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The Divine Director

 Day 45-January 7, 2012

Great Divine Director

“Seven Sacred Weeks” is a radiation granted to the Earth from The Great Divine Director. His is part of the intervening cosmic light rays descending as the Will of God. Merged with universal cosmic cycles, this blue fire light intelligence assists to propel the momentous direction of the Divine Plan for Earth’s evolution. The Great Divine Director has served as an integral training forcefield of initiation for many Ascended Masters and currently works very closely with Saint Germain to herald in our new Golden Age. He observes every lifestream at a certain point and when they can be of assistance to humanity, he transmutes their human creation.  His etheric retreat is the 
Cave of Light in India. He can also assist with legal matters.

From the Seven Sacred Weeks Decrees


All About our Cosmic Mother


For this Mothers Day week, we are going to give you a lecture about Our Divine Mother, from one of our Instructors. It will cover two or three sections, so please keep tune, enjoy. Also keep tune to our lectures about The Tree of Life and its sephiroth; true  knowledge, that is ongoing.

Our Cosmic Mother

Greek Mythology tells us about many Gods and Goddesses. In the Gnostic tradition, we know that the Gods and Goddesses are symbolic, and represents forces and intelligences that operate in nature. All these myth and stories encode symbolic truths. There are Gods and Goddesses, but  at the same time, each hero, God, and Goddesses represents something inside of us.

In the Greek mysteries , Gaia or Gaea, or Gaef is a name of the Divine Mother. Gaia is Mother Nature, or the planet Earth. This symbol has a deep spiritual significance with many levels of meaning. Gaia does not merely represent the literal, physical planet. Gaia represents forces of nature= laws and intelligences that function on every level of the Cosmo.

For those of us who have a serious interest in spiritual development, this symbol holds particular importance because Gaia is the one who aids us, helps us, guides us, and provides us with everything that we need in order to achieve our goal of spiritual development.  Gaia is our Divine Mother.

Unfortunately, humanity has forgotten its Mother.  We in this so-called modern age have the point of view that we are self-originated.  We have this characteristic now in our culture that we feel that we are [above nature]= beyond nature.  We live our daily lives as though we do not need nature.  Somehow we have come to this point of our history, of our civilization, where we trample nature.  In fact, we tend to avoid it.

When we study our day-to-day existence, we can see that humankind on this planet has steadily been distancing itself from its Mother.  When we see our so-called advanced civilization with our so-called advanced technology, the further we go. The more we supposedly increase our advancement, we are also increasing our distance from our Mother.

Nowadays, it is rare for us to touch the earth, to touch the dirt, to be conscious of the air that we breathe. Nowadays, we are surrounded at all times by synthetic things.  We never touch nature.  What we wear, what we clothe ourselves with, what we sit on—everything is manufactured in factories. When do we touch the earth, the soil, the plants, the grass?

All across this planet, in every country, increasingly humanity no longer can survive in nature as we once did. Nowadays, in order for what we call a human being to exist, they cannot farm, cannot nourish the earth, cannot raise animals, and live. Now, it is increasingly impossible to support oneself in nature. Society and the increasing complications of life are making it impossible to survive. Nowadays, for a human being to support themselves and their family, they have to leave nature and live in the city.  That is why we see across the entire planet that the cities are expanding, and the expanses of nature emptying of people. The smaller towns, the rural areas, the populations are steadily emptying, dying. In the cities, the populations are going up. In the cities, every surface being covered with concrete and metal and glass—things that are hard, synthetic, manufactured.  We do not touch the earth.  People in cities even become afraid of stepping on dirt or sitting on grass, and fear the water of lakes and rivers and oceans.

We clothe ourselves with synthetic things. We always ride in cars and spend our time in shopping malls and offices with nothing living around us, surrounded by dead things, clothed with dead things.  Our homes are filled with dead things—plastics and metals, synthetic chemicals. We think this is progress; we think this is normal, but the consequences of it are becoming visible everywhere.

Gaia, the Mother Goddess, represents the forces of nature that give rise to all life.  Everything that is alive comes from Her.  In the ancient Orphic hymns, we find a beautiful hymn, written to Gaia. This hymn is about 2300 years old:

“Oh mother Gaia, of Gods and men the source, endowed with fertile, all-destroying force; all-parent, bounding, whose prolific powers produce a store of beauteous fruits and flowers.

“All-various maid, the immortal world’s strong base, eternal, blessed, crowned with every grace; from whose wide womb as from an endless root, fruits many-formed, mature, and grateful shoot.

“Deep-bosomed, blessed, pleased with grassy plains, sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.

“All-flowery Daimon, centre of the world, around thy orb the beauteous stars are hurled with rapid whirl, eternal and divine, whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.

“Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my prayer, and make increase of fruits thy constant care; with fertile seasons in thy train draw near, and with propitious mind thy suppliants hear.” – Orphic Hymn 26 to Ge, C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.

Gaia represents nature—not a person, but nature as a whole. So you see, nature is an intelligence. Nature is not stupid. Nature is extremely complicated, and very beautiful and terrifying.  Nature is a force that is far beyond our comprehension.  As proud as we are of our civilization and our accomplishments, we scarcely understand nature.  We don’t even understand the nature of our bodies.  We barely understand what it means to be alive.

The very first section of that scripture says that Gaia is the source of men and Gods. That is because everything living, on every level of nature, comes from the Divine Mother, without exception—even the Gods.  Every living creature, from the smallest particle, to the biggest universe, is all merely a part of her body.  This is part of what we need to grasp: the incredible complexity of the Divine Mother.

We talk about Gaia as the planet Earth, and this is true and relevant.  But Gaia is also Prakriti, which is the womb of space.  It is existence itself.  The Divine Mother is matter, energy. In fact, her name in Latin is Mater, which is where we get the word matter.  The most ancient word in almost every language is also the first word that we say when we are children: Ma.  In languages around the world, children call their mother Ma or Ama.  This is Mater, Mother, Mary, Maria, Ma.  In the Asian cultures, Hinduism, and India, and China, and Tibet, Ma is Amma.  So this word is universal.

The mother is the presence of this divine creative force in all things.  Just as we have a physical, humanoid mother, the planet is our mother; the solar system is our mother; this galaxy is our mother; the universe is our mother.  The Mother, the Cosmic Mother, has many levels.  Moreover, and probably most importantly, we have our own individual Divine Mother.  Within us is a confluence of forces in nature, a condensation of the Cosmic Mother, related to our specific ray.  In other words, our Innermost Being as Goddess. She is our Mother, our own Gaia. She is the one who, from lifetime, to lifetime, to lifetime, to lifetime, for uncountable ages, has given us life—not only in this humanoid form, but in every form we have had.  We have a Divine Mother who is the same for eternity.  Yet, who among us remembers her face?  Knows her name?  Has smelled her scent?  Has heard her laugh?  Heard her cry?  We all have, but we have forgotten, because we have our consciousness asleep.

Our own individual Divine Mother is a particularized aspect of the Cosmic Mother, in the same way that our Ray, our Innermost Being, is a particularized aspect of the Cosmic Being.  The drop of water is but part of the ocean.  In the same way, our Being, our Divine Mother, is a portion of the universal aspect.  There is a relationship.  There is unity and multiplicity.  There is identity, and there is the communal aspect.  We need to understand these distinctions, so we don’t get confused.

Dimensions of Nature

Ages ago, when life particularized itself into this planet we call Earth, Gaia. The Divine Mother, organized nature in her womb, and this planet was born.  This planet is also a Divine Mother, born from its own Mother.  On this planet Earth, we find abundant life, hugely complex, far beyond our comprehension, with many, many levels of life—not only physical levels, but multi-dimensional levels.  All of that existence is a vast system that is highly organized.  It has a specific purpose and goal, about which we have no idea.  We have come to the stage of our civilization where we think nature exists just to please us, that nature is just our sandbox here for us to use or destroy as we will.  Again, the evidence for this is everywhere.  But as a fact, nature has a purpose, it has a function.  It is not just a random accident in nature.  The planet has a purpose, a function, and so does every creature on it.  Everything is organized, but beyond our vision, beyond our sight.

The physical aspect of the Earth is only one aspect.  What we see in the physical aspect is the third dimension. The physical aspect is the newest part.  The physical planet, that which exists in the third dimension, has not been here very long relative to cosmic time. It is relatively new.  That is millions of years to you and me, which seems like a long time, but in the time scale of the Divine Mother, it is not much.

dimensions on the Tree of Life

Previously to the planet being in the third  dimension, it was in the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and beyond successively. When we study the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, we see that the Tree of Life descend in a scale of increasingly density. Those sephiroth represent how energy descends and crystallizes into matter, and gradually becomes denser.  So as the energy descends from the womb of the Divine Mother, it becomes more and more dense, and more and more complex.

In past ages, this Earth was only in the fifth dimension, it was not physical yet.  Then it moved into the fourth dimension (ethereal), which is called Eden.  From Eden, it crystallized into the physical world.  This is over unthinkable measures of time—measures of time that we can scarcely comprehend.

That crystallization of matter and energy all served as a vehicle to channel forces.  You see, when we study how energy descends down the Tree of Life, down through multi-dimensionality, we see that the purpose is so that the descending ray of consciousness can know itself.  That ray descends into greater degrees of complexity in order to manage more and more complicated laws, in order to gain wisdom.  So, having reached that limit, it returns back upwards wiser, developed, having accomplished something.

The purpose of that descent and ascent is for that primordial, virginal spark of consciousness, which emerges from the Ain Soph—the Absolute, or the Prakriti—to descend into nature to perfect itself, and to become an angel, to become a God.  This means that that ray of light descends from above into the abyss, is born as a God, and rises back up.  This is the universal cosmic drama in every religion.  This is the story of Christmas, of Christ, Baldur, Odin, Heracles, Apollo.  All the great Gods, in all their unique ways, represent this myth: how a spark of consciousness descends into a cell, into an embryo, to be born, to die, to resurrect, to ascend and become another sun, another star, another universe, according to its level.

So what we see then, in nature, are waves and waves of sparks of light emerging out of the Absolute, like the waves of a great ocean.  Those waves are coming out of the womb of the Divine Mother.  They are waves of life, spontaneously bursting forth from Gaia’s cosmic body.  Those life sparks first crystallize into physical matter to emerge as minerals.

Scientists have not yet admitted that there is life away from this planet, but they have admitted minerals.  They have not yet brought together the different avenues of their modern science: the quantum and the physical.  Physical scientists, or astrophysicists who study extraterrestrial planets and cosmic bodies, readily admit that there is an abundance of mineral life in the universe, that in fact, the universe teems with it—minerals, all types of elements, everywhere.  But those materialistic physicists or scientists have not yet understood what quantum physics reveals, and what spiritual physicists have been saying for centuries, which is that every particle is alive.  Every particle has life.  Every existing thing has matter, energy, and consciousness—everything, in its level.

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~LFabre/Gnostic teachings




The Tree of Life; the second Sephirah or second Logo whose name is Chokmah.




Come oh Hollowed Word, come oh Sacred Name of the Chrestos force, come oh sublime Energy, come oh Divine Mercy, come supreme Seity of the most high~ Gnostic Mass

The Sephirah Chokmah of the Hebraic Kabbalah is the Cosmic Christ, the Christus.  He is Vishnu among the Hindus.

The second Logos, Chokmah, is Love, the Agnus Dei, the Immolated Lamb; it is the Fire that burns since the beginning of the world, in all of creation, for our salvation.

Chokmah is fire and underlies the depths of all organic and inorganic matter.

Solar energy is Astral Light.  Its essence is the Christonic power that enclosed the fertile pollen of the flower, enclosed within the heart of the fruit of the tree, enclosed within the internal secretion glands of the animal and the human being.  The principal seat of this essence within the human being is within the Coccyx.  The Aztecs denominated this sacred power as the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoalt that only awaken and ascends up to our pineal glands by means of Amorous Magic.

Christ is the same as wisdom, The Solar Logos, whose physical body is the Sun.  Christ walks with his Sun just in the same way that a human being walks with its physical body of flesh and bones. Christ is the Light of the Sun, the Light of the Sun is Christ.

The Light of the Sun is a Christonic substance that causes the plant to be created and the seed to sprout.   This substance of the Solar Logos remains enclosed within the dark hardness of the grain and permits the plant to incessantly reproduce itself with glorious, vigorous, and active life.

The energy detach from the Solar Fire is fixed within the heart of the earth, and it is the vibrating nuclear energy of the cells within all living beings.  This energy is the Astral Light, the Azoth and the Magnesia of the ancient Alchemists.

The Astral Light co-penetrates into the entire atmosphere; it is the source of all the marvelous powers within the human being, and is the Sacred Fire of all Life.

This world has Consciousness thanks to the help of the Second Logos.   Likewise, we can also awake and have Consciousness.   Christ is that terribly divine, ineffable and most pure ray which shone like lightning on the face of Moses, there within the solemn mystery of Mount Nebo.

Christ is not the Monad, Christ is not the Theosophical Septenary; Christ is not the Jivan-Atman.  Christ is the Central Sun.  Christ is the ray that unites us to the Absolute.

I believe in the Son, the Cosmic Chrestos, the powerful Astral Mediator that joins our physical personality with the Supreme Immanence of the Solar Father~ Gnostic Ritual.

You must know that Christ is not an individual. The cosmic Christ is impersonal, universal, and is beyond individuality, personality, beyond the “I.”  Yet, Christ is a cosmic force that can express Himself through any human being that is properly prepared.

Once, the Christ expressed Himself through the Great Master Jeshua Ben Pandira, who is known in the physical world as the Master Jesus of Nazareth.   The Christ also expressed Himself through many other Masters.

Christ is latent cosmic substance within each atom of the Infinite.  Christ is the substance of Truth.  Christ is Truth and Life.

A human being is Christified when the Christ substance is assimilated, physically, psychologically and spiritually.   Then the human being becomes a Christ; then the human being is converted into a living Christ.  We need to form Christ within ourselves.  To incarnate the Christ is urgent.

Among the Chinese, Christ is Fu Ji.  Among the Mexicans, Christ is Quetzalcoalt, who was the Messiah and the transformer of the Toltecs.   Among the Japanese, Christ is Amida, who has the power of opening doors of Gokurak (paradise).  Within the Zoroastrian cult, Christ is Ahura-Masda.  The Germanic Eddas cite the Kristos, who is the God of their Theology, similar to Jesus of Nazareth, who was born on the 25th of December at midnight, the same as the Nordic Christs Odin and Belen.

The Gospel of krishna, within millenary India, is similar to the Christian Gospel.  In the ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, Christ was Osiris, and whosoever incarnated him was a Orisified one.  Hermes  Trismegistus is the Egyptian Christ; He incarnated Osiris.   Every human being that achieves the assimilation of the Christ substance is converted into a living Christ.

Let us understand that the Solar Logos is not an individual; the Solar Logos is an army, the Verb, the great Word.  The Army of the Voice is an eternal, unconditioned and perfect multiple Unity.  He is the Creator Logos; he is the first instant.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not~ John 1:1-5

Christ is the Great Breath emanated from within the bosom of the Absolute Abstract Eternal Space.  The Absolute Abstract Eternal Space is the Being of the Being that is within all Beings.  The Absolute is the Unutterable One; the Limitless Space.  Whosever incarnate the Christ, Christifies his/ her Self and enters into the ranks of the Army of the Voice.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up~ John 3:14

In order to rise up to the Father, we must incarnate Christ within ourselves.  No one reaches the father except through the Son.  We are all One within Christ.  Within the Lord, there are no existing differences between a human being and another, because we all are one within Him.  In the world of the Lord, individuality does not exist, nor does the personality.  Within Him, there are no hierarchical differences.  Whosoever incarnates Him then becomes Him, Him, Him.   “Variety is unity.”

We must finish with the personality and with the “I” in order for the Being to be born within ourselves.  We must finish with individuality.

If a mystic would abandon, while in the state of ecstasy, all of his seven bodies, with the intention of investigating the life of Christ, he will then see himself representing the drama of the passion of the Lord; he will see himself performing miracles and marvels n the Holy Land.  He will see himself dead and resurrected on the third day.  If this mystic would occupy the place of Christ in these instances, he would be Him, Him, And Him.  This phenomenon is due to the fact that in the World of Christ only a single being exists that expresses himself as many.

When we finish with the “I” and with individuality, only the values of the consciousness remain, which are the attributes of the Absolute Eternal Space.

Only Christ can say,  “I am the way, the truth and the life.  I am the light. I am the life. I am the good shepherd. I am the bread.  I am the resurrection.”   The Being is the one who receives the Being of his Being, the “I Am,”  who is (in each one of us) a breath of the Great Breath, our particular Ray, that is Him, Him, Him.  The “I AM” is the Internal Christ of each human being, our divine “Augoides,” the Logos.  Whosoever receives the Crown of Life has the right to say, “I am Him, I am Him, and I am Him.”

The phallus in the state of erection symbolizes Christ, by the scepter of power held high, by the tower, by the sharp stone and by the tunic of glory.  He is the divine origin.

Christ is love; the antithesis of love is hatred. Let it be known unto you nations, kindred and tongues, that hatred are converted into fire that burns. Let it be known unto you that the most terrible monster that exists upon the earth is hatred.

Whosoever lies, sins against the Father, who is the Truth; whosoever hates, sins against the Son, who is love; and whosoever fornicates, sins against the Holy Spirit, who is chastity.

Samuel A Weor


The Cosmic Christ

The Adorable God Kristos (Christ) comes from archaic cults of the Fire-God.   The letters  P   (Pyre) and  X  (Cross) are hieroglyphs which represent the generation of the Sacred Fire.  Christ was worship in the mysteries of Mithra, Apollo, Aphrodite, Jupiter, Janus, Vesta, Bacchus, Astarte, Demeter, Quetzalcoatl, etc.

The Christic principle has never been absent from any religion.  All religion are one.    Religion is as inherent to life as humidity is to water.  The Cosmic Universal religion becomes modified into thousands of religions forms. Thus, the priests from all religions forms are completely identical with one another through the fundamental principles of the Great Cosmic Universal religion.

Therefore, a basic difference between the Mohammedan priest and the Jewish priest, or between the Pagan priest and the legitimate Christian one, does not exist. Religion is One.  Religion is unique and absolutely universal.

The ceremonies of the Shinto priest of Japan or the Mongol Lamas are similar to those ceremonies the Shamans and  Sorcerers from  Africa and Oceania. When a religious form degenerates it disappears; yet,  the universal life creates new forms in order to replace it.

Authentic  primeval Gnostic Christianity come from Paganism. Prior to Paganism, the Cosmic  Christ was worship by all Cults.  In Egypt, Christ was Osiris and whosoever incarnated him was an Osirified one.  In all Ages there have been masters who have assimilated the Infinite Universal Christic Principal.  In Egypt Hermes was the Christ.

In Mexico, the Christ was Quetzalcoatl. In sacred India, Khrisna is Christ.  In the Holy Land, the great Gnostic Jesus, (who  was educated  in the land of Egypt) was the one who had the bliss of assimilating  the Universal Christic Principal, and because of this, he  was worthy of being rebatized with the Seity of the Fire and of the Cross, Kristos.

The Nazarene, Jesus-Iesus-Zeus, is the modern  man who totally incarnated the Universal Christic Principal.  Prior to Jesus many masters incarnated this Christic Principal of Fire. It is necessary to worship the Gods; they help their devotees, “Ask, and it shall be given you… Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”   The Rabbi of Galilee is a God, because he totally incarnated the Cosmic  Christ.  Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna are Gods because they incarnated the Cosmic Christ.

When a religion form has fulfill its mission, it disintegrates.  Jesus the Christ was in fact the initiator of the New Era.  Jesus was a religion necessity of that epoch.

At the end of the Roman Empire, the Pagan priestly caste had fallen into the most complete disrepute.   The multitude no longer respected the priests and the artists satirized the divine rituals in comedies, sarcastically nicknaming the Divinities of Olympus and Avernus.

It is painful to see how these people depicted the God Bacchus as a drunken woman, and at other caricatured him as a pot-bellied drunkard mounted upon a donkey.   They represented the ineffable and blessed Goddess Venus as an adulterous woman who went in search of orgiastic pleasure, followed by Nymphs who were chased by Satyrs in front of Pan and Bacchus.

During that epoch of religions decadence,  the people of Greece and Rome did not even respect Mars, the God of war. They sarcastically represented him trapped by Vulcan’s invisible net, in the moment of committing adultery with his wife, the beautiful Venus.   The way that they ridiculed the offended one, along with sarcasm, the irony, etc., clearly shows the decadence of Paganism.

Not even Jupiter-Olympus, the Father of the Gods, escaped profanation for he was sarcastically represented in many satires  busily seducing Goddesses, Nymphs, and mortals. During that epoch, many priests became vagrants, comedians, puppeteer, beggars.

The common people mocked them and ran after them throwing stones.  This is how the religious from the Roman Paganism ended.  That form had already completed its mission and at that point all that remained was for it to die.

The world needed something new.   The universal religion need it to manifest in a new form.   Jesus was the initiator of that New Era.  Indeed, Jesus the Christ was the Divine Hero of the New Age.