Former esquire, David Weprin, involved in commercial war crimes with the ramirez family by committing crimes of willful identity theft, money laundering,  extortion, subjugation, violation, invasion, deed fraud, and treason. HIS counterpart are showing below, and all members of the former BAR.

WE HOLD that the American People have God given unalienable rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence which are reserved exclusively in the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, no government, or anyone have any authority to remove, restrict or infringe any of those rights. The Republic is not part of the unlawfully chartered, and now dissolved UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and municipal Corporation, its former agents (esquires/attorneys, or any of its sub-corporations, either directly or indirectly. This includes any of its political parties.


FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, ET, AL, et, al, all rights reserve, and without prejudice. I am One of the people created by the Creator, domicil in my own body and mind, a bondservant to the Creator; My mind and body currently domicil by choice on the various locations of the Earth; My principal of law is knowingly, willingly and intentionally aligned with common law, protected under the Constitution FOR The United States of America, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 1, governed and insured by public policy UCC 1-103. Unlawful Chartered municipal corporations such as, “STATE OF… CITY OF…, CORPORATE PRIVATE COURT OF…, PRIVATE ENTITIES OF LLC/LLP/INC, CORPORATION OF…, BANK OF…, TITLE COMPANY OF…, BAR members/PRIVATE AGENTS OF…, need not to apply, deny, or grant.

WE the ramirez family are bringing to your attention some serious crimes committed in your community by common criminals that disguised as public servants of the people and or the Ramirez family by committing commercial war crimes willingly, and intentionally of willful identity theft, violation of public peace, violation of public trust, contempt of public law policies of “public law”, contempt of the Constitution FOR the United States of America, foreclosure rescued scam, racketeering, barratry, black magic tricks, extortion; organized crimes/association de malechores/mafia, that pretends not knowing any law in order to make a living with the misfortune of others. Looking to see where their next victim would be, and infringing their lives. In fact, they know well our house is paid off, and this is why they are intending to steal it because this is the only way they can feed their families, and please their inflated ego. IN fact, they have been giving many times over notice of Released of any Assumption that any STATE OF…, CITY OF…, former BAR members ever represented us. DO you know the first word on the word Assumption, “Ass?” And it is no coincidence because we happen to know your fraud in the Foreclosure scam to the American people, and Furthermore, you are in VIOLATION OF YOUR VERY OWN CORPORATE STATUTE OF LIMITATION, that states, that if after five years of filing a case you haven’t steal the property, then after, you cannot do it. For a fact it has been ten years since CASE# 24890/2007 was filed; and you are still hammering on it.

YOU have no legal, lawful, expressed consent, and authority to have the audacity to sell/invade/violate our property, and our private lives. Your crimes are of the highest form, and for this you can expend years in prison or death penalty pursuant to the constitution For the United States of America, and pursuant to U.S.Title 18 & 1341, & 1342 that call for 20 years in prison, a fined or both, or death penalty to anyone that is harming the lives, and or taking the lawful rights of any American citizen; uses fictitious names, solicitation, pretentious title of authority, conspiracy against rights, and deprivation of rights under color of law; and pursuant to U.S. Code & 1951 (a) Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title, a million dollar, or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.(b) As used in this section—(1) The term “robbery” means the unlawful taking or obtaining of personal property from the person or in the presence of another, against his will, by means of actual or threatened force, or violence, or fear of injury, immediate or future, to his person or property, or property in his custody or possession, or the person or property of a relative or member of his family or of anyone in his company at the time of the taking or obtaining. (2) The term “extortion” means the obtaining of private property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right, or pretentious representation…Such as the crimes that the former BAR, and the defunct private Corporate Courtroom system are inflicting to our people. Furthermore, and as fact by the universal law set by the OPPT, By Military ORDER… “To arrests and take into custody any and all certain states body, their agents, officers, and other actors, regardless of domicil by choice, owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money system, issuing, collecting, legal enforcement system; operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS against the several states citizens…, to immediately repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems operating slavery system…, shoot them. Closed their offices…, pursuant to Commercial Bill of UCC Doc. No. 2012114586, and True Bill of UCC No. 2012114776″, as commanded by national and international law.

NAVIGATE the links below for you to verify the facts that with all due process are all on the records for years, and lawfully terminated with NOTICE that any further actions would have no ramifications without prejudice.  SEE HERE:

WE are asking for your protecting intervention as a public servant that you are of the Republic FOR the United States of America, as we know for a fact that you are aware of what it is transpiring in our country, and around the world, which includes the dismantling of the unlawful corporate world that have caused much harm to our people. WE the ramirez family have made very clear to these outlaw that I AM/We govern ourselves, and our property of 149-39 83rd Street in Howard Beach New York is ours since the day we/I signed the NOTE, and whatever true loan or false loan there was, has been paid through variety of venues, inclusive from our very own privates accounts that in fact we do not need to display this onto the public, as I am/we do business in our private capacity, thus we do not need infringements, and our choices must be honor, without prejudice. Documentations are on the records to be verify. Private entities such as former (former because all esquires/attorneys from the municipal corporations have been disbarred since 2012, and last chance for them to leave the field was on September 1rst of 2016), and or anyone practicing slavery to the American people, by new universal laws/decrees, can be arrested/kill. However, we no not want to harm anyone, which is why we have been bringing awareness since 2012 to all. READ here:

WE have Made very clear to these entities, that private entity FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ is just what it is: Private. AND I have not giving the authority to the said criminals to use that private entity/commercial entity against its owner and its own private property. FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ in whatever way it is written, IS my transmitting utility/private debtor(s) that ONLY its owner, Fe Esperanza Ramirez, ET, AL, et, al, with all right reserve  have the authority to do commercial transaction with/pay its own debts authorized with her very own wet-ink pen signature, and or a mutual contract between two people. And in fact I/we have made very clear to private CITY OF NEW YORK/STATE OF NEW YORK that I/we have nothing to do with them/Acris, as I am private, I repeat, thus any discrepancy of any unauthorized DEED filed at the CITY REGISTRY/ACRIS is instantly nulled and void, as it has been published on the records.

ACRIS is a private Corporation that has been dismantled along with their users, esquires and attorneys. It has been  exclusive for their criminal’s gang, in fact we have tried to records in their system and have been denied every time do to the nature of our documentations, inclusive in their former corporate private courtroom system doing the same thing!THE facts are that no New York’s resident needs/have to go to private Acris Registry to records anything…, all has been a scam by the municipal corporations that decide to call themselves government of the people. Actually a contract is between two people, not between a corporation, and furthermore, to put anything on the records, one can use a public board anywhere in town, staple it, and leave there for a few weeks; and it is done public! MOREOVER, with the facility of websites every where, who needs former Acris? THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS, and the law is the law that must be honor by all. FURTHERMORE, the property that the criminals are trying to steal, has been sold a long time ago, pursuant to common law, protected under common law, and pursuant to public law policies of “public records” as fact:

The Criminals sent us ten days before recording the unlawful and unauthorized DEED at the former CITY REGISTRY for us to see it… the facts are that we sent their garbage back three days after it came to our home, NULLED AND VOID, notarized, and sealed, and without prejudice to get into their hands next day, along with a public order of arrests, which we, as public servants can execute (public servants are the people manifesting these documentations for the defenseless Ramirez family with all power of their consent, and their protection).

WE ALSO sent to Gabriela’s REALTY, LLC/JOHN DOE/ Venny Pepa/ Vlash Pepa, David Ira Weprin, and The boys from long island, Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel/Ronald Howard, PC Address: 100 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530. Telephone: 516) 222-6200; and Brian Goldberg at: 79-37 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385. Phone: 718-417-1700, a fined of $1.5 million each, pay immediately to us for their commercial crimes committed, and pursuant to Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution For the United States of America, and U.S. Code & 1951 or both thereof. THIS does not include previous fines that adds up to millions to the Boys from Long island, and former Countrywide Home Loans INC. Furthermore, our property has a commercial lien of $5.5 million on it, and anyone that wish to buy this property (which under any circumstances it is for sale), they would have to pay off that pending lien first. SEE here:, inclusive of $5.5 million dollars lien to the NAME of FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, ET AL, et al… for anyone using those NAMES without consent. SEE here:, See also here:

FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, ET AL…, et al…, and with all rights reserve, and the owners of property of 149-39 83rd street howard beach, new york/149-39 83rd Street, Howard Beach New York/149-39 83rd STREET HOWARD BEACH NEW YORK, ET AL/Et Al/et al; BLOCK/Block/block; LOT/Lot/lot, in BOROUGH/Borough/borough; QUEENS/Queens/queens, DECLARED and AFFIRM that the unauthorized DEED with dates of, 11/03/16; 10/27/16, and recorded on 11/10/16, and with ID: 2016110300112001/2016110300112001001EA12C(see exhibit A), and from former PRESENTER AND NOT APPLICABLE: FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE at 1415 KELLUM PL. STE 202-KM *** PICK UP BY SUPERIOR DATA*** TITLE # 75120, GARDEN CITY, NY 11530, ET AL/Et Al/et al. Telephone 516-741 5050. AT, ET AL/Et Al/et al; and with return address to former, and NOT APPLICABLE, BERKMAN, HENOCK, PETERSON, PEDDY &FENCHEL, 100 GARDEN CITY PLAZA 3RD FLOOR GARDEN CYTY, NY 11530, ET AL/Et AL/et al; AND with illegal, unlawful, unauthorized, and NOT APPLICABLE GRANTOR/Grantor/grantor/SELLER/Seller/seller DAVID WEPRIN/David Weprin/david weprin, AS REFEREE, Et Al/et al, 86-22 PALERMO STREET HOLLISWOOD, NY 11423, Et Al/et al; with illegal and unlawful, and NOT APPLICABLE, GRANTEE, Et Al/et al/BUYER, Et Al/et al, GABRIELA’S REALTY LLC, Et Al/et al, at 138-39 78th AVENUE FLUSHING, NY 11367, Et Al/et al, and with illegal, unlawful, and NOT APPLICABLE, File No.(CRFN, in liber fraud): 2016000396081/2006000031991, filed on 11/10/16 on the CITY REGISTRY, Et Al/et al, and with NOT APPLICABLE signature of Anneth M Hill, is NULLED AND VOID immediately as of this date of 10/27/16, pursuant to the FACTS THAT ANY PREVIOUS DEED RECORDED AT FORMER ACRIS OF NEW YORK with the NAME OF FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, ET AL…, and fabricated MRS RAMIREZ has been since 2012 CANCELLED, and published HERE: THUS, with this being said any documentation fabricated by former corporate agents, using a case number that has been dissolved since 2007/2009, and being over the limit of their own corporate statute of limitation, and without the delegated authority of owner of property, is/would be invalid, and without prejudice. WE govern ourselves, our lives, and our property, and when I/we said NO to any subject, it must be honor.


Anything done with fraud, never happened.

One cannot transfer to another a right which he has not.

Truth, as a valid statement of reality, is sovereign in commerce.

Right and fraud never go together.



IF BY ANY CHANCE GABRIELA’S REALTY, LLC.,  have taking the audacity to manipulate of changing the water BILL of our private property to their name(s), this must be stopped immediately by the perpetrators, and the city, without prejudice, and a fine of $1.5 million dollars would apply to the water department, and the City Registry as well. FURHERMORE, doubling the fines to GABRIELA’S REALTY, LLC/Vlash Pepa/Vinny Pepa to $3.5 million. BE INFORMED that this will escalate against you/them to the fullest extent of the law. BE also informed that his documentation has reached the cosmos, and the highest authority of this Republic for the United States of America.

STOP. STOP. STOP YOUR Unauthorized ACTIONS against our property and our lives immediately. WE are more than disgusted, and sick to our health interacting with tyrants like yourselves dishonoring the law, and with deception practicing commercial fraud, and pretending being innocent victims when knowingly and intentionally you are being warmongers, and disgusting perjurers that have no moral values. IF YOU DO NOT honor the law, it is obvious that we do not have to honor your actions.

THE LOCAL SHERIFF OF Queens County HAS BEEN INFORMED OF THESE ACTIVITIES from local criminals, and private Marshals. We appreciate your duty of serving your people for the greatest good of all. Sending much essence of loving light to your entire department. This present has been published worldwide here: , and sent to all counterpart via expressed mail to their respective addresses. See Mailing List. See COPY of AFFIDAVID OF INDEBTEDNESS that EACH party must pay immediately, pursuant to commercial liability, accountability, and responsibility of their committed crimes, inclusive of commercial lien, and for our time. Our time is never prorated.



WE HOLD that the American People have God given unalienable rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence which are reserved exclusively in the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, no government has any authority to remove, restrict or infringe any of those rights. The Republic is not part of the unlawfully chartered, and now dissolved UNITED STATES/INC municipal Corporation, its former agents (esquires/attorneys, or any of its sub-corporations, either directly or indirectly. This includes any of its political parties.

ABSENT our knowing, willing and intentional express consent, you are ordered to cease and desist from committing trespass on our domicil of mind and body, our mind and body domicil by choice, our private land and our property, inclusive of any and all direct or indirect contact.

SWORN as true and correct, executed on this 2OTH day of November, 2016 with all rights reserved including the rights to make final determination of all definitions and intent stated herein, without prejudice, public policy UCC 1-308.

/s/ramona-lucia-maria-mercedes-jazmin-fe-antonio of the reinoso fabre mendoza maysonet ramirez family, owners of property at address of 149-39 83rd Street, Howard Beach New York 11414 with all Rights Reserved, UCC 1-103, and UCC 1-308 of public law policies of public law, and the Constitution For the United States of America.___________________________________________________

/s/ FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, ET AL…, et al…, Fe Esperanza Ramirez__________________________________

(Authorized Representative, all rights reserve)

address 149-39 83rd Street, Howard beach New York[11414]



  • Brian Goldberg at: 79-37 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385. Phone: 718-417-1700
  • Vinnys Realty at: 79-37 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385. Phone: 718-417-1700
  • Steven J. Peddy: Berkman Henock Peterson Peddy and fenchel PC 100 Garden City Plaza New York 11530
  • Judge Jeremy S Weinstein: at Supreme Court, Queens County 88-11 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11435
  • Audrey I. Pheffer: 88-11 Sutphin Blvd., Room 105, Jamaica, NewYork 11435.
  • Gabriela’s Realty LLC/Vlash Pepa at 138-39 78th Avenue, Flushing, New York 11367
  • Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere, LLC at 97-77 Queens Boulevard, Suite 620, Rego Park New York 11374. Telephone (718) 549-6000
  • JohnDoe/Vinny Pepa/David Weprin/any former esquire/attorney at 1983 Marcus Avenue, Suite C 127 Lake Success, New York 11042
  • David Weprin at: 185-06 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, New York 11366
  • Sheriff Edgar Domenec at 144-06 94th Avenue, Jamaica, New York 11435

Date of 11/20/ 2016

NOTE: This presentment might had been updated, and it may not be reflected as the original document sent to all perpetrators, however, it is within the same frame of truth, and transparency so the people can have a better understanding of the fraud committed against them by private entity that presentent to be government.





Sherriff Edgar Domenec of Queens County New York, Thank you for your services to the community.




Below, Steven J. Peddy: Berkman Henock Peterson Peddy and fenchel PC 100 Garden City Plaza New York 11530, all involved in commercial crimes against the ramirez family, along with Gabriela’s Real State LLC/Vinny Pepa/ Vlash Pepa; and Brian Goldberg(see mailing list).




Steven J. Peddy










Below, documents sent to all perpetrators after they registered the illegal, unlawful, and without consent DEED in their private CORPORATE CITY OF NEW YORK REGISTRAR/ACRIS. THIS DEED, and all other documentations related to it are all Nulled. Cease and Desist. Cancelled. We do not associate with private city criminals disguising  as government. ALL cancelled documentations were sent to THEIR CORPORATE NEW YORK CITY REGISTRAR in MANHATTAN, AND QUEENS, and not Manhattan or Queens.




























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