Saint Germain

Day 48-January 10, 2012

Saint Germain

As one of our greatest guiding Avatar for the Earth, Saint Germain is powerfully assisting Humanity and especially the mission of Planetary Light Servers as we ascend this planetary body. He is credited with facilitating this Violet Ray, its Fire and Flames to the modern world which has accelerated the human’s ability to progress through their soul evolution to attain their freedom through ascension. Together with his Twin Flame, the Ascended Lady Master Portia, he is the great sponsor of Freedom’s Flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the Flame of Justice. He has held embodiments as Joseph, the father of Jesus and husband of Mary, Merlin in the Court of King Arthur, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon who wrote the Shakespeare plays.  Saint Germain has his own dispensation and student body of “I AM” students. Referred to as the God of Freedom, we may call his Love to strengthen us with the qualities of freedom, mercy, forgiveness, ceremony, justice and alchemy.

From the Seven Sacred Weeks Decrees

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