Rebooting with Lunar Eclipse






Our planet earth is being rebooting with new lights codes that would change everything, inclusive our own DNA! Not too worry, all is for the best! For now pray, pray with love centering within our hearts that all these changes are for the greatest good.

Deep Breathe. Spend this day: weekend [always] out in nature. Navigate the energy of love… Turn the cell phone off [on airplane mode].

Remember that we are the seeds that are bringing everything for manifesting!

Think abundance of our daily needs for all humanity. The care+ responsibility for taking care for our youth: our children: for all the creation.

Think harmony. Think courage. Think vigilance. Think responsibility+ accountability. Think us all being responsible custodians for our beautiful planet earth.

Keep in mind that your eating habits might change, like for example if you eat meat, suddenly you do not want to eat it, etc., etc.









Get your dancing shoes ready because we are on the road for having Fun. Fun. Fun!

<love for all>

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~ the people

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