Reinstatment Into Universal Circuitry~ Metatron






Galactic Love Reporter Michael Xavier for the Universal Service of Light 

Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly

I AM Metatron

There is a vast celestial inter-working now unfolding on your sphere – and in this knowingness as the energy and vibrations are increased – many of you will begin to experience higher states of consciousness and higher frequencies in your daily lives.


For the many that have given their power away – that have succumb to the collective consciousness of corruption that has run so prevalent in the many societies in the world – many of these ones are coming to a new state of realization – A higher state of self identification – A state of higher elevation in limitless thinking.


Dreaming such as the human mind does when it surrenders its consciousness to sleep is a potential of the reality of life and it’s never ending possibilities within your conscious waking life.

Many in the world are waking up from a nightmare like scenario of being separate and cutoff from love. This is allowing many to remember what it is to be a true family and come home to the life giving energies of the cosmos and universe.

In shifting to higher dimensions it is imperative to remember to hold the thought forms of love and light as these things will begin to manifest around you.

So to if you are in fear and confusion these things will manifest and not allow you to move forward into higher states of thinking and knowingness.


Set these things aside from you, and if you have trouble releasing your fear and confusion, simply recognize that you are holding this erroneous thinking and in accordance with your free will – call upon the Archangels to help you release these things to light and spirit.

Remember to refill your cup with light after releasing these things and truly you will recognize a slow by assured shift in your thinking.

Faith is what drives these things – it makes potentials – actualities.

Have faith, be strong and courageous in these integrating times.

Many of you are still on your journey to higher understanding of universe principles and universal understanding.


As you go through the experience of learning and living and integrating spiritual life with physical life – you will begin to realize that physical life in the third dimension is truly the illusion and it is wrought with limitation in its current collective state.

As more and more of you come to higher elevated states of awareness and understanding of yourselves of your potentials of the connectivity to the universe and the currents therein, the more and more will attract more and more.

Circuits are being built in higher dimensions that are making it possible to hear this information. You are able to receive this because of your willingness and intention to receive without judgment or limitation.

All of you are building the awareness of this integrating energy, even if unknowingly.

Many spiritual currents have been opened for your perusal – for your scanning hearts – minds and intentions to receive a greater level of understanding from the cosmos.


There has been some speculation and differing opinions on what my role is in this most important time in the reinstatement of the universe circuitry in your once darkened planet.

Reinstatement in universe circuitry happens slowly and in time. For new ones being reinstated, as the system circuits are reopened, these ones will bring to light a more magnified role of the understanding of integrating light and vibration in these changing times.


Each one of you simply by hearing this information is acting as a conduit of awareness – thus your awareness acts as a beacon of awareness for those around you, and as your souls and your spirits are immersed in this vibration they will so to become elevated in a state of conscious awareness that will bring many to an eventual state of higher consciousness.


I will be a stepping stone to the universe currents for many of you.

I am a liaison force director of higher consciousness – to reach me you are reaching the gateway to higher dimensional thinking and awareness and I am simply acting as a guide and purifier of thought and understanding of cosmic awareness.

Outward recognition does not have a place in the cosmos in the ethers in higher elevated consciousness.

When you reach higher and higher into these levels of dimensional thinking and awareness you will eventually and in time come to realize that we are all one – we are all connected – we are not separate.


As easily as a drop of dye in clear water when stirred becomes an intrinsic part of that water – so too you as a drop in the ethers or cosmos will be stirred to become an integral part.

You will color it with your own experiences as your merge into the supreme akashic records.

Thank you for receiving me as I Metatron will be looking forward to connecting to each and every one of you on a personal level – in your personal stillness – in your personal meditation – for truly this is where understanding comes from – from within.


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