The Heart of your Heart- Open your Gateway to Grace, Beauty, & Power



Have you long suspected that there are profound capacities and powers hidden in your heart that can rapidly accelerate your healing, evolution and effectiveness — if you could truly awaken them?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, the call to ignite the full capacity of our hearts — to love radically, intelligently and unconditionally — lies at the center of the entire human potential movement.
That’s because Love is what we most appreciate, are most attracted to and aspire to become.

It’s the signal of real spiritual mastery. Life is a school that is teaching each of us what it means to really and truly live as Love.
And yet love usually rises and falls, comes and goes. It becomes a general intention and a vague ideal, even if it is at the center of life’s curriculum. It becomes abstract… unless we are initiated into a profound practice, an actual “yoga” of building consistent heart intelligence.

Spiritual pioneers from Jesus to Ramana Maharshi emphasized the sacred, alchemical capacities that include and transcend the biology of the heart — making it a hidden portal to radical awakening that can then infuse and transform everything that you do.
That is what we mean by the “heart of the heart”: the heart opens up into a universe of new possibilities that are steeped in unconditional, radiant love.

To pass through this portal requires authentic humility, patience, wisdom and skill. It requires developing a new capacity for what some mystics call “feeling intelligence.” The intelligence of the heart is grounded and strong, and no-nonsense. It involves knowing all of the dimensions of what it takes to live as Love in all the areas of your life: the blissful sublime to the heart-breaking moments.

The intelligent “heart of the heart” is the access point for the awakening of your divine humanity. It is the gateway to conscious evolution — functioning as the actual integrator of body, mind, spirit and the larger field of global and cosmic intelligence. Yet, to awaken this profound depth of your heart’s intelligence is a radical matter… taking you far deeper than mere sentimentality or sweet emotional feelings. It integrates the intelligence of the mind, rather than giving preference to feeling over mental clarity. It also means being very honest with ourselves.

A Deep and Honest Conversation

In our public culture, people rarely speak courageously about the universal, existential experience of loneliness. Much of society is devoted to avoiding difficult feelings. So it’s no wonder that we rarely talk honestly about loneliness… or about dying and our fear of death… or about the profound matter of learning to love. This tends to keep our capacity to contact the heart’s innate illuminating knowingness at a superficial level.

As you learn how to activate the innermost properties of the heart, youmobilize a new form of intelligence in your life — one that gives you access to more clarity and more empathy at the same time.
You begin to feel Truth in a whole-bodied, visceral way.
You learn to navigate complex situations with more clarity and greater sensitivity.

You experience an ecstatic current of divine presence pouring through your body and mind in a way that makes you magnetic to what you most want to create in your life and what “It” wants to create with you.

You see more beauty, experience more grace, and feel more divine power.

That is why great saints and sages are so often portrayed with a luminous, sacred heart. When it is fully activated, it is like plugging into the universal electrical grid. The lights just “come on.”

In this special free event, one of the foremost teachers in the Integral movement — Terry Patten — will share the fruits of four decades of advanced mystical, intellectual and embodied investigation into the higher reaches of your heart’s intelligence and capacity for love.


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