Dear ones, in regards to the arrest of the cabal and your sovereignty it seems you have a dilemma and we have noticed the following statement keeps popping up for you: “…what remains is to issue the legal warrants for their (THE CABAL) detainment.”
We, The Bringers of the Dawn and the Family of Light give you a universal decree to finish the battle for freedom you have been fighting for so long. We so love you and we are watching over you! We are here now very close, so many of us watching what you will do! The whole universe is talking today about EARTH! You your very, very important! What you are about to do has never been done! We want you to handle the URGENT situation on EARTH NOW before we have too! We are here on an urgent mission because the planet is going to heave and buckle if you do not ACT NOW! 

THE earth will ascend regardless, however you can make her labor and your transition easy if you apply the balm of healing to her! Do what feels right in your hearts! We abide under the great law that says do no harm! We ask you to do the same! Love all beings even the ones who are playing the dark roles. Use wisdom and compassion for all life! LOVE does win in the end and there is nothing to fear! Here is a gift written for you to use if you will! We give it to you on this wonderful Earth day June 20, 2012:
We the people of EARTH move now for (this) cause in unanimous agreement and issue the following ORDER AND DECREE:
The Sentient People of EARTH
All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL
June 20, 2012
By Sentient Decree and under the divine order of law, We the living people, beneficiaries of EARTH hereby ORDER the immediate arrest of all those who have caused destruction on and to this planet EARTH and to billions of it’s beings. We have assembled as the republic of EARTH and come now for the purpose of issuing final and correct justice by this DIVINE ORDER.
As common GRANTORs of the EARTH TRUST we hereby ORDER that immediate arrest warrants be issued for All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL and that these warrants be served and executed AT ONCE by the responsible fiduciary-trustees and co-trustees to bring an end to the controlling commercial tyranny perpetrated wrongfully and by deceit under the threat of deadly force against the sentient beings of EARTH!
We the people ARE THE INHERITORS OF EARTH and today June 20, 2012 we stand together and present this universal claim of right to the EARTH and our lives and future forevermore!
Take heed that the harmful corporate 3D Matrix stops today!
On this glorious day it has been decided that the destruction of EARTH and its people is the highest priority in this galaxy and in the universe and today the harm stops! We have all come here to this planet together and by loving intention to ensure this!
NOTICE: Any attempt to stop this lawful action will be dealt with accordingly and swiftly on all levels by beings of supreme technology and power and measured out under the order of divine justice!
If you surrender wholly and completely and change your hearts today, June 20, 2012, the people of EARTH and it’s loving and powerful watchers will have mercy on you and allow you to be a part of NEW EARTH!
If you do not stop today, by tomorrow you will be extracted from this plane returned to PRIME CREATOR, your being will be dismantled, distinguished from existence, and then reassembled into light!
We are the Sovereign Sentient beings of planet EARTH with all natural rights intact and this VIBRATIONAL ORDER goes out to beings of light on Earth and to all galaxies surrounding it!
Furthermore it is decreed that on June 21, 2012 the darkness both physical and non-physical that has controlled this planet and it’s people meets its final demise!
Now true justice is executed!
Glory, Glory to all those who live upon the EARTH! Peace and goodwill to all! Hallelujah for the Kingdoms of this world have come to an END!
The end of the age is at hand even as summer is nigh! In the great year of 2012 and in the winter, time shall be no more!
We now act in UNITY and by decree and begin preparing the way clearing out all negative entities from this realm.
We the people of EARTH have learned that we ourselves are Gods we shall see the kingdom of Heaven!
Decreed before the great witnesses, bound and sealed in all realms for surety, The PEOPLE OF EARTH have spoken and written FOR TIME ETERNAL!

CHANNELED BY MICHAEL (MICAH) THE PLEADIAN, Guardian of the Divine Plan 6-20-2012
Commissioned by PRIME CREATOR

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