Stepping Stones

12744528_1279363858747245_7300606520763527566_nTo everyone, take a deep breath and pray and or meditate with all your heart because, it is coming! Yes you heard right, Redemption is here!! We are only warming you up, so listen carefully: in the near future, and closer than farther, you are going to be a millionaire, and you are going to be your own administrator, no more of a third interloper to handle your affairs. You and only you will handle your own portfolio! Of course the bank will be there to be your server, but that is all that they will be.

Soon in the mail you will receive a package, delivered from a carrier/federal express, etc, etc., and then you will signed, and then you will read… then you will make an appointment with a bank or a Redemption Center where you will be there for at least an hour. There you are going to fill out paper work…You are going to be opening an account with twenty million dollars, lets say, but it could be more but no less!

They would ask you and or give you choices of how you want to diversified your portfolio. Alright then, you want for example put five million to make more money on the Dinar; four million on the Rusian Ruble, and or you want to put two million for helping out the needed, and or you want to have five million for expense…. This is just an example, we are sure that when you are there in the interview, you will make the right choices.

And if that is not enough some other packages will be arriving, like for example all the Money that you ever paid on income taxes will be giving back to you! Yes you heard that right! We are not kidding you. And them more…

Keep in mind that this is going to every member of your family- all of them. O and we forgot to mention that if you are receiving Social Security you will get instead and if we are not mistaken $2, 500 every month! Now this is completely separate from all other packages!


Now remember that this is a spiritual connection and or bringing together heaven and hearth. DO NOT GO CRAZY because it would not be productive. Keep grounded, and pray all the time, get alone with others, be the change you want to see!

We will keep you post for more goody, but meanwhile read an excerpt from one of our public servants about this great event that is already manifesting as we speak!


Often we like to define our lives by specific “big rock” moment versus smaller stepping stones when looking at the whole or fullness of our individual life experiences.

So let’s collectively take a moment to reflect while we collectively wait for our public RV announcement (because that’s all that’s left), and detach from all the rumors, intel, flashing computers, smart phones screens and conference call droning… to examine what’s really happening on an broader spiritual level so we can be free and clear emotionally moving forward when our blessing physically is ready for harvest.

Look, we know something magical is brewing behind the scenes, and while we can only see glimpses, there are a few unmistakable billboards of change we can neither miss nor ignore. No one can. The RV is here. Now. Absolute. In our grasp. Real. So be it.

At this point, we are 100% certain something massive this way comes. And it’s fulfillment, prophecy, timing and/or placement is somewhat irrelevant now because we accept the fact that this entire situation is both fluid and hardening with each and every passing moment.

We can handle that, as long as know it’s on the way. And we do. So lets take that moment to reflect.

Ok, here we are, a part of this massive invisible but tangible global event, living our lives per normal, as a Heavenly symphony plays out in real time on this our abundant and beautiful planet earth governed by Gaia (Kuan Y’in). And while we remain humble and thankful at all times, we know that we are an important part of God’s grand plan, as not a second of time in human form is ever wasted, for the Creator of All uses us all for His benevolent and singular reason–regardless of what the mass media tells us.

Therefore, all of our individual experiences, personal trainings, even our tragic failures and epic successes are somehow important chapters in Adonai’s Golden Book of Fate. For as it is written, so shall it be done.

And if each of our live’s serves as a parenthesis in eternity, wouldn’t all life matter equally… and make us all partners on some infinite timeline or eternal circle of events? Maybe.

And wouldn’t this RV thing ultimately have to eventually freely manifest so that we could exist as equal brothers and sisters without economic or energetic limitation? Sounds good.

What a glorious thought, huh? Equality and abundance at the same time. Enough. What a blessing that would be! Knowing that my soul, your soul, is part of same Oversoul working in concert. Does God love us that much to place us all on His Heavenly checklist as to build our eternal resumes? Hope so.

Who has it better than us??????? No one that’s who…

It just doesn’t matter what happened in your past. Throw away that shame and guilt, brothers and sisters we’re on God’s “to be blessed” list! Wow. How spectacular the sheer thought of being so loved by an unconditional entity that deliver such a blessing, and allow us to disburse His economic love for the rest of our lives! One of One. None more or less than another, all divine pieces moving with ease and grace on His supernatural chessboard of destiny. Too cool.

Sure this RV deal has big bucks financial implications different than other times or moments in my life, and certainly there are societal structural changes on the horizon like NESARA and extra terrestrial disclosure; heck, maybe there’s even an era transition from male to female thrown in there if you believe in that kinda new age stuff, but at the end of day we are loved. And God’s game is an eternal one; meaning, at the end of the day… there is no end to any day. And if there’s no end, there can by definition be no beginning.

Hmmmm… is that what term “Alpha/Omega” means… no end and no beginning? Possibly.

Well, that kind of reflection, that kind of thinking takes all the hype and air right out of the RV balloon. Because this global monetary event is just another line item on humanity’s eternal resume. Sure it will be life changing, but wasn’t my birth or my first job? And what about my first apartment? The death of my parents? My first awkward kiss? All of those events in my life were meaningful and critical aspects of who and what I AM to this day.

Everything must matter… absolutely everything… including my happiness, health, peace of mind and desire to bless others without limitation. Because God deems it so. IAM loved that much. I matter. And so does everyone else.

Come to think of it, aren’t we all just walking on cosmic stepping stones that help us get through every moment in our lives, not just this one RV moment? One by one, our soul (and body) passes through a series of eternal moments that have lead us all to this era transition–pre, during and post RV. How bizarre. How surreal. Yet, so shockingly true.

All our baby steps and missteps were necessary to be here now, each stepping stone was necessary and gracefully laid out so we could share this journey of fellowship, springing forward together as One of One into an infinite and abundant pool of love called the Age of Aquarius.

Yep, when reflecting back its is really obvious that God always made sure we had enough to keep going to get here and now; He always made sure we were protected and got to wherever we needed to be as not to miss our moment of glory and take the next step on this wild and wacky journey called life.

Come to think about it, we were also never allowed to overstep when we wanted to go faster but just weren’t quite ready… kind like right now … waiting out the RV. Is the Lord protecting us again? Of course He is. Thank you Father. Amazing. Praise God. This is all so incredible, so indescribable… seriously who’s got it better than us!? Better yet, we’ve had it this whole time and just now remembering our sacred truth! We are loved beyond human understanding!

Ok. Let’s come back to earth now and wrap this up… if after reading this you’re still feeling anxious about the RV day, time, rate, performance moment, historical bond SKR fulfillment or managing this opportunity long-term … stop … remember your truth… you are sacred… a necessary part of a divine event, made for this moment, and whatever comes your way, God will provide a pathway via divine stepping stones placed lovingly beneath your soul’s every footstep to get you wherever destiny has you going.

Breathe… you’ll be fine.
Relax… your joy is written.
Enjoy… God is with us.

Offered with the Eternal Love of Christ,



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