So the Chinese Virus is an American Virus: Mind Blowing


We are actually jaws dropped and cannot say a word.

Further, take time to watch next video below about the taking off temperature with a laser gun thermometer. Keep in mind that these criminals want to take your temperature whether you are sick or not. Same with testing about the Fake Covid 19. They are taking fever to another level. Fever, that is a good thing to have in order for our defense mechanism to kill infection, is now being use against us, as if it is something very fatal. What they are doing is turning our own defense mechanism against us.

The WHO and alone all theirs white coat criminals need be hold accountable for their evil actions against our humanity. The health of our people is our own responsibility, not that of criminals disguising as good doer.

The entire Health Care system need be taking down. Need be rebuilt with essential elements for our body to thrive, not for it to be destroy with force chemicals that are harmful to the body as are vaccines, and prescriptions drugs. The people of this world are feed up with these criminals making a living from our health destroying it.

We must discard what no longer serve its useful purpose. Time to stand up to these criminals and spit on them, throwing the masks, the social distances, and theirs laser thermometers right upon their faces, besides arresting them and send them to jail for life. So be it.

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