with the deception and demoralization of moral values; indirect+ and direct false misrepresentation of so call government agencies, and or group, and or so call good Samaritan, teachers in schools, and clergies, etc., etc., that are knowingly brainwashing our children they become the opposite gender of what they are born with, and or get involve in sexual practices; abuse with members of this society, and or perhaps child kidnaping; pedophilia, etc., etc.

In case you are not aware of, 2LGBTQIA stands for : = Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and, Any other way someone identifies.

These parasites disguise themselves as charming, good looking, intelligent, kind, professionals; giving, funny, and, entertaining. And they knowingly have written children books that subliminally navigate the children to this society. In fact, they have also crafted toys as that of vaginas, penis, female breasts; nude figures of male+ and females bodies, liquors bottles, drugs emblems, and designers clothes, and etc., etc., that they put on display where children can look at them, specially in schools, and libraries, and or specialty stores; their specialty stores.

Parents have got to wake up; be on the alert from all corners of the spectrum, as they say, and once and for all speak up, and hold these parasites accountable for their actions; for their malice against our children, and against our moral values, and against the common good of our society, even if we have to close down the entire schools system, and or any other places that these immoralities are being practice. Further, arrest them and proceed accordingly with jail time, and or jail for life. Let them celebrate their own demoralization once and for all.

To these whores we say, stop! Your own sexual orientation is your own responsibility; your own problem; your own privacy. No other individual should be conned into your own perversion, into your own evil doings, let along our precious children.

From the bottom of our hearts to the depths of our souls. Always and eternally. Screw you. be gone!😝👹👺

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