Reintegration of our Earth in the Galactic Federation of Planets

An important aspect of the transition of the Pisces age to the Aquarius age is the connection with extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrial civilisations and groups, like the Ashtar Command and the Arcturians, have always been very concerned with the development of the Earth. This is not new, this has always been. Our solarsystem is one of the thousands of solarsystems with life in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of the many with life in the universe. Many lifeforms are different than we, but are all an expression of God, all in evolution to God, just like we. It’s now that humanity may become aware of that.

The Earth is experiencing a difficult stage, in which we are now in the final years. Much negativity, like misuse of power, war, use of nuclear weapons, unfair distribution of food, crime, etc. still is the order of the day. Because of this the Earth was set in quarantine by the Galactic Federation a long time ago. The negativity of the Earth effected the universe. Our proces was observed, but there was barely contact.

Shortly the conciousness of humanity is so far developed that the quarantine can be canceled. Behind the scenes preparations are made which will lead to the announcement of extraterrestrial civilizations and the part the play in the ascensionproces of the Earth.

In the Aquarius age we will have a better world, full of abundance, love, peace and health. With this world is the connection with the Galactic Federation of Planets possible. If the Earth is in a reintegrationperiod, then also is every human being in a reintegrationperiod from civilian of planet Earth to civilian in a galactic society.

In the Aquarius age will everybody live and work from their heart. Therefore it is, in this time of changes, a good idea to review ones goals. Everyone has his own contribution to the whole. You can discover your mission in yourself, for instance by meditating on it or to ask guidance from you Guide, Higher Self, Soul and Monad. You make connection with your passion for that what you really want to do. Don’t play anyone else part. The best thing you can do for yourself and the world is to embrace your own spiritual puzzlepiece.

Perhaps is it now not clear what your mission is, as you look around you what the possibilities are. In the Aquarius age there are a lot of new possiblities and jobopportunities:
–  Goverment and politics will be totally different and asks for other qualities then the current politics
– Education will change in a way which aligns with our indigo/cristal children
– The medical world will completly transform
– A lot of people will need some guidance and coaching with the transition to the new age
– The interaction with extraterrestrials will create new jobopportunities

As always: Be the change that you want to see!

So you don’t have to with for this tranformation to happen. The world is waiting for people like you and me to realise this transformation.

This means work on many areas and I have here several suggestions which are ordened according to the 7 rays of God. These ideas are channeled by Dr Joshua David Stone from Lord Buddha, Helios and Vesta, Melchior, Melchizedek, and Mahattma (for the complete channeling: click here):

Integrating and Supporting the First Ray Department:
– Vote
– Inner and Outer Spiritual Activism
– Inner and Outer Leadership within Community, City, State, Country, Globe
– Supporting Political Candidates
– Raising Political Consciousness
– Educating Self
– Getting into Political System if this is your Calling

Integrating and Supporting the Second Ray Department:
– Helping to Anchor Spirituality into the Educational System
– Helping to Spread I Am University Around the Globe
– Spiritually Educating People Through Giving Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Seminars, Ascension Classes
– Enrolling in I AM University
– Studying Inner and Outer Curriculum at I AM University
– Spreading I AM University on Radio, TV, Magazines, Internet, and All Media  Outlets
– Raising Spiritually Educational Consciousness

Integrating and Supporting the Third Ray Department:
– Taking Care of Own Business
– Helping to Actively Spiritualize the Business System on Earth
– Raising Spiritual Business Consciousness
– Helping People, Community, State, Country, and Globe to Prosper “Abundance – Will Be The Result Of Thy Fulfilling The Law Of Supply Of Someone Else
– Getting/Being Busy Doing God’s Business
– Developing Prosperity Consciousness
– Helping Others Develop Active Intelligence in the Earthly World
– Helping People Ground Their Spiritual Mission in Their Business

Integrating and Supporting the Fourth Ray Department:
– Actively Helping to Clean Up Environment
– Beautifying Home and Planet
– Creating Harmony and Peace within Self and all Relationships, in City, Community, State, Country, and Around the Globe
– Healing the Earth
– Healing Circle of Life
– Raising Harmony and Beauty Consciousness

Integrating and Supporting the Fifth Ray Department:
– Supporting New Age Science and Inventions
– Creating New Age Science
– Creating Environmentally Healthy Technologies
– Developing Technologies to Rid the Earth of All Pollution
– Creating Sciences in Your Life and Others to Increase Clarity and Efficiency
– Raising New Age Science Consciousness

Integrating and Supporting the Sixth Ray Department:
– Helping to Detox all Religions
– Becoming a New Age Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Minister Through the I AM University
– Cultivating Devotion and Spiritual Idealism within Self and Others
– Actively Sharing your Spiritual Idealism with the World
– Helping to Bring God into all Aspects of Life in Society
– Raising Buddha/Christ/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed Consciousness

Integrating and Supporting the Seventh Ray Department:
– Actively Helping in the Revamping of Society
– Bringing Spirituality into Ecology and Economy
– Bringing Freedom into All Societal Structures
– Alchemizing Lower Energies into Higher Energies
– Freeing Civilization from its Bondage
– Raising True Freedom, Structure, and Organization Consciousness
– Helping to Spiritualize and Organize all Societal Systems on Earth

Our planet is nothing more or less then an infinite small electron in the body of God. It’s time to make this electron healthy again. If this electron is functioning in harmony, then our solar system, which you could call an atom, could function healthy. If the galaxies or molecules function well, then has universe, which you could see as an organ, the possibility to be healthy. And if the universes are healthy then the body of God will be healthy.

So from one perspective we are infinite small in the bigger picture, and on the other hand is our development essential for the Divine Plan. One electron that does not function well disturbes the balance of all the rest. That’s why extraterrestrials are so enthusiast to help us. If the help us, they help themselves, because we are one. We are all God.

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