The Facts. Informative Videos: The End of what no Longer Serve

FDE5E764-532C-445E-A41B-B6A62A01488AThere are many people out there that have not seeing, and or are not aware of the alleged medical industry harming their health deliberately. We have been bringing awareness about these serious issues for years now.

Take time doing your own due diligence and start taking control of your health yourself, by eating healthy meals, doing exercise, and living a life with devotion. Devotion about being with awareness about what is best for your health, and that of your own family.

We want for everyone starting a New Year on the path of healing our entire body, mind, and soul for eternity without the harmful drugs that are for a fact destroying our lives.

Enlightenment and healing is finding out what is truth.

Enlightenment and healing cannot manifest until we destroy what no longer serves us.

Please comeback and watch this entire documentary that explicitly explains more about what we are directing you paying attention too, and especially the issue about Cancer.

Heart breaking. Heart breaking. Heart breaking.

How could we leave behind dentists? They are just as guilty for destroying our health as any other “Joe six pack.” The best option is Partial, if you have lost a tooth or even all your teeth.

Never ever choose the option of a bridge in our mouth. First, what they do is harm a good healthy tooth so it can hold on the bridge with the new tooth. And then a year or so, the bridge would fall, and now not only have you lost a tooth but the one they ruined for holding on the bridge. This can be infuriating for someone that is not aware of this tragedy.

Further, implants on the long run, are unhealthy as well. They can bring serious nerves issues within your system do the heavy metal pressing down.

And do not think that keeping all those dentists appointment is helpful either, if you do not have any issues with your teeth. First of all, X-rays are to be avoid unless is really a serious emergency. Second, abrasive pressure cleaning on your teeth can harm the roots and body of your teeth and thus making them susceptible for breaking.

To kill bacterias in you teeth, hold in your mouth some peroxide, then after a minute, rinse with water. Further, for the whitest teeth, brush with peroxide once month. Do not use peroxide every day on your teeth, keep in mind that it is an active substance and it can cause cavities instead just as does baking soda. A healthy diet full of calcium, and a daily cleansing of your teeth,+ and dental flossing, is all it takes for keeping healthy teeth.

Avoid the sweets such as gum chewing, sweets in general,+ and alcohol. It is not about having the whitest teeth, is about having the healthiest teeth that matters.

If this is true in Canada, just think the truth of it in the United States. Just saying.23B2E71B-562A-4E97-BD24-AE9007B310FE_4_5005_cWe have been warning parents for years and years NOT circumcising their babies boys, as this is what the pediatricians do with the foreskin from your baby. They sells these for thousands and thousands of dollars to the pharmaceutical guys so they can make cosmetics lotions with it. Then they sells these lotions to the monsters from Hollywood so they can look like humans.

Heart breaking, is it not? And look at the audience, they think all this is funny. What a bunch of morons!

And the facts are, that circumcisions never ever is necessary; has never been a health issues from the beginning of time.

In 2022 alone, hundreds and hundreds of physicians within Canada and the United states, have suddenly died. Not counting the ones they have sent to jail.

The more you know.

More to come

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