The doorway of infinite time ~11: 11: 11~

By the Council of Light ~Meredith Murphy~

You have been seeded, coded to grow toward remembering, and to awaken to vibrational alignment with these openings to Infinite Time.


All week, this week, you are being prepared. The cosmic timelines have reached an amplitude and pitch that harkens of the original aspiration for this earthly experiment of form: human resonance with infinite time.

Infinite time has harmonic affinity with zero-point resonance. It opens your occlusion to co-creation with the harmonic knowing of the vastness of your being in multiple dimensions of emanating expression, and as such taps the expansiveness of your wisdom and insight, thus empowering the Divinity of your human focus with true quantum perspectives of consciousness.

It is this awareness, this experience of cosmic consciousness which is hinted at by the focus on Unity Consciousness; for in truth unity is a non-issue, it simple is fundamental.

So, as we go deeper into the nature of reality implicate in this fundamental realization, we approach potentials such as the experience of infinite time.

The human body is designed to realize and coherently organize itself relative to quantum fields. It is the consciousness of many levels of your being already. We invite you to realize what is occurring is simply your mental consciousness and your physical body’s ability to discern and then translate experiences with conscious comprehension and appreciation–that is what is coming into alignment and full disclosure–the true nature of being.

Acclimating to vast fields of time, time without borders meaning organized by speed or frequency and vibrational quality, is an experiment realized already within your light body and at a cellular level in your body. The non-local field, which is quantum, interpenetrates your local energy field (that identified with this human avatar and this local time-space) and so in truth you are not becoming quantum, you are just expanding your cosmic consciousness into form such that your human life experience is perceived, increasingly, as quantum and in truth your identity is beyond quantum. You exist as light, with qualities that you associate with love, in wave and particle fluidly altered. Simultaneously present. This is the dance of the divine union–the watcher and the watched–that emanates into everything that is.

The radiant flow which is your true nature can be palpably felt and understood. This translates all aspects of being into new terminology and “language,” expanding your comprehension of experience and thus both being and creating.

Acclimating to the infinite doorways of infinite now-ness requires vast re-purposing of your brain cells. As new neural capabilities are activated and new neural nets (pathways) initiated and your body’s hormone balance and generation capabilities upgraded, perceptions expand and take on new tonalities, contexts and qualities.

Relating to forms on this planet is altered as life is indisputably apparent, valued and beautifully recognized regardless of form. Confusion and transformation is initiated in waves of integration and assimilation as perception alters, revealing underlying structures of existence AND as the Earth’s frequency rises and in areas of sustainability where higher dimensional ideal and values are vibrationally embodied, simultaneous multidimensional realities are available and oneness is known. Bliss and exquisite joy is abundant. Light interacts more fully with all form and telepathy and other capacities of connection arise.

Realization comes with far greater potential at this juncture than within other human lifetimes even those in which ascension is realized.

Planetary fields are realigning and flowing from new energy sources and new grid structures emanate and distribute light in continually elevated qualities and in increased intensity. Generations of incarnation and focus have prepared the old hologram for release and re-generation. Simultaneous release and re-embodiment by planetary sentience is liberating and Earth’s capacity to detoxify and expand is elevating. All present to this holographic field are subsequently prepared and affected.

Light alters structure, carrying information and giving form and order to existence. Channels of light create avenues of connection, experience, layered ordering and spherical, cosmic infusions of nourishing energies which harmonize and sustain everything.

Existence is radically altered often! Perception that releases local field orientation and allows quantum and infinite time to give rise to conscious awareness without mental interference will evolve into clarity and insight that reflects and realizes the speed and dynamic nature of existence without anxiety–with joy!

It is this affinity for speed (change) which is approaching as you increasingly reside in present focus and release memories and identity associations with the past. Ironically the less you need to know who you are in this human experience, the more your Self becomes differentiated and apparent.

You exist as light in countless iterations and with consistent signature and sensibility.

Information arises altering potential with choice and focus. Attention is your power. Grow that which is vast and open! Identify, if you must identify, with everything rather than with anything. Know yourself as Source. Open to the limitless freedom of being beyond form. Step through the doorways of infinite time and explore. Arrive and be zero-point infinite stillness; tap into your eternal ground…

You are everything! New living fields of perception are drawing you into alignment. Orient within; merge with the vastness of being.

We are the Council of Light. We thank you for your attention and this beautiful communion made possible by your focus. In love, as light.

*There are many councils within our Universe focused and communicating to us supporting our expansion and evolution. The Council of Light which gave this message is made up of many soul groups and star families, each sending their own ascended emmissaries to this council, and this group operates in communal focus ordering the effort of Light Workers in a given experiement, and working for communal spiritual hierarchies. 

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