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  The Inferno is the womb of Heaven. Beauty is born from rottenness. Lucifer grants us Light when we defeat him. It has already been said that the Sephiroth are really twelve; the Ain...

All About our Divine Mother, Part 2 0

All About our Divine Mother, Part 2

We are continuing with our lecture about our real Mother, please read the first part just before this one, here: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/all-about-our-cosmic-mother/  Also, navigate our website so you can take advantage of other lectures as well. Kingdom...

All About The Elements 15

All About The Elements

All about the Elements: Anyone using the elements to aim to glory, power, and riches, and annihilation of his enemies and nation will be for a big, big, disappointment. Sects and religions do not understand...