The Garden of Eden



Superlatives are not actually so. When you say something is the best or the most wonderful, you are expressing your joy in whatever it may be and, yet, what you express is not a fact. Not a fact even for you.

Today you may have a fabulous meal, and you say: “This is the best food I’ve ever had.” You are expressing the truth of your emotion at the moment. Another time, you probably will say that again. Probably you already have – several times!

If you travel around this beautiful world, you may have said more than once: “This is the most beautiful place in the world.” And then there is another most beautiful place, and another, and another.

I am talking about Infinity, beloveds. There is always more and more.

The Garden of Eden had beautiful flowers and trees, one after the other. There was no end to the beauty. Imagine the birds who sang in the Garden of Eden and the songs they sang. There was a whole range of sweetness and song. Imagine all the beautiful animals who played together. Imagine the sky! The sky in the Garden of Eden was high above, and it was beautiful and blue, and it revealed Vastness.

You know what I am getting to. You live in the Garden of Eden. You have the same sky. You have the same growing things. You have the same animals to adore. You have everything to adore.

Adam and Eve left the garden when ego appeared, when the idea of sin cropped up, when innocence was lost, and seeming sophistication took over. That was the leaving of the Garden of Eden. Their consciousness left the Garden of Eden. No one was evicted from the Garden of Eden. If We can say they were evicted, they evicted themselves. No longer did My children think they were good enough.

Today, it seems like, My children continue to think they are not good enough, and, subsequently, they think they no longer live in the Garden of Eden, and they think the world, as it occurs to them, cannot possibly be the Garden of Eden.

In one sense, the world has become a Garden of Ego, and you tend to overlook the fruit of the vine that filled the Original Garden.

Your perception comes from your consciousness. It is not really for Me to return the Garden of Eden to you. It is for you to return it to yourself, and in so doing, find Me waiting for you. In the sense of your perception and consciousness, you also bring My Presence back to the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden is a certain consciousness. I created the Garden, and I created you of the same consciousness.

The world you live in is the Garden of Eden. It is the Garden of Eden misperceived.

The snake is ego, and the snake hissed at My Beautiful Garden.

When you go out in nature, in nature untrammeled, you do see the beautiful Garden of Eden. You have a glimpse, and you say as Eve said when Adam named every tree and flower. Eve said, “Ah.” Say, “Ah.”

And say, as I say, “It is good.”

Have the idea that your consciousness, your perception and your thoughts viewed through the eyes of new perception will restore the Garden of Eden to everyone everywhere and thus make the world an oasis of good will and beauty in all aspects.

You may think I am trying to psych you out. Beloveds, what do you think you have been doing to yourselves? You have psyched yourself out to the degree that you are convinced that you cannot possibly be living in the Garden of Eden and that the world cannot possibly ever be The Garden of Eden. I say that you can live on Earth in the Garden of Eden, and I say the world is the Garden of Eden, and I say that you can restore it to its natural state. I say that you are restoring it now.


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