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The World


The whole world fits into My Heart. The whole world, Universe, every human being, every animal, every stone, every seashell, every particle of sand, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven fit into My Heart.

You are in My Heart. All the everything created fits in My Heart. The world is a big place, and the world fits into My Heart. All that you perceive as out there happens within the dwelling place of My Heart.

My Heart is a chalice with no top and no bottom. Everything thought or unthought fits in the sanctuary of My Heart. Here is Vastness, and it fits into the cup of My Heart.

Here you are, secure in My Heart, and you wander something called miles, and you bump your head here and there, so real seems your wandering.

You may feel lost, and, yet, lost you cannot be, for, here you are, in the immediacy of My Heart. There is nowhere for you to fall. There is nowhere. Love fills My Heart, and you reside in My Love. All My Love is yours. The entire Kingdom of Heaven is yours. You never left Heaven. You have never been anywhere else except in this dream that you live, in this dream that perplexes you, in this dream that you wander in.

Fearing the boundless, you seek to make boundaries in your life within a dream. You herd yourself into corrals called laws and rules. You resign yourself to them. You bemoan the loss of freedom, not knowing your own sovereignty.

You may feel fenced in, or you may believe you exist on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere. Of course, in Truth, there is no space for you to exist in, for space is an illusion that houses you.

Now We surpass the image of you in My Heart. My Heart is not an enclosed place, yet I can say that you fit into My Heart like a glove. Somehow, you want to get your mind away from the idea that boundlessness is a bigger space. Boundlessness is not so limited as space. The boundlessness of Vastness is your castle, so to speak.

Of course, there are no buildings being built in Vastness. Who would try to house Vastness when Vastness is beyond space or any kind of measurement? Measurements are too tiny a thing. Measurements mean to tidy up the Nothingness of Everythingness in neat rows.

In My Heart, in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no pile-ups. Hearts become One United Heart, and, so, I can say We are One, One Love, One Heart That Beats for All. Ah, the rhythm of the Universe, of Existent, and the Non-Existent, and, yet, life and love are all over. Life and love are like a shining sword brandished everywhere even as there is no everywhere.

There is solely Infinity and Eternity, depending upon which side you look at it from. Of course, there are no sides. There are no boundaries. There is nothing to look at, and, yet, you roll over in a dream, and you see sights and you sail the seas or fly in the sky on wings. On wings of what? On the wings of eagles? Angels? On the wings of butterflies? On the wings of fancy? Ah, on the wings of thought ever higher and higher, even though there are no heights to go up or down.

And, yet, you, who are love, reach out for love. You swim in love. You are immersed in love. Despite appearances, you cannot swim out of love. There is no out of it. No exit from love, for, in fact, you are Love Intact.  ~Creator God


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Oneness is All, and All is Oneness



Sometimes My messages reach you so strongly, and sometimes My messages seem to be immersed in the fogs of mist, there somewhere, yet hardly seen, almost yours to guess.

Who is guessing, and Who is telling? It is from Me that My messages arise, and it is also from you that they arise. As you hear Me, you hear yourself. As I show you, you show yourself. If there is Oneness, and I assure you that there is, then there is Oneness and Oneness Alone.

Or We would say that you and I are a kind of combination. One of us is a ventriloquist of sorts. Who pulls the strings, and who speaks, and who answers? One and the same. Who is God and who are you are the same question. And the answer is the same answer. There is no prevarication. In terms of Earth, We are an insoluble mystery. In terms of Heaven, Oneness is understandable. It is no mystery at all. There is One Hand that writes, and One Heart that reads, One Heart that everything is and nothing but.

We are One Accountable. There is no difference between Us except in your perception, this perception that you have held dear. Here’s what, beloveds, if I may call My One Self beloveds. There is One Love, and that’s it. All the ragged details are naught but details. Love exists, and that is perfectly enough to know. One Heart exists, and One Heart, in the form of you, goes off on tangents. You go off on a trail that doesn’t exist. All the questions you have do not exist because, deep within you, all is known.

Deep within you, you know everything. There isn’t anything you don’t know and understand and love. For God’s sake, you love. For God’s sake, this illusive love lives. You dance around the world, and you sing, and you listen to your entry and you watch your dance, and you are mystified so far as you allow yourself to know.

I can say it a hundred times or a million times. I have, and, still, the optimum sense of Oneness eludes you. You’re off to the races, and you still think you stand still, isolated somewhere. You are in full bloom, and you think you are wanting or waning. Oh, if only you would right now know the Essence of You, and claim it, and be it, and love it as if there were no other game in town.

Ultimately, there is not. Ultimately, you live in Heaven at the same time as you think Heaven is far away or not even extant. If there is Oneness, where else can something be but in Oneness-ville, most often referred to as Heaven or Paradise or where you long to be.

Where you long to be, you are. There is no pit of your stomach. There is no fear to be lodged there. Oneness is, and Oneness does, and there is a whole lot of ado about nothing or whoop dee do about what you immerse in as life, when life is something else altogether! How could you be so fooled?

You are Oneness, and you embrace multiplicity as though multiplicity alone exists instead of Oneness. Oneness is All, and All is Oneness. Oneness Alone Exists. The rest is fiction, and yet, I, the One of Us, also give tribute to the wild imagination that indemnifies fiction. What a Story is written.

What a Story is told. What a Story is lived by One Heart Beating on Earth, One Heart, One Beat, One Love, One Eternity, One Infinity, and that is All That Is, and it is enough for all time, the time that does not exist yet seems to. ~heavenletter

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The Importance of Discernment in the Summer Solstice




Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I come forward today with a message about the summer solstice and about discernment. This summer solstice implied a portal to a higher dimension. On a large scale many experienced a consciousness-expanding effect coupled with the release of much negativity from their energy fields and from Mother Earth. Afore mentioned negative energies were unable to withstand the loving energies of the summer solstice and of the beautiful male and female balance it entailed. Find out for yourself whether you became somewhat lighter as lots of lower energies have departed your energy fields to be replaced by energies of Love. Something different has really taken its place and filled the void with useful and loving energies. What once was, is no more!


You like to imagine what might be and what might happen in all probability ; you try to get a clear picture of it and much info comes your way. Nevertheless, in this matter it is imperative that you only chose the right information that is nourishing you and completely ignore the rest. Those energies that are useless to you will be nothing and can lead you nowhere. In order to get the right information you have to use your ability of discernment. However, at present this is something you struggle with as it is difficult to make a distinction between right and wrong information. Each and everyone of you has to decide for him or herself what is important, what is the right information and when it is right. What doesn’t resonate with  you in one moment of time might resonate with you later in life; that is to say that things that do not resonate are untrue per se. Your path of wisdom has been outlined implying various phases. With each phase there is something different coming your way, and it can only come at the right time and the right place. In case something would have come on your path prematurely, you would not be able to place it nor to understand it for there would yet be no resonance with it. At a later timeframe however, it could very well resonate. That’s the reason why the gift of discernment is helpful so that you remain on your path. Let go if something seems incomprehensible ; the time will simply not be ripe yet.


The summer solstice will bring about a lot, from an energetic point of view, in your cells and in your consciousness,. The yin and yang, the male and female, the opposites will come into balance. That is to say you will experience as much from one as you will from the other. You too will also experience coming into balance in yourself, as well as with other people belonging to the same level of consciousness. Those wonderful energies have arrived on Earth through the portal of the summer solstice and simultaneously lots of negativity has departed the Earth through the same portal to be taken into the Light. That is what we all strive for to accomplish in the end : to be of the Light and to return from whence we came. You came from Light and Love and you’ve always stayed in Light and Love, you simply forgot. However, that is going to change now, my beloveds, for we have taken the train to the last stop at the platform … what has been started cannot be stopped as we travel now with dazzling, unstoppable speed. Travel along at this speed and enjoy your last trip as our final destination comes in plain sight. Remain centered in your truth and don’t get distracted.You are the creator of your own world and you are Love, you are “All That Is”.


Let go of doubts and fears, know, trust, participate actively and create! In fact, that’s the reason why you are incarnated on Earth at present. We approach you in Love and Trust. So have trust in yourselves for you knew all too well what you would get involved in. What a task it has been to evolve as far and as good as you have now! Congratulations are in order and we are so grateful, for soon we will greet you in our Higher Realms.


I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for bringing this message forth. Namaste.


Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved

The Power Of Manifesting



On May 15, 2012. In today’s transmission, William asked Orion to speak about the process and the act of manifesting with Spirit. Below is Orion’s detailed and incredible response. Read on!

(Orion) Indeed most beloved, we are happy to be with you once again and to offer to you and others our insight into the divine process of spiritual manifestation. We call this spiritual manifestation because, indeed, it is through Spirit that one manifests. All creation comes directly from the light, the heart, and the love of God.

In our last channeling to you, we remarked that, because you come from Source, you, indeed, are Source. Honor that connection. Honor who you are as creator gods yourselves. All of the power and the light of the Universe is contained within you – indeed, we say that the whole of the Universe is contained within your consciousness, meaning that there is absolutely no separation between you and every other aspect of the entire unfolding universal creation. You are a multi-dimensional microcosm of the entire Universal spectrum of life, of all that has already been and already will be. This information, brought forth as light, is contained within the heart of your consciousness. It is wisdom and information known to you already, although it may be hidden from your everyday human awareness. If you can simply accept the above as fact and be done with it, you are already several steps ahead of all that you need to know to begin manifesting, bringing forth, all that you need in this life.

By and large, you, in your human state of being, are influenced and shaped by the internalized programming of lack. It is a part of your collective experience and your ancestral heritage. It always has been since the fall of the human consciousness. At one time, it was widely known among the peoples of the planet that all one must do to bring forth abundance was to focus your God-energy with purposeful intent and your needs would come forth from the place of All That Is. However, in order for the planet to achieve her ultimate rising into the frequencies beyond duality, she had to experience duality first. This means, of course, that humans have chosen to experience duality first in order to transcend beyond duality. Because you came forth upon the planet at this time, you are joined together with the earth in this process of Ascension. This is the lesson before all of you now. You are being challenged to remember who you are and acknowledge that there truly is nothing that separates you from the joy and the miracles of God, because you are God, as is the whole of creation.

You are all that stands in the way of achieving and receiving all that you desire from this life. It is your narrow focus on the good that life has to offer you and the broad focus on all that life takes from you that keeps you in a perpetual experience of lack and “un-receiving.” If you learn to adjust your perception just slightly, this begins the shift in your consciousness that opens the flow of energy through you. This energy is the energy of creation… it is the energy of the All That Is. Your belief in lack and struggle is what continues to restrict the flow of All That Is through you and into your life. When you become fixated upon that which you do not have, you only receive more of the not-having.

Now is the time for you to know yourselves… this is the lesson before you. To know yourself is to accept the idea that you, indeed, are creator gods, a living part of the whole that is never separated, never disconnected from the Source of all creation. The very force of God moves through you in each and every moment, filling you with the energy of All Possibilities, of All Realities. What you choose to do with that energy is entirely up to you as you have chosen to live in a reality in which you truly are a sovereign creator of your own life. You were sent to earth to remember that you arecreator beings… creator gods. You were sent here to discover through the haze of the third dimensional malaise that your life is exactly what you make of it, both good and what you would judge to be “bad.” This is how powerful you are! Have you realized yet that you are creating in every moment? Indeed, we tell you that this is true.

You must now resist the temptation to blame others or outside circumstances for your station in this life. Even if another person appears to be at blame for the circumstances in your life, you created the circumstances that enabled this person to appear in your life to teach you whatever it is that you are receiving from them. But we also say that you must not be consumed with the act of “figuring things out.” It is not necessary for you to examine each and every decision that you believe might have led you to the point that you are. All you must do is acknowledge that you are the creator in your life and that creator energy is flowing to you at all times. You can create at will.

What shall you do with this creator energy this day? Shall you decide, once again, to block the flow of this vital energy into your life? Shall you surrender to the gloom of believing that your life is not successful and all that you wish it to be? Or shall you shrug off these notions and accept that you are connected, at all times, to the origin of this creator energy? And because of that connection, all things are possible in this life as they are in all of your lives of every place and every time.

We tell you to stop allowing yourself to become consumed in what you consider to be the reasons of why you experience lack and dissatisfaction. If you feel that it is truly necessary to know yourself in this way, then by all means, experiment with taking the time to fully examine each and every reason that presents itself to you, for you are here to learn, after all! We are simply telling you that it is not necessary to do this to begin creating the life you desire. You may simply choose to begin creating something different for yourself… and then trust in your ability to do so. 

Learn from those decisions that have brought you to the place of lack in your life and simply choose not to take that same action again. For in repeating the same actions, decisions, and thoughts, you are only recreating the same experience. Simply ask for the higher creator energies to flow freely through you and into the life around you. Ask specifically for what you believe you need… and then take actionas required and presented to you for we cannot do it all for you. Finally, and importantly, be thankful for what you receive.

Place yourself in the energy of understanding that there is no limitation to God. There is no limitation in Creation. Everything that is needed by every being in every place and in every time is in great supply. There is never any risk of running out what is needed. But you must believe, truly believe, that you are a creature of no limitations. You know this and believe this on the other side – and it is time for you to awaken and realize, remember, this in this life.

Know ye that you will always be supplied with that which you need to accomplish exactly what youwere meant to in this life experiment. Know ye also that anything you wish for that might interrupt a specific lesson in this life will be intentionally kept from you – not from a selfish expression of your guides or the misguided will of the Creator, but by your own Soul Being’s direction. Yes, you have provided for the learning of some lack in your own life chart. It is by your designation that certain experiences will be a part of this journey for you and, often, that includes the experience and lesson of lack. But we tell you that this is not the purpose in your coming to this planet. So do not be discouraged if everything that you desire to draw to yourself does not manifest. Be thankful for what does and ask yourself, “What am I learning,” in the experience of not receiving.

To manifest with the force of Spiritual Life Energy, you must be first in a place of gratitude, not lack. This is absolutely critical to the act of creation. Be thankful for what has already come to you, for who you are, for what you’ve experienced, for all that life has already offered to you. Be thankful for what you have already created! This acknowledgment is seen by the Universal Consciousness as anacceptance that you are a creator being. It is seen as an acceptance that you truly can create all that you wish to receive.

You must train you mind to cease its focus on lack. We know that this sounds more simple than it is to do. But be mindful of how often you place your awareness and attention upon that which you do not have. Being in thankfulness is one of the ways in which you step out of the energy of lack. Being thankful is one of the ways in which you open the flow of creator energy into your life.

Once you cease the inclination to always focus upon what you do not have, begin to train your entire being to receive what it is that you wish. And then ask. As you ask, you create a contract between yourself and Source. Through your statement of request, you open yourself up to the initiation of the Creator energies that come directly from Source. Ask, and ask often. Ask, and be specific. Ask, and be grateful even before you receive a confirmation that you are receiving that which you have asked to receive.

And then you must let your life continue on. In other words, you cannot become fixated upon that which you believe that you desire because this fixation only serves to lesson the free flow of energy to you. You, indeed, must remain focused upon creating that which you wish to receive, but do not allow yourself to become obsessed in the act of creation. Let go of “how it is supposed to happen,” or “what it is supposed to look like.” Simply hold a regular and intentional focus upon what you will feel in receiving and how the experience of receiving will transform you. Do not be discouraged if all that you wish for doesn’t come to you instantaneously. Simply allow for the heart of the Creator to open to you at the appropriate time. Be mindful of the lessons you are learning in the moment.

Once you have seen movement toward completion of receiving that which you have asked to receive, celebrate and affirm this! Acknowledge whatever movement you see in the energy around a request, for this only opens the flow of energy more fully. If you have asked for a large sum of money, celebrate and affirm whenever you receive money, no matter how small. If you have asked to be free of physical pain, celebrate any moment in which you become aware of less pain or a healing of one part of the physical body. Be thankful! Acknowledge the creator within and the Great Creator in those moments. Do not dismiss what comes to you just because it may not be in the shape, color, and size that you wish to receive. In other words, we are asking you to begin reversing the ancestral pattern of being demanding and ungrateful. Yes, this has been necessary in order to experience the lessons of lack upon the planet. But that lesson is coming into completion and it is time to let the old notions go.

Dear ones, all of creation is within your grasp if you not only believe, but begin to release and surrender any and all of the “un-beliefs” surrounding your ability to manifest in this life. As children of light, the experience of lack is one that is uncomfortable for many of you because this is not how life is experienced in your soul’s reality, your soul’s home on the other side. Reconnect to the wisdom of that soul part of yourself and ask the higher self to give to you all that you need to know and understand in order to begin creating a life of abundance and joy. Be grateful. And yes, be generous. For in receiving, one must be willing to give. This is the natural flow of energy in all life. Whatever you hoard, whatever you choose to keep to yourself, will be kept from you. Open your heart to receive and then allow the energy of receiving to flow from you to others. This is another critical idea to adopt if you are truly to be in the energy of manifestation.

And so, we leave you with one final thought… As you continue your journey toward the light of the Fifth Dimension, know that everything that you have every known is shifting. This includes lack and “un-awareness.” The time is coming, dear ones, in which the questions to the mysteries, the lack, the challenges of life will be answered with clarity. In this critical time, we ask you to align yourselves indeed with the energies of the Ascension – live in a state of love, gratitude, peace, and joy, honoring everyone and everything around you for its place in the unique whole that is Creation. Allow yourselves now to begin to separate from the spiritual child that you have been in this life journey and align yourselves with the true spiritual beings you always have been… creator beings of light, love, and the whole of creation.

We bid you love always. And we let it be.







Like the Tides of the Ocean



Welcome change in life. You do not have to resist change. Changes could be old hat for you by now, for life on Earth is filled with change.

Sometimes in your life, it is as if you get on a horse, and then you rein in the horse so he stands still. You don’t get very far that way, so I say again, welcome change in life. Welcome the changes you want, and welcome the changes you don’t want. Be neutral to change. Sometimes change comes in disguise. Remember this: despite your opinion about change, despite your appraisal that some changes are good and others are not, all change furthers your growth. Every change brings you closer to Vastness.

In any case, whatever the change, favored or unfavored, you might as well go along with it. If your car broke down, it broke down. What is the point in bewailing it? If the stock market goes down, what is your kicking and screaming going to do about it? You don’t want change, and yet you are determined to change what has changed back to what it was, and, so, you would like to change change.

If you lose your house, there is something good in that for you. Then you are free to move along without possessions. If you lose your job, you are freed from it. If a love leaves, you have a great opportunity to grow. Whatever changes life holds for you, you find yourself on a new plateau. You simply can’t stay on the old one.

Believe it, the best is yet to come. Growth is on its way. Welcome it.

If, in human terms, you have lost your youth, you may say what is good about that? You lost your looks, and you no longer hold the importance you once did, or seemed to. The key word here is “seemed to.” You thought you were on top of the world in your youth, yet were you? And if you think you have sunk into oblivion, have you? Have you really? And if you have really, there is a great opportunity here too. Every change in life affords its own blessings. Every change provides you with an opportunity to expand your thinking. And expand your thinking, you must.

Why? Because to further your life, your thoughts need to move along. Your thoughts have to find a grander horizon. Your thoughts cannot stay the same. You have to keep up with life. You are a human being who grows through twists and turns whether you want to or not.

Doors are opening for you, beloveds. Do you really want to close them and close life out?

You are not to wait to love life. Love life now. Love life as it is. Love life rain or shine. Life is a splendid opportunity. There is none like it. Divest yourself of attachment to how things used to be. Welcome life as it finds its way to you. Partner with life. Do not obstruct it.

Life is not about fighting it. Life is not meant to be a discussion of pros and cons. Life is meant to be lived. You cannot learn your lines ahead of time.

Tides of the ocean rush to the shore, and they leave the shore. There is always another wave, and another, and another.

It is not for you to discipline the Universe. Every change, no matter how alien to you, serves you. No matter how hard a change is for you to accept, no matter how much a change seems like a loss to you, it is a gain. The tide of change has lapped you closer to shore. It may not be the shore you had in mind, and yet it brings you closer to your desires. With or without your consent, room has been made for you. And now you go forward like a fish in the sea weaving through the water.



Confirmations of Arrests and Changes

“Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so thrilled, because we have the perspective to assure you that all of the news you have heard, that is the Truth coming out. It’s happening now. There is much that has already been accomplished, and there is a little bit more to do, that is true. And while we do not give dates, we can assure you that this is all set in motion, and is not to be reversed or sabotaged in any way.

“We are in control, and what that means is that your Freedom is our first and foremost mission. And when we talk about your Freedom, there are many aspects to it, but we tell you this, we have all that we need in the way of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to do the co-partnership Mission with you, to clear the way, as it were. And we are clearing!
“We have left, or shall we say, we have created a legacy of this clearing. We have kept you informed, and there are many sources which are telling the same Truth, the same stories, as that which we present. And they are stories such as: The underground bases have been taken over by the Galactic Forces; the places of refuge, which those we call the dark hats have created for themselves – we’ve taken those over. They have star wars kinds of technology given to them by those who wanted to be the supreme controllers, but who were controlling them into doing all of the, shall we say, the dirty work on Planet Earth, and so they have some Stealth technologies, space technology. We’ve got that taken care of, too.”They are not escaping to any of their bases, on Planet, or off, or under the surface of Planet Earth, because we have closed those options to them, not so that we can just become the rulers in their place, but so that you, Beloved Ones, will finally be able to enjoy your birthright here on Planet Earth, your Freedom, so that you can focus upon Love, and feel the great upliftment as you prepare for your Ascensions. And you will no longer have to look behind you, or look over your shoulders with any kind of fear about who might be watching you or be about to do some kind of damage in your life.

“Now we know, we know, the fallout is not completely cleaned up, and we’re talking about all kinds of fallout. We’re talking about those of you who have lost your home spaces, we’re talking about those of you who may not even always have enough to eat. Go to your community places of help, Beloved Ones. They’re there, and there are more and more in the communities who are stepping forward to be there, because everybody is equal. There is nobody who is any less than anyone else, and money is about to not be the great ‘determinator’ of who has, you know, the one or two percent, and who has not.

“So if you need a little help, reach out for it, because the time is short, and you yourselves will have an opportunity to pay it forward. We have closed off the escape routes. We are confiscating the ill-gotten dollars that they have stolen from you, and indeed from most of the world. We are about to redistribute it, so that everyone has a fair and equal share. In apprehending, or completing the arrests, which have begun – they were begun some time ago. You heard it yourself. You heard one of the clones identified, and there are many others, and there are holograms, and there are those who are still in their Human bodies out there running around in panic.

“And they are in panic trying to put together some extremely destructive plans and programs, and we’re here to tell you: ‘It’s not happening!’ There may be some remnants only for the purpose of providing evidence, because all of these ones being arrested will be tried, or have been tried, and their trials have been filmed, and they will be presented as present moments, but many of them have already been dealt with, those who were deemed to be the most empowered to do the most destruction. So be advised of that.

“And when you see that a great big Yertle – you remember Yertle the Turtle. Look it up – Dr. Seuss, Yertle the Turtle. When the Yertles of this World are officially toppled, the World is going to breathe a collective sigh of relief, but our mission, Beloved Ones, is to spread that relief now. You have had some opportunities to see people who suddenly have a burden lift off and they breathe easier, they stand taller, they are in Joy at their new-found Freedom from the burdens that have stressed them so in all of their beings, not just their physicalities.

“No, they have not been stressed in their Spiritual Beings, but they have been cut off from their connections with that which you call their Higher Dimensional Selves. And that, Beloved Ones, is a lonely feeling. It is a feeling that can create such despair. It can keep a beautiful, beautiful Being of Light down in the ‘dumpies. And so when people can breathe easier, when people can focus upon themselves, and their progress, and their passions of what they are here to do, they shall indeed be expressing themselves with the Freedom and the Truth of Who They Really Are. Now our mission, Beloved Ones, is to assure everyone that all is well, in all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, not just Human.

“If the Earth trembles a bit, and we’re not talking 9.2 here, but if the earth trembles a bit, you know it’s the Animals, and did you know the Plants and the Crystals feel it? So it is to assure everyone – not just the Humans – everyone within your Kingdom, within your realm, that all is well. It is to be discerning. It is no secret by now that the recent heinous destructions which have taken place have been caused by these ones in their mad efforts to continue to control. These ones have been so programmed they will slit their own throats; not a pretty picture, we know, but we want you to be very certain of this, they will do that, or the throats of their life partners, their children, anyone that gets in their way.

“Where do you think all of these shooters, and acts of violence, created by people who are absolutely seemingly, just all of a sudden going crazy, out of their minds -where do you think that comes from? It comes from the programming that’s been broadcast to them. They’re not aware that they’ve been programmed, but somebody has given them the signal to let the program be expressed.

“It is to send them Love, and it is to send Love and Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude to all concerned. These programs are being switched off. There are still a few of them so that people will respond from a Higher Dimensional perspective with loving messages, and with absolute intention, and calling forth a Peace on Earth, because that is the only reason to have such things taking place, whether it be those who are still engaged in some kind of war – and make no mistake, there are many wars going on. Just look at the continent of Africa – many wars still going on – not just Afghanistan, which is in the news.

“And there are still those who are trying to create wars in places such as the country of Syria, and there’s even a little bit of rumbling going on in the country of Korea, but it will come to naught. We aren’t going to allow any more major wars to get started. We have that capability. And whose name are we acting in anyway, Beloved Ones, but yours? You’ve given us this permission. You have called for Peace on Earth, and we are answering your call more than ever, and you, Beloved Ones are answering your call more than ever. We stand together in this!

“And so our mission is to soar – and we shall be doing that soon in our Exercise -but it is to soar and share the higher vibrations with the Planet, and with all. Now we have been telling some people, we’ve been telling everyone recently to get ready, because people are coming and asking questions that you all have the answers to, Beloved Ones. You know all about what’s happening. You know about the transitions. You know about NESARA. Yes, and some of you are even working so magnificently to open the doors with that movie called ‘Thrive.’

“Pay it forward, Beloved Ones, and share it, share Who You Really Are! Shine your Lights, and be prepared to answer the questions that are coming forth, because there are so many. And yes, the questions will be asked by everyone who does not have this knowledge, by everyone who does not know already that the mission is to pay it forward with this information. So be prepared, Beloved Ones. It doesn’t mean you have to study. It doesn’t mean you have to do any homework. You already know how to answer these questions.

“If someone comes forward and says,’I am down in the dumpies!’ Give them some glad news, some reason to be joyful. If you have any kind of healing capabilities that are not dormant, in other words that you have already awakened to, use them. And if you haven’t wakened up to the fact that you have healing capabilities, healing gifts, then go within your heart and ask.

“Everyone who sends messages from the heart is a healer. Think about that! So what can you tell someone who is down in the ‘dumpies? You can say, ‘I send you Love from my heart. I ask you to open your heart to receive,’ and go from there. It’s that simple. It sounds a little over-simplified, but it is the simple answers which are the Light and the Way, because they are Truth.

“Some of you are writing inspirations and Truths for the World. This iswondrous indeed. Some of you are doing pictures, or music, or sitting down and telling stories. Some of you are already in the teachers’ positions, and it is all wondrous indeed. But you’re all here to share the good news, so think about how you can find your passion, and express in the way of your passion while you are sharing.

This, Beloved Ones, is the mission of the moment. Of course taking care of, and nurturing yourselves, remain on your mission plate. That is always true,always. So be sure that you are accomplishing that, and then look inside your hearts, and see what you can do. Even if it is five minutes, or less in the daytime or the nighttime where you say, ‘Hello World, I’ve got some great news for you. The times are changing. The good times are here. Rejoice, and here’s some Love, because you deserve it!!!’

“Now how’s that for helping people get up and out of the ‘dumpies? And, the more you do that, the more you help. That is our mission, Beloved Ones. You know I’ve been talking about Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for so long; that’s all you need to express! The Joy comes with that. Even if you make it some kind of a mantra and send it out. Even if you share it with your children or your grandchildren, this is the World, as we have partnered to create it. It is to lift up, and vibrate at that Higher Dimensional rate, and to make the Ascension fully conscious, and yes, with your Beloved Bodies. But you have the ability, even as your bodies are changing now, you have the ability to be the director of those changes.“Now if you know somebody who’s not feeling quite tip-top in their physicality, it is not to berate them, it is not to give them a hard time. ‘Oh, what are you doing taking that, ‘don’t you know, blah, blah, blah.’ No, no, no, it is to simply say, ‘Here’s some Love; open your Heart if you choose to receive it. It will help you to lighten up, it will help you through this Ascension Preparation,’ and I will remind you that there is no dis-easement, or impairment, or disability when you ascend.”There is only Light and Love, and you can recreate yourself in any manner that you choose. You’ll be in your Light Body. You can have wings if you wish to, you won’t need them, but you can have wings if you’ve always wanted some beautiful, silvery, gossamer wings. You’ll be shining a great Light, which has often been depicted by the master painters as a halo. Do you want to look in the mirror and see your halo? Go for it, it’s there, and more and more of you are starting to make these changes within yourselves. And it is to remind others that these changes are their birthright just as much as yours. It is to share that great news.

“Now if you want to, talk about the World of finances crumbling, the World of cleaning up the environment because it has been so disrespected and so polluted, if you want to, share the news that there are new governments and people, Light Worker People. Yes, they have Human uniforms on, but they’re like you, Beloved Family, they’re Light Workers in the Human disguise, and they are ready to take their place as leaders Worldwide.

“And they know Who They Really Are, and they know that we are here with them to partner in all of these glorious ways that you’ve been hearing about. And they’re standing ready, because we’re clearing out the ones who have betrayed your trust. This too has been going on for a while, but it is becoming more and more evident.

“You heard the Masters Tara and Rama, our Beloved News Team, Truth Tellers. Obama signed the bill that was presented to him by those who are – they shall be called traitors – to give the authority to those who are doing the arrests. So what do you do, Beloved Ones? Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude – thank them for showing their true colors! Thank them. Well, to be very honest with you, they’re not very colorful. They’re kind of dark and dim, but they’ve done their parts so well! So go ahead, give them a round of applause. Send them Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, and say, ‘Thank you for doing what you did. I have reclaimed my birthright. I have become sovereign within my Divine Self, so I don’t need you doing your outrageous stuff anymore, because I know the difference! And I’m wide awake, and I am part of the new society, a society that is based in Love, a society that shall create Institutions of Peace, a society where the communities shall be in recognition of the Divine-ness in all Beings, and the communities shall come together with Gratitude and Love, and the communities shall celebrate endlessly, and everyone in the communities shall be free to express and contribute, each according to his or her own passion!!!’

“Think about it, Beloved Ones, no one’s going to tell you what your passion is. Someone can say to you, ‘Oh, I Love what you have just painted, you have a great gift for it.’ And guess what? You are free to say, ‘Well, thank you so much. That is my passion. I’ve been spending all of these years in a J-O-B job, and guess what, I just received the abundance to buy myself some new paint brushes and paints, and I’m going for it.’ You also have the right to say, ‘Well thank you. I just tried this, and even though it does seem to have something that is attracted to you, here, you can have it, because,I just discovered that my real passion is climbing mountains, and taking pictures with my camera.’

“Do you see? How does that feel? Nobody is going to tell you what you have to do. The only guidelines for you will be your own Heart, your own sense of your own sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of everyone else. It will not be up to you to tell your children, for instance, ‘Well you must go to this school, because this is the one where you can learn to do what I’ve done in my J-O-B job, and I want you to come in and take over for me when I retire.’ That’s kind of a familiar one is it not in the Western World? No more of that, no more of that!

“It is up to each and every one of you to start identifying your passions. This would be an ideal opportunity for you, Beloved Ones, if you are not totally in touch with what you have passion for – and don’t limit it to one. You can have as many passions as you have passion for! I like that, don’t you? Well, you could start making a list, and you don’t have to say, ‘When I grow up I’m going to do this or that.’

“You know, there’s that interesting commercial on TV – it does get you to thinking doesn’t it? But after all you’re going to be as young and rejuvenated as you want to be, so what difference does it make what your age is? You don’t have any kind of what you call mandatory retirement age. You can do whatever it is that you choose to do, very, very soon. So start making your passion list. You can call it your ‘living list.’ It’s different from the bucket list, because you’re not going to die you know. You’re going to go on, and on, and on, so don’t be limited!!! 

“What are you going to do after you make your Ascensions? What have you got passion for? You’re going to get back on your ship; you’re going to join me on my ship; you’re going to fly in your own merkabahs; you’re going to go to Inner Earth; you’re going to be an ambassador; you’re going to be a galaxy-wide famous chef, or artist? You can do whatever you choose to do, including coming back to help 3D Earth where you can, let’s just say, take a break from it anytime you choose, because you’ll be an Ascended Master. Not that you’re going to let it get you down in the ‘dumpies. As the new 3D Earth regresses, you’re simply going to smile, and be what you call a resource person, a counselor, if you choose to, but you don’t have to.

“When you ascend – we have this question come a lot – yes you will re-unite with your ancestors, your Soul Family. You can sit in fabulous discussions with anyone that you’ve ever wanted to meet. And yes, your Beloved Animals that you have parted from in this lifetime and others, or who have left you, will be there, happy, joyful. There are so many choices and options for you. You are unlimited, so put that ‘recognizing my unlimitedness’ on your mission plate, because it’s time for you to know it. We’re not just here speaking a bunch of pretty words for you to get inspired for what you call a few minutes. We’re telling you Truth, and it’s lasting Truth, because it always has been, and always will be. It’s not just something for the now moment, to just forget about when we say farewell.

BELIEVE IT, ACCEPT IT, AND KNOW IT THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE BEING!!! Because you know what? We already see it there. Yes, we’re scanning even now, and we see it within each and every one of you. So, let’s get excited!!! We’re on a roll here, everybody! We are Family. We are Love. And yes, yes, we are moving into Higher Dimensional Lifestyles together, because we have come to accompany you along the way. We have come to take your hands, to partner with you, and we are here with you in every moment. So we absolutely advise you from our Hearts to yours, to take what we have said right into your beings, and know it!

“When you know Who You Really Are, you don’t have any room for fear. Whatever you are experiencing now that is the last remnant of dark events, or dark controls, dark programs that have got you kind of involved, just know that that’s not Who You Really Are. You are not a victim. The Sun is shining brightly upon each and every one of you – or the Stars – and it is for you to believe it, to stand tall in front of your magic mirrors. ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me, tell me, all that I need to know in this moment about me. Who Am I really?’ Look in there, and get the answer right from your own eyes. You are Divine. You are a Sovereign Free Being, you are Citizen of the Universe, and you are in mission-accomplished even now. 

“So stay with it, Beloved Ones, stay on track. We’re doing this together, because you asked us to come and be with you, and our Hearts are full of Thanks and Love for you. This is the most historic moment in the history/herstory of Planet Earth, the greatest story ever told throughout the Universe!!! And We Are One in Sovereign, Divine Love. So let’s move on together, and bring it right into what remains of 3D on Planet Earth, that all may share this Love, this Joy, and this Oneness with Who We Are. And so it is! Salut!”