The Importance of Discernment in the Summer Solstice




Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I come forward today with a message about the summer solstice and about discernment. This summer solstice implied a portal to a higher dimension. On a large scale many experienced a consciousness-expanding effect coupled with the release of much negativity from their energy fields and from Mother Earth. Afore mentioned negative energies were unable to withstand the loving energies of the summer solstice and of the beautiful male and female balance it entailed. Find out for yourself whether you became somewhat lighter as lots of lower energies have departed your energy fields to be replaced by energies of Love. Something different has really taken its place and filled the void with useful and loving energies. What once was, is no more!


You like to imagine what might be and what might happen in all probability ; you try to get a clear picture of it and much info comes your way. Nevertheless, in this matter it is imperative that you only chose the right information that is nourishing you and completely ignore the rest. Those energies that are useless to you will be nothing and can lead you nowhere. In order to get the right information you have to use your ability of discernment. However, at present this is something you struggle with as it is difficult to make a distinction between right and wrong information. Each and everyone of you has to decide for him or herself what is important, what is the right information and when it is right. What doesn’t resonate with  you in one moment of time might resonate with you later in life; that is to say that things that do not resonate are untrue per se. Your path of wisdom has been outlined implying various phases. With each phase there is something different coming your way, and it can only come at the right time and the right place. In case something would have come on your path prematurely, you would not be able to place it nor to understand it for there would yet be no resonance with it. At a later timeframe however, it could very well resonate. That’s the reason why the gift of discernment is helpful so that you remain on your path. Let go if something seems incomprehensible ; the time will simply not be ripe yet.


The summer solstice will bring about a lot, from an energetic point of view, in your cells and in your consciousness,. The yin and yang, the male and female, the opposites will come into balance. That is to say you will experience as much from one as you will from the other. You too will also experience coming into balance in yourself, as well as with other people belonging to the same level of consciousness. Those wonderful energies have arrived on Earth through the portal of the summer solstice and simultaneously lots of negativity has departed the Earth through the same portal to be taken into the Light. That is what we all strive for to accomplish in the end : to be of the Light and to return from whence we came. You came from Light and Love and you’ve always stayed in Light and Love, you simply forgot. However, that is going to change now, my beloveds, for we have taken the train to the last stop at the platform … what has been started cannot be stopped as we travel now with dazzling, unstoppable speed. Travel along at this speed and enjoy your last trip as our final destination comes in plain sight. Remain centered in your truth and don’t get distracted.You are the creator of your own world and you are Love, you are “All That Is”.


Let go of doubts and fears, know, trust, participate actively and create! In fact, that’s the reason why you are incarnated on Earth at present. We approach you in Love and Trust. So have trust in yourselves for you knew all too well what you would get involved in. What a task it has been to evolve as far and as good as you have now! Congratulations are in order and we are so grateful, for soon we will greet you in our Higher Realms.


I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for bringing this message forth. Namaste.


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