Step Into Your Grandeur


Who you are, indeed, is called Grand Multidimensional Creative Masters. You are so powerful, so absolutely powerful. The power of you, each individual, is greater than any of your grand weaponry on your Earth at this time or any time that has been before or will come after. Every single one of you. 

Look at the reality that you create every moment, including that which is called ‘holding together your physical embodiment’. If you were to step back from this dimension that you inhabit to look at how you are in your construction of your cellular body, so it is that you would see that every micro-second of your time, your body winks in and out. You are here, not here – here, not here.

What holds it all together, this homogenous collection of atoms and molecules that is mostly space that you call your body that you imagine to be very solid? What holds it together? The God/Goddessness of you holds it together. The God/Goddessness, the God Light of you. The power, that power, holds the body together, creates the whole of reality that you think is so solid. You do it.

And you collectively, in what is called your morphogenetic resonance or what is the collective consciousness, agree how the universe should be and so it is. Well, you know, that is what you would call pretty powerful! It is awesome, your power. It is awesome, your beauty, and you do not know it really.

Well, now is the time, beloved peoples. Now is the time. You are only here that you may create the changes and each and every one of you, as you come into the expansion of consciousness, as you come into the acknowledgment of the God/Goddessness of you, the I AM of you, so it is that in this timing to come, what is called the energetic mass of consciousness will affect the whole of consciousness of your planet.

In that moment you will move synchronistically into another dimension of reality. Because this is the time of it – the end of a grand, long cycle. Time now for the change and that is why you have birthed yourself.

The whole of the multiverses are standing by, watching and waiting and there to support the humanities absolutely. All that is required of you is to relax into your life, to be absolutely who you are.

Now this is not about being spiritual. You ARE spiritual. You are grand and wondrous spiritual Masters. This is not about being good. This is about being, human being, being in every moment of your time absolutely who you are.

If you are finding that in this moment who you are is really angry, called ‘mad as hell’, be it. Then you may stop and then you may look at the fear beneath the anger, but BE who you are. Be absolutely who you are that you may identify, that you may come to acknowledge, accept and love unconditionally, every facet of you.

You see, you have had what is called a role model held up to you called ‘perfection’ in what is your religious culture. Perfection. And in your deep belief structure, ‘perfection’ for you is what you may call a finished article.

Well you know, nothing is finished, ever. And who you are, right now, is perfection. Every thought that you have ever had, every action is perfection, unto infinity, because there is no God out there judging what you are doing.

No God could be as cruel and as harsh as you are to you. No other species could survive the pain and anguish that you live with every day of your timing. So now is the time for the change. Now is the time for the embracement. Now is the time for the transmutation of that pain and anguish. Now is the time for you, truly, to step into the grandeur that you really are.

All right, beloved ones?


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