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Ascension Is Not A Free Ride 0

Ascension Is Not A Free Ride

Everyone on Earth has blocks in their energy fields. Our souls carry an energetic imprint of everything that has ever occurred during our entire soul’s evolution.   We are at a time in our...

12-12 ALIGNMENT~ 0


  The 12:12 Alignment on December 12, 2011 will bring the full force of the Angelic Dimensions into assistance. From this realm there is clarity about your Soul capacity to receive, as well as...

Exercise Of Being One Light 0

Exercise Of Being One Light

“Greetings, Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda, come once again to be with you, in Grace, in Love, and in co-creation of yet another uplifting and joyful togetherness, a Oneness.And as we do this,...