Take Note: Watch the Sound of Freedom Movie

Someone, and we guess with the authority Do have the Sound of Freedom Movie out. The only minor problem is that the sound is very low, and there are some few interruptions about the platform that is promoting the movie.


It is better having an earphone for better sound when watching the movie.


If you choose going to the theater, we recommend that you do not buy any drink or popcorn at the theater, as there are many claims that the bad guys are putting some kind of microchips on drinks and the popcorn butter. Do not buy any drink or popcorn never ever when going to the theater any time soon, whether watching the Sound of Freedom or any other movie.

Keep in mind that we are in a war, and the only thing that can safe us is our awareness.

Keep also in mind that the Sound of Freedom only touches the tip of the iceberg, as the saying goes, when comes to children trafficking. This horrific crime includes our entire humanity. The entire world is built on human trafficking in all forms.. from industries, governments, politicians, lawyers, hospitalities as hotels, hospitals, Hollywood, sports; music, cargo, religions; all work place, to say the least. And Just to give you another nauseating example, the Getty museum in California was a fire proof pedophile fortress with twelve stories underground, where million woman, children, and young men were held captives until they were shipped to other destinations all around the world- just as it is showing in the Sound of Freedom with minors.

As we said, we all need uniting so everyone be aware of the hideous crimes, and only by we all be in the knowing of what has been taking place for so long, then it is when ALL ends because We The People were the last to know. We The People were the last knowing the crimes against us. And We The People must end it with divine intervention.

Are you innerstanding the seriousness of our responsibility spreading truth. Spreading awareness. Spreading knowledge?

Be responsible on guarding your children 24/7 from anyone inclusive from evil doers that run even in the family. And do not let us get started with that supposedly trusting, doctor office. Do not leave your children alone just with anyone. Do not let your children sleepover in anyone home, unless is grandma, and or someone that you deeply trust with your children.

With all these being the facts, did it crossed your mind that Public Schools could be the worse place for our children BEing? If you guessed this, then you are an awaken soul.

Public School is the culprit. Public School need be closed down permanently.

Welcome Home Schooling!

On guard everyone worldwide. Safe the children. Save our humanity. Safe our people. Our children are Not for sale. Our people are Not for sale.

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” ~Mathew 18:6

Enough said.

Be Responsible. Share.

Heart. Intuition. Integrity. Values. Honor. Courage. Bravery. Protection. Responsibility. Accountability. Family. Empathy. Harmony. All ways, always.

So be it

Link to the Sound of Freedom: https://www.projectmatilda.com/post/134281_rџ-grџ-gthe-sound-of-freedom-full-movie-rџ-grџ-g.html

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