The Energy of Creation


The sun is made of matter. All matter has been created through the forces of colliding energy which bring matter into being.

Light, colour and sound are all powerful forces that vibrate with a frequency that underlies all creation. The light of the Supreme Source began as a breath, a movement of energy which took form as matter. All matter, living and non-living, has been created by the life-force of love, which streams forth as a living, breathing consciousness through the light of the great central sun which gives light and life to all living things on Earth.

The great central sun is part of the all and has therefore been created with the adamantine particles of creation. The light, sound and energy from the great central sun fuels all of creation. All light on Earth comes from the great central sun whether it be from the moon or the sun itself, and the 12 rays are fractions of the light stemming from the sun.

The magnetic energy of the sun magnifies the energy emitted from the adamantine particles that are in every living thing that creates life and its reality through thought, sound and action.

The adamantine particles of creation are born from every thought that a person thinks. The creation of action or word from thought brings forth particles of light that carry the love of the Creator.

Whether the action is cruel of kind depends on the vibration of the thought and the intention behind it. All creation, whether loving or otherwise is born from the adamantine particles and therefore has the potential to create love whether that was the intention or not.

How many times has love been expressed after a calamitous event? How many lessons have been learned by individuals whose deeds have impacted upon others and caused them to rethink their thoughts, ideas and actions?

The sun allows one to create with magnified intent and purpose.

When you breathe in the adamantine particles of creation whilst sitting in the sun, your thoughts will become powerful creations with the potential to manifest intentions instantly.

Be careful with your thoughts when you are exposed to the light of the sun!

What you think you believe, and what you believe you create! Are you creating with loving intention? Are you manifesting love back into your life?

It all starts with a thought,that is all it takes.

I AM Archangel Michael

Victoria Cochrane

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