The American People are Grateful


Today we are grateful that Russia, Syria, and Iran did not bomb us for poisoning the children of Flint Michigan, gassing the Natives at Standing Rock, depriving citizens of owning land, arresting daily on a mass scale ordinary citizens for jailing for profit, slavery for profit, vaccination genocide; poisoning of our food, water, and air, and the daily kidnaping, and killing of our children for pleasures of the elite demons, as that of cooking them “to order on the menu” at their exquisites restaurants, sexual pleasures, or simply chopping them to death for drinking their blood.

We pray the almighty Christ to eradicate all demons of our nation, and planet earth.

We pray for the protection of our people worldwide.

We pray that we all work together on being responsible for the survival of our human species, and all creatures.

We pray that any evil deed by the demons against us during this time of Easter is return to them back a million times fold the force.

We do not consent their energy tube to be refill with our energy any longer. Be destroy. Be destroy. Be destroy!

So be it be it so.

NOTE: everyone can join us in prayers to achieve this goal worldwide. The grand the force, the more power to the goal being manifest.

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