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Living Life in Thanksgiving 0

Living Life in Thanksgiving

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in...

Let’s Forget 9/11 0

Let’s Forget 9/11

“If we have any respect for history or humanity, we should remove 9/11 from our collective consciousness.”  Article by Tom Engelhardt Let’s bag it. I’m talking about the tenth anniversary ceremonies for 9/11, and...

The Cosmic Christ 0

The Cosmic Christ

The Adorable God Kristos (Christ) comes from archaic cults of the Fire-God. The letters  P (Pyre) and  X (Cross) are hieroglyphs which represent the generation of the Sacred Fire. Christ was worship in the...