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The World


The whole world fits into My Heart. The whole world, Universe, every human being, every animal, every stone, every seashell, every particle of sand, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven fit into My Heart.

You are in My Heart. All the everything created fits in My Heart. The world is a big place, and the world fits into My Heart. All that you perceive as out there happens within the dwelling place of My Heart.

My Heart is a chalice with no top and no bottom. Everything thought or unthought fits in the sanctuary of My Heart. Here is Vastness, and it fits into the cup of My Heart.

Here you are, secure in My Heart, and you wander something called miles, and you bump your head here and there, so real seems your wandering.

You may feel lost, and, yet, lost you cannot be, for, here you are, in the immediacy of My Heart. There is nowhere for you to fall. There is nowhere. Love fills My Heart, and you reside in My Love. All My Love is yours. The entire Kingdom of Heaven is yours. You never left Heaven. You have never been anywhere else except in this dream that you live, in this dream that perplexes you, in this dream that you wander in.

Fearing the boundless, you seek to make boundaries in your life within a dream. You herd yourself into corrals called laws and rules. You resign yourself to them. You bemoan the loss of freedom, not knowing your own sovereignty.

You may feel fenced in, or you may believe you exist on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere. Of course, in Truth, there is no space for you to exist in, for space is an illusion that houses you.

Now We surpass the image of you in My Heart. My Heart is not an enclosed place, yet I can say that you fit into My Heart like a glove. Somehow, you want to get your mind away from the idea that boundlessness is a bigger space. Boundlessness is not so limited as space. The boundlessness of Vastness is your castle, so to speak.

Of course, there are no buildings being built in Vastness. Who would try to house Vastness when Vastness is beyond space or any kind of measurement? Measurements are too tiny a thing. Measurements mean to tidy up the Nothingness of Everythingness in neat rows.

In My Heart, in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no pile-ups. Hearts become One United Heart, and, so, I can say We are One, One Love, One Heart That Beats for All. Ah, the rhythm of the Universe, of Existent, and the Non-Existent, and, yet, life and love are all over. Life and love are like a shining sword brandished everywhere even as there is no everywhere.

There is solely Infinity and Eternity, depending upon which side you look at it from. Of course, there are no sides. There are no boundaries. There is nothing to look at, and, yet, you roll over in a dream, and you see sights and you sail the seas or fly in the sky on wings. On wings of what? On the wings of eagles? Angels? On the wings of butterflies? On the wings of fancy? Ah, on the wings of thought ever higher and higher, even though there are no heights to go up or down.

And, yet, you, who are love, reach out for love. You swim in love. You are immersed in love. Despite appearances, you cannot swim out of love. There is no out of it. No exit from love, for, in fact, you are Love Intact.  ~Creator God


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~the people

An Ocean of Thanks Giving


Thank you Divine One, Divine Creator of “I Am”. Thank you for the love within my heart, and for the peace, and joy that abide with me always. Thank you for guiding my intuition to make a difference to who ever I can.

Thank you for the bound through this beautiful body of Gaia, she is so magnificent, and so full of love and kindness. Thank you for helping my consciousness rise from ignorance, allowing my spirit to navigate to see the beauty of my body, and soul, and to share the beauty of my family, friends, community, country, the world, universe, and endlessly experiences of fun, and joy!

Happy Thanks Giving all the time everyone.

Feeling The Energy


For those that are really linking in and feeling the energies that are shifting within and around you, there is great movement still occurring, great transformation still occurring. Your higher heart integration is now fully actioned. These energies were already with you but not on a conscious level.

You have now been brought into full alignment with the activation of the Higher Heart energies and vibrations. Feel this and allow whatever is surfacing to do just that and to release much within you that has been hidden for so long. You are being released. You are coming into your full divine blueprint. Connection with all that is, around and within you. Growth on a conscious level far beyond that which you could have ever imagined. You are being catapulted into a higher state of awareness. A higher love vibration now runs through you to see the connection of all things and to feel your connection with the divine within each and every one of you. Allow time for this integration.

The transformation within the physical, emotional and mental bodies are occurring still. The mental body is playing up for some of you. Begin to learn and watch the thoughts, the mental body in full play as it strives to hold onto that which it fully understands in a 3D sense. It is having trouble accepting of newer dimensions but this is all to do with the vibrational transformations.

The mental body will no longer have such a controlling place within you. As it is being opened and released, it will not just accept but know its place in all this activity as you become a higher frequency it will relinquish its hold on you, same with the emotional body. for they are both at play, holding on, lashing out, playing out dramas that are based on the constant thoughts within the mind. This is beginning to cease. although it may, during the last phases of this shift, begin to really play and bring about many thoughts that really have no real foundation. allow this to play out, do not react, stand in your light and know that the energies and functions of the 3D state of being/physical vessel is being altered and you are coming into your divine blueprint. Metatronia Therapy is but one vehicle that can be used to assist you in these shiftings.

there are many tools to access and use but we are working within this healing system to bring inner guidance, inner stability and knowledge from beyond that which you are currently understanding, to show you many areas about yourself and where your journey is heading. Be still and know, allow the flow of divine energy and essence within you. Shifting and moving, transforming and opening, each and every one of you is on this journey and we are here to support you, we are one with you, and all that is.

Trust, believe and be open to receive and begin to stand back and allow the unfolding and releasing to occur. What lies beneath is a greatness, a divine love, a deep connection to all that is and a deeper understanding of who you are, in all your divine glory. Behold the new earth is unfolding, and you dear one are an integral part of it all…..   ~Archangel Metatron

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Daily Prayer To Ignite Your Life

Please show me my highest purpose in serving the healing of myself and humanity with super clear directions on how to do this.

Assist me on what to do today so that the words and actions I share come from my absolute highest level of love and consciousness.

Help me to look deeper within myself and acknowledge the divine all powerful creative being Who I Really Am.

Allow me to slow down and feel the sweet healing presence of my infinite soul, so I may awaken fully to the most empowered and enlightened state living in total bliss.

Give me the strength to be patient, humble, always loving and curious.

Help me to have the courage to take on those inspired actions that make me feel unstoppable and live a life free from fear.

Allow me to feel all the love and support from my friends and family who truly cherish me and want the best for me.

Help me to live in a relaxed super healthy body that is light, energized and bursting with excitement for life!

Allow me to deepen and strengthen my connection to the God Source everyday.

Help me start my mornings overflowing with peace, joy and appreciation for this blessed gift to be alive.

Allow me to be at peace with all beings, loving and accepting each one exactly as they are.

Fill my heart with deep peace, tremendous love, and a clear mind so I’m always living with divine intention and purpose.

Thank you! I now let in all your love and feel a strong, solid connection with who I am. ~Jafree Oxwald

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The Lights Went off!

The candles went off, oh no, oh no!  What did I do wrong Light of mine?  I had my two angels with me, now they are gone. They turned the lights off right in front of me!  Something went wrong, very wrong, maybe I was not with the right behaviors, or they saw something coming, something not right?

What will happen now, what will happen? Would they come back to me, would they?  This is what I am talking about my sweet God from the Ain Soph, the challenges are just so, so much that it is actually depressing. One would think that with two angels by my sides nothing like this would happen to me but apparently, this is not always the case?

Am I in control or not? Or are vices and inflated ego controlling me?

I will work on this, I will work harder until I bring all these legions to dust! Until only stillness exist. Until I am in control of my own destiny. Until I govern myself! Until I die within the light!

My heart weeps. My heart aches. Divine Mother, help my heart heals again. Thank you!

~L Fabre

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With Child

Divine Mother, Divine Nuit, thank you so much for the education that you continually share with me when I need your help. I understand that you are with Child, and I understand that it is up to me the future of That Child.

Mother of mine, I very much understand that, but please, please help me to overcome the challenges of this task as you well know mother of mine that it is not easy living in this contradicting sphere I am now.

You are all the hope that I have, you have the power to turn every thing around, and you know that! What can a “log in the mud” like me can do when every thing around is going down, down into the Abyss?

I only have hope mother, only hope. I keep holding on, you know that. You know my heart and you know me!

Please, please guide me to the path of liberation. I beg you from my heart not to let me sink, not to let me die forever.

~L Fabre

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My Star

Divine One, divine Star of the Inner highest worlds, I see you, and you see me.

My Star, how can I describe your beauty?

All I know is that you are looking at me and I am just full of glory, of ecstasy at this moment. How much lucky can a “log in the mud” like me be?

Divine One, is an honor, is an honor that you chose to show yourself through my heart to me!

My Star, my Star for ever be mine.

For ever be divine.

Forever remember me.


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I Miss You



I Miss You.

My divine One where have you gone?

I miss you terribly, I miss you deeply.

My heart is lost without you. I do not know how to live without you!

My divine One, my Master, my Star, you that are in secret within my heart, do not abandon me!

Do not forget me. Do not leave me in this lake of mud where I am now.

My divine Christ, divine energy of mine. Divine energy of the cosmos have mercy on me, and on this humanity.

I miss you divine Sun. I miss you chasing me in time of ecstasy, oh my Sneaky One! You are so terribly divine and grandiose!

Sorry divine One but I am totally lost about you. I cannot help it. I cannot help it!


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The Our Father

The Lord Prayer: Very Powerful:

Our Father

Who Art

In Heaven

Hallow Be

Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Will

Be Done

On Earth

As It Is

In Heaven

Give Us

This Day

Our Daily Bread And

Forgive Us

Our Debts

As We Forgive

Our Debtors

Our Trespasses

Lead Us

[Not] In Temptation

And Deliver Us

From Evil

A Men

~Lord Jesus

This is a magic prayer of immense power, even Master Jesus encouraged the multitude of followers to say this prayer with all your heart. Learn  it by memory and constantly say it to your father who art in secret, meaning your own god within yourself, within your heart. Remember that the only true god, true master, is the one that sits in your heaven; your heart.