The Esoterics of Trump’s Presidency, Giants, Reset

Very enlightened Video, take time to listen to it. However, we also want to send a message to those of concern:

The abuse to our people; the American people must stop. Do not think for a second that your actions of infringing the lives of our people is not being watch. Further, you pretty well know of your malice perpetrated by your small minions such as attorney, esquires, the police, and the people that you have deliberately trained to do your dirty work.

We have warned you more than enough.

Not that we want to scare you, or that we are creating war, but the time has come to end the tyranny, and we want to make Notice that we have many ways to deal with you,  inclusive of a painless departure from the earth plane.

This message is for THE DEEP STATE of which you are part of it.

~ the people have spoken



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